Please review my layout

jckgmkJune 10, 2013

I am hoping experts on this forum will provide some feedback on my kitchen project--I will appreciate any and all opinions. My current U shape kitchen is small by most standards--working space is 60" x 79" with the sink under a window in the middle, cooktop/wall oven on one side, DW and refrigerator on the other, limited counter space. We use a pull out cutting board for almost everything, making the work aisle at the sink end about 44". The other end of the U is the dining area which opens out to a family room.
We created the new L shape layout by knocking out the cooktop/wall oven wall, adding an island, and enlarging the space about 3' into the family room area. We tried several different layouts, but short of blowing out exterior walls, moving the sink, etc. we do not have a lot of options.
My concerns at this point (unless glaring issues with the layout as planned) are symmetry, balance, and if some of the small drawers will provide the storage I need. I drew a quick sketch of the current kitchen and another of the new layout.
Other areas of note--I am heeding recommendations for a large vent hood so the cabinets (frameless) on each side of 30" range are 20". I am also attempting to follow recommendations to not get hung up on matching the bottom cabinets with the uppers (not an easy thing for me since I do value my symmetry!). However, I am wondering if there is too much going on--upper cabinets: 20" door, 36" vent, 20" door next to two 13 1/2" doors into a blind corner; base cabinets: 22 1/2" drawer, 30" range, 28 1/2" drawer, 12" LS around the corner to the sink, DW, refrigerator. Island will have a 3 stack of 36" next to 21" 2 stack (not sure how that will work next to the 3 stack).
Hopefully, the drawings will help the wordy description. Another thing to mention--at this point, I am looking at 3" mitered cabinet doors with slab drawer fronts.
Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to comment.

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I could not figure out how to load both drawings in the same message--not sure if it is necessary but thought I would throw it in so you get a sense of space. This is the current layout. Thanks.

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Your existing kitchen is almost the exact same size as mine - I feel your pain!

Am I getting this right - you're replacing the wall oven with a range (cooktop/oven)? What kind of cooktop? I'm no expert, but I think unless you're going gas, you can probably get away with a 30" hood.

Are you getting custom cabinets? Your sizes (like 13-1/2" uppers) aren't standard.

Opening up your space to the family room should make a fantastic transformation!

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I think your plans look great. You have great flow.

Re: 36" vent, I think they recommend a 36 over a 30 when it is against a wall? Regardless, if you are okay with a 36 I think it will help with capture and protecting your cabinets.

Will you have a Microwave? I didn't see where you would place it. I would try for a place to get it off the counter if you haven't already.

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What is that 9 3/8" space between the cabinets and the bay window?

And as noted - unless completely custom work, cabinets are usually in 3" increments. So no 28" drawers, etc.

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Thank you all for your comments.

annkh-we are replacing the cooktop/wall oven with a gas range and putting on the outside wall--opening up the space with the idea the island will replace the storage I will lose. Truth be told (hate to admit on this forum), I rarely use a vent (but do plan to start)--but one of the biggest reasons I plan to go with a larger hood is I did not want a cabinet with two doors opening into the hood. By increasing the hood, I have only one door opening away from the hood. I tried to come up with alternatives (bifold, lift ups) but no one seemed to think they would work.
I have lived with this kitchen for 35 years--raised two kids and while I did not love it, particularly around the holidays, it was not a big concern until both my spouse and I retired and ended up in the kitchen at the same time.

srdesq--I did not know there was a different hood size recommendation for outside walls. We do not use a microwave. We do use a toaster oven and plan to keep in a drawer (left of range)--not sure if it will end up living on the counter but my hope is I will put it away after each use.

blfenton--the 9 3/8" space is a wall. There is the same amount of space on the other side of the bay window and I thought it would look better (symmetrical) like it was centered. We did consider taking the cabinets all the way to the window but KD says it could be problematic with frameless cabinets in an older home--no flexibility to make them fit, so went back with my original symmetry.

My cabinets are semi custom and I am told "they will do anything"--the 13 1/2" upper cabinet doors are my way of taking into account the filler needed at the corner--not sure what I will end up with there.

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Where will the trash go?

Will you have cabinets over the fridge? Many people build in tray storage there; I'm getting pullouts, like a trash pullout that is open on the side. I'll use it for extra cereal and paper products.

Can you have your pantry cupboard to the right of the fridge open toward the dining room? That way you could use just shelves (only 12" deep), and save the space that pull-outs would cost. I see you have french doors next to it; it would depend on how that wall ends.

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annkh--trash is under the sink. I was lobbying for pull outs but spouse and KD thought it a bad idea. We will not be using a disposal, so compost and garbage should fit under the sink.
I will have the cabinet over the fridge--I am planning for half to be be dividers and half to be shelves. I have some big pots to fit somewhere and an 18" x 24" will accommodate them. I like the idea of pull outs, but I did not want the pantry opening into the family room. While I am keeping things 'open', I want to mentally keep the spaces separate--hence kitchen stuff opening towards the kitchen. Not sure if that makes sense--I know KD thought along those lines, but it is really close to the french door sidelights and it just seemed like a better idea to open into the 'kitchen'.

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When loading the DW, you'll have to sneak by to get to the fridge. Not clear from your 'current' layout if that is something new that you'll have to learn to cope with. Not a big deal, especially when considering the new island and openness to the family room. Hope the renovation goes smoothly.

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Wow! How cool is that! My current DW situation is dragging wet dishes from the sink to about where the range is in the layout--so, if someone wants to get to the refrigerator when I am unloading DW in the new layout, I say 'go around'!
Thanks for the good wishes!

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