Has anyone ordered cabinet doors from amishcabinetdoors.com?

tminnJune 11, 2013

Looking to replace some of my hickory amish made cabinet doors. The top cabinets have a cathedral arch while the bottom cabinets do not. I will be painting these (actually have all of the doors off and am sanding frames now). I would like to have all of the cabinets be the normal square raised panel--not the cathedral. Just changed my mind on this...was just going to paint the catherdral door fronts, but once I started doing the work, felt like I might want to at least price out new square raised panel doors for the top cabinets. Got an online quote from amishcabinetdoors.com which seemed reasonable, but I would like to hear from someone who has ordered from them before as I cannot return the doors if I end up ordering them.

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I have never heard about them before so I can't help you on that front. If you can't get any concrete reviews on them, my only suggestion would be to call and see if they can send you some type of sample or place an order for one door to see the quality for yourself. I do realize that this will add some time to the project but could save you in the long run. I see on their website that they have about a 30 day wait on an order - I imagine if you order 1 door that would be cut down significantly. We had 2 drawer fronts that needed replacing in ours and while the company told us 4 weeks it was there in 1.

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I like the idea of ordering one door...My order would be around $600...which would qualify for free shipping. If I ordered only one door, I would have to pay $30 shipping for that door to be shipped, but could be worth it just to make sure that I will be happy with the quality. Just seems a bit weird that I cannot find any reviews of them...but I do like what I see on their website.

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I did order from them. When I called I spoke to Bob When I explained my concerns about ordering on the internet he said he hears it all the time. His suggestion was to order one of the smaller doors I needed. Bob told me when I recieved this door and saw the quality of it I would then order my full order. He then told me he would credit the second order for the cost of shipping on the orginal single door order. I did order the single door. Bob was right--I was amazed at the quality of the door I recieved $30.00 credit when I was charged for the full order. What really made me comfortable is that they do NOT charge your credit card until they actually shipped the doors.

Here is a link that might be useful: amish cabinet doors website

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