comments or suggests for faucets similar to blanco culina

M_N_AJune 3, 2013

we like the BLANCO CULINA semi pro kitchen faucet.

a lot of semi pro faucet has huge spool like this

We like the sleek look of the culina and how easy it is to take the spay off (instead of pulling it out and try to make it retract back)

however, we heard BLANCO as a faucet brand is not so reliable and consistent. does anyone have a CULINA? what's your comment? is there other brand that offer design like that?


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Sophie Wheeler

Blanco is one of the highest regarded companies for any kitchen product. Not sure where you heard anything different, but I wouldn't ever fear purchasing anything from them.

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i heard this from a fixture store. the guy there highly recommend their sinks, including silgranite, but said he will not recommend the faucet. they used to stock the faucets but no longer so.

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I'm getting my Culina in next week. I think what you heard was general reputation. This faucet has great reviews.

At first I was going to get a Grohe or Hansgrohe (which are more popular) but I personally think this is a better faucet than anything in that range from either of those vendors. The magnetic pull is really nice.

Of course, mine isn't actually installed yet. :)

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thanks calumin, I really like the look and function of it but not sure of the durability. yes, exactly, the guy mostly commented generally about blanco faucets especially the ones with pull out. he doesn't seem to be very familiar with culina. there are only 11 reviews on amazon. where do i see more user comments?

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We've had the Blanco Culina over 9 months now and have had no issues whatsoever. Works like a champ, magnetic pull is great...extremely pleased with the purchase.

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thanks for the comments!

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I too am interested in the culina. I find it interesting that the one available in canada looks different and the spray part is insulated. It is a very sleek looking faucet, but functions as I want a faucet to function.

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