Does this go well together?

lilmissunshineJune 6, 2013

Or not? I'm having a little trouble deciding if this backsplash tile ( it's called: SOMERTILE Chroma 11-1/2" x 11-1/2" Square Glass and Stone Mosaic Wall Tile in Butterscotch) goes with my new granite countertops, (Madura Gold granite) I think it does, but if it doesn't work well with it, I'd appreciate any suggestions & pictures that you think might work well with my new granite. Or to know that it does indeed work well together. Also, I plan on painting my walls the color of the paint chip with the little black dot on it, (it's called apricot butter) & would like to know if that will look good with the tile & granite or not. Thank you all for your advice :)

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Another picture of the tile

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With the paint chip (sorry, don't know how to upload multiple pictures at once)

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Sorry, I vote no. On my monitor, I am seeing a pink cast to your tiles. your counter reads more yellow.
You can do a mosaic since your counter is not busy, just not that one.

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i think it matches ...but are you sure you want to do that? everything is looking a little "fleshy" in color -which may or may not be a good thing. to me, it's not, but if that's what you're going after, mission accomplished. i'd bring in a larger, cream colored tile, maybe with a crackle finish and then you could add an accent tile if you'd like. i'd steer the paint closer to the main tile as well but it would be nice to see a pic of the kitchen.

be forewarned, deciding on paint from a chip isn't a good idea. you'll need to buy a pint or sample container if they have the colors you're interested in and paint a large section of wall in the room to be painted -i like at least a 3' square. good luck.

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I like the granite, and I like the tile. But I see yellow undertone in the granite/pink in the tiles, also. I'd be wary.

It's also a little busy to me. Both small patterns. But I'm pretty skittish about mixing patterns, so I may not be a good guide.

I like kateskouros's suggestion of cream tile with accents. The cream should have yellow undertones.

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Sophie Wheeler

Your tile is pink. Your counter is orange. Your paint color is orange. It both clashes and is too matchy matchy.

To give you better suggestions, we'd need to see the cabinets and flooring as well. As well as know if the ktichen is open to any adjacent rooms and the colors that they might have in them. It all has to work together.

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I know my tile looks like it has a pink undertone to it, but, it's actually more golden than I guess it looks on here, but, the problem is, I just cant seem to find a tile that goes extremely well, I will try to upload some full kitchen pictures, but tile places seem to be limited around me, the biggest one being the tile shop. I'm honestly not one who likes just a plain subway tile or travertine with accents, actually all the travertine tiles seemed to be very taupey, which seemed to be more of a pink undertone to me. I like the glass tile look, but again, a lot seemed to be very busy. I just don't know what to do guys, this is so so frustrating, I want to pull my hair out lol. If anyone could find & upload a picture of what they think will work, I'd love to see......maybe I'll just paint my wall cream & be done with it :(

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I am sorry, I have to say that I don't like either the color or the pattern of the tile with the granite, or the tile with the paint. To me, it is like putting plaid with polkadots. If the color of the tile is quite different than shown here, you will have to go by that, but I would wonder why the granite doesn't look different too. All three colors seem to be at war, to my eye.

Hmm, you don't like a plain tile (is it just subway shape or any plain tile?)

How about a textured ceramic tile that is tone on tone? If your heart is set on the apricot butter paint, which to me is a very strong color, I really think that a cream tile color would be best.

Or, someone here last year or so used the thin metal-look panels that come in various patterns but painted it; that looked nice too.

I can't find a picture right away of a patterned ceramic tile, but here are some examples of paintable patterns.

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I agree that none of these samples are working together. The color, pattern and styling of the backsplash doesn't relate to the counter in any way, imo. I also think it would be busy, in a not so good way.

The colors in your photograph do look distorted.

Do you have any inspiration pictures?

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Sophie Wheeler

Without seeing the cabinets, the best suggestion I can make would be to use a greeny tan for your wall color, as that will complement the orange counters, as it's the color opposite.

Something like Behr Mochachino or SW Sawdust..



This inexpensive ($5) Khaki Bubble Gold Copper Blend closeout tile from Glass Tile Oasis has a bit of your counter color in it, but isn't so matchy matchy.

For something in a bit more of the same spirit as your first selection, the Khaki Uniform Brick Brown Shell Series Glossy, Frosted & Unpolished Glass, Stone & Shell mix would also work, but it's $23 a square. (It's my favorite of the two though, because there's more neutral in it and only a smidgen of the counter color.)

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First off...don't be in a hurry to pick a backsplash! It must feel right to you. It might happen soon, or it might take awhile but when it makes your heart sing, it will be the right one for you.

Secondly....tones are important and you've had several here telling you that the tones don't "go"...I agree. I know picking everything at once is difficult and things you love separately just may not go well together (I'm speaking from experience here)...clashing tones will nag you in the long run. I had a backsplash battle a year ago and it was hard to hear the comments from the forum that said "it just doesn't work"...but, they were right...and they saved me from making a huge mistake (thanks, guys!)

Your granite is lovely and, while it's subtle, it *is* busy. I think the richness of color creates the busy-feel rather than movement in the vein as others do. I would personally steer toward something more subtle in your BS. You could do an interesting shape tile or accent with something amazing..but, keep the overall BS simple.

It would help to know the cabinet color and to see the kitchen layout.

