Is this wall oven floor model defect OK

LoPayJune 30, 2013

I got a great deal on a double wall oven because it was a floor model. When I bought it, it was installed in a display so I could only see the front and insides.

When it was delivered, I noticed that the outer frame on one back corner was dented. I called the store right away to report the damage, and will email them with pics tomorrow. Is this type of thing just cosmetic? The other corner is not buckled like the pic.

The store policy is 30 day return. Is it fair for me to ask for a return accommodation beyond that just to make sure everything is OK? Since it is a 220 volt, it isn't like I can plug it in and test it.

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In most wall ovens, the important anatomy is at the top - the electronics. The wiring that connects the controls to the elements in each oven is housed inside the case. I can't imagine how a dent in the outside flange could affect anything other than how the oven fits into your cabinet.

That having been said, look up the installation instructions and wiring diagrams for your model and double check. If there's nothing important in the dented area, you'll be fine.

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That dent likely will not pose any problem. Once you do get it installed, you should fully test out the features of the oven, including the self clean to make sure all is good. You might try to negotiate a bit of a refund due to the dent, but since it is a floor model they may not be willing to do so.

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Thanks for responding. Makes sense that the dented frame shouldn't be an issue.

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