Graduation party and new Vitamix all in the same weekend

nycbluedevilJune 3, 2013

So I have been living with and loving the new kitchen for about six months or so. We had a college graduation party for my eldest daughter this past weekend and I cooked of course. I know that there are some of you out there who believe that Manhattanites don't cook. Well, we do!

My parents hadn't seen the kitchen yet (they live in Florida and came up for the party). My mother loves it--yay! She said that the pictures I had sent her didn't do it justice. Everyone else was effusive with the compliments too, so I felt sooo good.

So, first of all, I can report that in my very skinny kitchen, two of us were able to work without getting in each other's way. My helper was my former housekeeper who was not familiar with my new kitchen. The layout of the kitchen and the placement of appliances and location of things in drawers was intuitive so it all went seamlessly.

Second, I decided that the time was right to get a Vitamix, given that frozen drinks, cold soup and various dips were on the menu. I had been fighting the urge to spend so much money on a blender but was finally coming around, after reading the various posts by A2. So on the way to pick up my parents at the airport, I made a Costco run and lo and behold, they have a new VM deal. They are now selling the 5200S for $375. This is basically the same machine that they were selling for $499 just a couple of weeks ago--the only difference is that it does not come with the dry container. I was really pleased since I decided that I don't need the dry container and actually would prefer not to have it since my storage space is limited.

For those of you who might be interested, here was the menu. Everything was amazing. Oops, I forgot to take pictures!!!!

Crudites with Vitamix-made green goddess dressing and edamame hummus (both great but the green goddess was really awesome)

Chips and Vitamix-made salsa

Cheeses and crackers (yawn but dad always wants it)

Carrot ginger soup made in the Vitamix (really yummy and even better the next day)

Ginger-lime salmon (yum)

Flank steak with a lemon shallot marinade cooked to perfection on my Blue Star grill by my master griller nephew

Wheatberry salad with citrus vinaigrette, walnuts, craisins, cucumbers, carrots, parsley, etc.

Orzo with sun dried tomatoes, parmesan, basil and pinenuts

Green salad

Red velvet cake (bought that)

Ginger snaps (made those in the KA before I bought the VM)

Fruit tart and apple crisp


Lots of margaritas in the VM

Great weekend and now I need a vacation!

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Holly- Kay

You are now officially retired from the ABVM club!

Congrats on your two auspicious events. Graduation and your new VM!

Your menu sounds amazing and of course your glorious kitchen, I am sure, stole the show.

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NYCBlueDevil - I knew you would break down and your menu even outdid my menu from a few weeks ago!! I will have to try the carrot soup - was it from the book or the web?
Who was the graduate honoree?
Holly-Kay - I am betting on you for the next VM - don't let us down... You can get the Costco version or go for the Diamond at WS for twice the price (OK - I was the sucker who went for the WS version but wanted the pre-programmed features and the smaller top) -
BTW - I used my dry container and made an awesome cornbread - ground up the corn that was on sale and baked it in the regular oven.

BTW - Maybe we should all meet for a vacation!

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Holly- Kay

Sounds great! Since DD works at Costco I will look into it though I have to say the idea of a pre-programmed feature sounds enticing.

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Congratulations nycbd - and to your daughter as well. :-)

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A2--the graduate was the Dukie (like me). She started her real life job today too!

A lot of the recipes (the soup, the edamame hummus, the green goddess dip, the ginger lime salmon and the flank steak) all come from Food to Live By, the cookbook written by the Earthbound Farm people. It is my favorite cookbook.

The cornbread sounds great. Fabulous to make it from scratch. Lucky you.

The tall container is the only downside. I can keep the blender on the counter but only with the top off. I will just barely fit under the cabinets that way.

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Goodness, that menu is inspiring! I've been perusing all the vitamix threads carefully, poring over reviews at CR and Amazon, and generally obsessing about whether or not to get one. Your post here has definitely moved me one step closer!

Congratulations to your daughter for her achievements, and to you for yours (a wonderful workable kitchen and a new appliance to use in it).

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Wow! That menu sounds amazing!

I've had my VM for years and after reading all of the VM posts here, I realize I've been under utilizing it.

Congrats to your daughter on her graduation from Duke! I'm a Duke alum as well! Small world :)

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OK, I'll bite- what's the "AB" in ABVM club?

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AB = All But. Just like ABB is All But Backsplash.

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Congratulations to you and your DD!! Wow -- that is an impressive menu! You've upped the stakes from a "party tray" for graduation parties!

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Congrats to your Duke graduate. So exciting for you!

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Thanks A2. She really likes her new job too. Now one off the payroll, two more to go (they will be college sophomores next year). Just finished the last of the party food. I am completely unable to cook an appropriate amount of food. We are always eating it for days!

I made egg salad in the VM today. It was too smooth. I think it would have been fine with a smaller amount.

Do you think I can grind coffee in the VM?

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It has already been a monumental Spring for you. Congratulations on the grad's accomplishments and your new kitchen and new Vitamix! That all brings great joy for you and your family.

I have a Vitamix too and can keep it under my upper cabinets on my counter because I got the smaller container. I almost always use it and keep the tall container in the cupboard. It was a good investment for me. Enjoy!

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Must. Resist. Reading. Vitamix. Threads. You all are going to wear me down. Before here, I could have never imagined myself considering spending that kind of money for one. Ya all are going to be the death of me! haha

Sounds like a wonderful menu and it's great to hear that all went so well in the kitchen with your helper as well as with the party.

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NYC- DH is in charge of coffee and he uses a burr grinder. I will defer to others on that one. Glad you like it since I influenced you..

Andrea- let's get you out of the ABVM club!

Tonight, I made another batch of the watermelon lemonade sans rosemary post metric century bicycle ride - so refreshing!

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