What kitchen faucet for my cottage kitchen?

divinefaucetJune 3, 2013


I am hoping for some help making my choice about a kitchen faucet. Most of the decisions have come fairly easily with my kitchen remodel, but this one has had me up at night. It is between two different ones: the Waterstone Traditional pull down and the Rohl three leg mount bridge faucet. I like the iconic look of the Rohl, but love the pulldown function of the Waterstone. Does anyone have the Waterstone? Is the lever for the spray when you pull the faucet down easy to use? Anyone have anything to share about the three leg mount Rohl? I would appreciate any guidance. Also, polished nickel or polished chrome. I love the look of polished nickel, but not sure how it will fit in overall. Need to make a decision ASAP. Thanks for any help

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Holly- Kay

My Waterstone is not installed yet but it is gorgeous. I was able to try it at the plumbing house and it is extermely easy to use. A2Gemini, Poohpup, & NYcBluedeviland others have their Waterstones already installed and love them.

I have seen the three leg Rohl in photos and it is stunning too but my plumbing supply house didn't carry it. You can't go wrong with either one from an aesthetics standpoint, IMO. I am not sure where the Rohl is manufactured but the WS is made in the USA. so that is a plus. The WS also has a lifetime warranty.

I posted a pic of my Waterstone but I will post it again.

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It's gorgeous. It is as beautiful as the Rohl, but has the function of the pulldown and, like you said, it being made in the USA really is a plus!

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Holly- Kay

The finish on mine is American Bronze. NYCBD has either the chrome or polished nickel that you are looking for and it is gorgeous!

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Mine is the modern version of the Waterstone pulldown, and I love it without reservations. I can't imagine that the traditional version would be any harder to use -- and the people around here who have them love theirs as much as I love mine :-)

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