depth of overhang for island seating??

gglksJune 30, 2008

We have a minimal amount of space around the island perimeter so my kd is suggesting about a 10 in. overhang. to me, this doesn't seem like much leg room. please help with any advice!!!!!!!!!

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I obsessed over this a few months ago. I posted about it on GW but I can't find that post. Anyway, we decided to go with 12 inches. This is for a counter-height overhang. It is the perfect depth for us. Very comfortable and no banging the knees on the back of the island. I'm 5'5" with really long legs.

If 10" is the most you can do, I think you should still go for it. It will still be a useful space for you.


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I'm going with 18" only because it won't take away from my work or clean-up space.

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We have 9.5 inches - it was all we could afford space-wise and I'm perfectly happy with it. We don't eat meals at our peninsula, it's just a place to sit and have a sandwich or cup of coffee and read the paper. Mostly it's work space!

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thanks for the feedback. as long as you can sit and have a glass on wine or coffee, i'm ok with the 10in overhang....

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cambro5, what kind of stools do you have at your island? are they backless?

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We went with 10 against the advice of KD, but this is what was in the peninsula we had. I'm 5'2", husband is 6'0" and both of us agreed that 10" seemed fine. We eat breakfast here and dinner when it's just the 2 of us. In 4 years, hubby has not felt is was too little room, and I have such short legs, who am I to complain? Also, we were told that anything over a 10" overhang needed side supports, and our peninsula looks and works so much better w/o supports.

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gglks, I plan to get saddle stools but for now I am using our old stools which are a sort of 'ladder back'. I think the backless stools will tuck under the overhang nicely, but I have to wait and let DH recuperate from sticker shock before getting them! LOL.

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We have 10 in overhang on 3 sides and it is comfortable for us. We use saddle stools.

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I have 5" only due to a set of french doors in the way. I'm happy with it. I would love more but I had nothing before so 5" now is a big difference and I can still sit comfortably.

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great to hear! just met with kd today to finalize everything. the cabinet order is going in tommorrow and i now feel comfortable with my 10.5 inch overhang. thanks for making the decision easier for me!

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Part of the answer to your question (in my ooinion)
will hinge on what the material is that you want to use
for your countertops. Support of the overhang is what will
be critical if you use Granite - I can't comment on other
products, as Natural Stone is my specialty. IF you ise Natural
Stone, just remember the Marble Institute if America's "rule of 6 & 10":

any unsupprted span of 2CM thick stone (WITH a subtop) that is
6" or more - needs corbels

any unsupported span of 3CM thick stone 10" (no subtop needed) that is
10" or more - needs corbels

I have found that a comfortable overhang (ergonomically)
is anywhere from 12 to 15 inches.

Again, depending on what the material you choose to go with,
will possibly have an effect on the support issue for the
overhang assembly.

hope that helps


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For us, 10.5" would not be enough. Friends of ours have a 12" overhang at a counter height peninsula that I find uncomfortable to sit at other than sideways. My DH won't sit at it at all b/c it's just too uncomfortable.

We have 15" and I wish we could have done 18" as the 15" is still a tad shallow. But...we are a tall family, I'm 5'10" w/very long legs (35" inseam), my DH is 6'5", and my children will both pass me in height...actually, my 13-yo DS already has. I'm sure our height (and long legs) has a lot to do w/our being uncomfortable w/less than 15"

My suggestion to you is to mock it up and then sit there eating, etc. like you would in real life...i.e., not just a short time to "see" if it's comfortable...actually use it at that depth.

I'm surprised your KD said that shallow an overhang would be OK. My KD definitely nixed any thought of a shallower overhang (this was b/f I found GW).


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