Kitchen/condo renovation for friend with cancer

justmakeitJune 30, 2013

Sadly, a dear dear friend of mine has cancer in the bone, seven years after breast cancer. She is feeling OK, dealing with the news, living her life, and so on. But I need some advice from you:

My friend is Jewish and observes the Sabbath (no cars, for example). Her current Sabbath apartment is 1.25 miles from her synagogue, which is far too long a walk for her. So she and her husband have bought a condo in a 70's building close to the synagogue. The condo is, um, hideous, and they are prepared to put some money into updating it to make it habitable. They don't have to live in it while the work is being done. They use it only on Sabbath and on the Jewish holidays, and they've kept their old Sabbath apartment to use in the meantime.

Here's the issue: even when my friend is healthy, she doesn't like talking to contractors, worker guys, getting things to happen in her house. It stresses her out. These days, the stress is exponential. She has the name of a highly recommended contractor, but I'm wondering if she should also hire a designer or project manager, so that she has some help with the planning, designing, and overseeing the contractor. Does this make any sense? If it does, how should she go about finding someone? An interior designer? A kitchen designer?

I'd tackle such a job, but I think she needs me more as a friend right now than as a project manager. Thanks so much for your suggestions.

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Holly- Kay

So sorry about your dear friend's news. I agree that right now you need to be her friend. I think your idea of a project manager is outstanding. Maybe try Angie's list for a project manager?

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So sad to hear about a new diagnosis. She is very fortunate to have a caring friend.

YES, under the circumstances, she will need assistance with the myriad design decisions of an extensive remodel. Is she the chef in the family? Do either of them cook extensively? Those answers will determine the need for a KD. If the GC is well known, they should be able to provide the names of potential designers. Your concern is well founded.

Was diagnosed with late stage in January. We moved into our custom 'forever' home last August. Just attempting to select a small number of interior and exterior decor items was challenging. And frankly, there is the aspect of wanting to finish what you've started.

All the best, with a recurrence she will need an ear and a shoulder.

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You might want to go to a full scale kitchen design showroom where they will handle everything soup to nuts. Hoping all goes well with your friend.

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Holly-kay--good idea about checking Angie's List. I wouldn't have thought of that!

billygoatjoe-- and I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis too. I do think the idea of finishing, and of leaving her DH someplace special she created, is weighing on her. She is the only cook in the family, and cooks a lot, so a KD may be the right idea. I like the idea of asking the contractor for recommendations. He may know who the most effective designers are. I wonder if there are KD's who can help with finishes outside the kitchen as

joaniepoanie-- are there such places?! I didn't even know that! I'll have to check them out as well.

Thanks for the good suggestions and kind wishes as well.

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