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I agree that something simple would probably look better. Complement rather than compete.

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I don't think they complement each other. Your counter is more yellow and the backsplash is more red. Furthermore, your counter has a little bit of black in it and your tile doesn't have any black.

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I think that the backsplash tile with your granite is not the most eye-pleasing combination - the patterns compete for attention, KWIM?

I do like your paint swatch with the granite, but it might be good to look for more subtle tile.

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I took these in the middle of the night, but, this is my kitchen (view, standing in the doorway to my family room) I hope this helps all of you a little more & thank you all for your imput thus far. :) Again, sorry for the multiple uploads, I don't know how to upload multiple pictures on here at once.
Pic 1: Full view of kitchen, except for the table to the right & the buffet to the left
Pic 2: The entryway, leading to my living room & front door, it all flows into each other
Pic 3: Sink area
Pic 4: Close up of my island
Pic 5: Close up of my granite
Pic 6: My kitchen floor
Appliances & Sink: Black/Black granite composite, Silestone I believe is the brand
Hardware, Faucet: Tuscan Bronze

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Entryway to my living room

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Sink Area

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My island, as you can see, this particular Madura gold has a lot of flow to it, that's why I picked it out. Other Madura golds are more peachy or lighter yellow/gold with grey through it.

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My kitchen floor, it's an oak laminate, but, it's easy to clean lol

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Here's a close up of my granite, just in case the island picture doesn't give enough of an idea of what it looks like

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Sophie Wheeler

OK, everything is in the orange family. You DON'T want more orange. If the black appliances are staying, the first thing I'd do is paint out the toekicks black to get some separation between the floor and the cabinets. They blend in one to the other too much right now. That will help the cabinets appear distinct, and you won't even notice the toekick at all.

For the backsplash, simple would be the way to go. An interesting textured cream, or subtle khaki green. I stand by my color suggestions for paint, and they are more green in person, which will help to relieve the eye of all of the similar colors.

Are you open to painting the cabinets? That could make a big difference in opening up the choices of the backsplash to something that's a little busier, like your original tile. A nice cream backdrop would help to calm all of the busyness down.

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certainly workable: my choices 1. remove wall cabinets above sink and to the right 2. reposition microwave a little higher above range-check the suggested height-I think you have it too low 3. after microwave is repositioned allow some budget money to add molding to top of cabs between fridge and microwave-and cabinet to the right of mwave....traditional and matching the oak will be easy 4. go and shop for open shelves that you personally would find usable and draw up ways to place them above sink, to the right and to the end ...many options either floating or with brackets/corbels/etc. An off white with gray green tint would be my color for the entire 1st floor rooms to replace the salmon wherever it exists. Then evalute backsplash options-I do see some green in the granite..but as well some flecks of white-you have options but I would work on the overall things a bit more. Not sure why you wouldn't just get some toekick material in the oak to match cabs rather than painting the strip under the cabs- Can't really tell what the problem is with the toekick-is that just some unfinished wood?

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Slow done a bit on the decision making for a moment. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Your painted surfaces need to be primed anyway so that would be a good place to start. The paint store can tint your primer, a good one is BenMoore FreshSart, It is very durable on its own and can act as a 'decision neutral color' to help your choices by knocking out the existing color. Just might be an 'ah ha' moment when that wall color is gone. Paint out the baseboard that is part of your backsplash also. The white is distracting.
Another trick is to pick up a 6 pack of white poster board. (they even have it at any pharmacy usually or hobby store). Paint choices on your boards, two side can give you 12 choices. Maybe a friend or neighbor has a wall color you might like...they probably have some left over... they could give you a small container of.
I use a large masking self-stick, low-tack paper. That way i can quickly apply a large section during a 5 min. meeting. 10 out of 10 times the client does not believe the color is what they chose previously. I also have multiple alternatives that i create that is what i 'think' they meant. You are not alone in being a bit frustrated at this point.
Ultimately it is your choice, your kitchen. Your granite is the star and the big ticket element.
Swimming in a sea of oak AND a busy decorative backsplash might just confuse the eye.

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Are the black appliances staying? If so, I would go dark on the backsplash, to add depth and contrast to the kitchen. The granite is gorgeous and you want it to stand out.

If you find subway too boring, look for a single color tile in an interesting shape. An arabesque tiles in a darker color might be nice with your traditional cabinets.

Imagine this tile with a golden colored grout.

Here is a link that might be useful: arabesque tile example

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now that we know what your kitchen looks like, do you have any "dream kitchen" photos to show us the look you are going for?

Your kitchen is very orangy and the honey oak can have a tendency to yellow/green out as it ages. I would try to limit the amount of wood/orange that you add to the overall look if you are keeping the oak cabs and wood floor. I LOVE your granite but feel it's getting overshadowed by all of the wood grain.

Let's see what YOU like in a kitchen and then offer some options?? It doesn't matter what any of us matters what you like.

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Kristen Hallock

I agree. I dont like the backsplash tile you picked out. It looks very pink to me and doesnt look good with your granite at all. I also am not fond of the wall color you have chosen. I dont know what to do, but the contrasting color backsplash that others have recommended sounds like a good place to start.

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I just wanted to respond & say thank you to everyone for their help, yes, I agree, this particular tile has already been ruled out & I'm in the process again of finding new tile. I will update you all on my progress :) Have a great weekend.

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