Layout - How and where do I start?

klewis8June 1, 2013

I've attached our floor plan. There isn't much we can do with expanding the kitchen, but I'm very comfortable with the size. I'm the only cook ;).

I want to keep the island, but will move the range to the wall closest to the living room and add a pot filler. I'd like this wall to include the fridge as well. Also for the island, I'd like an overhang at the end for seating.

As for the sink side, I'd want mostly windows there with cabinets w/ glass if that makes sense. I'll post a few inspiration pics to show a little later.

The space between the doors is where I'm clueless. I have no idea on what size appliances will work and what type of counter space I have at that.

Any suggestions or help is welcomed. Any tips on programs to use too would be splendid!


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What is it that bothers you with the current lay out? If you move the range off the island you will have to walk around it to get to the sink. You will also have to move ventilation.

Do you have room to rotate the island and then make it deeper towards to breakfast area?

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@lopay- this is a stock plan we love with a few modifications. Looking to move the cooktop island as I don't like them plus I have a 2 & 3 yr old who like to reach for things. As for the sink issue, I'm hoping that will be Elimated with a pot filler otherwise I have no issue walking around the island to wash dishes.

The home isn't built yet so I'm hoping moving ventilation shouldn't be much of an issue- never thought of this.

Thanks for the input!

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Can you add a small prep sink to your island? that would do a lot to help the work triangle.

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Could you rotate the island 90 degrees and attach it to the end of the sink it overlooks the breakfast nook? I know islands are popular, but this one cuts your kitchen in half. Then, you could have the fridge and microwave on the wall to the living room and keep the open counter area that overlooks the living room.

If you need extra prep space, maybe use a movable island/work table and store it short end against the wall (between the utility room and dining room) so that it works like a peninsula when you don't need it, but you can move it over closer to the range for extra prep. Maybe with a cutting board top?

I don't know if this will work with your space, but I do like your idea to add more windows over the sink and glass uppers. Also, you could add a small bar/prep sink on the open counter area overlooking the living room. That would make a great snack/bar area :)

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