Quick question on pantry & island designs...signing off tomrw!

homebuyer23June 9, 2013

Dilemma 1 - REF surround cabinetry

The 2nd picture shows a 24" wide 12" deep tall pantry cabinet next to my CD refrigerator facing out.

I am just torn on the single doors shown or if I should split it down the middle into double doors. I know 24" is typically split into 2 12" doors. But visually I liked the drawing better when it shows a single door. I'm having inset cabinets, so I'm not sure exactly how wide a single door ends up being, but I'm sure its not a full 24". Opinions?

Dilemma 2 - Island

I designed this little island myself with some advice from you guys here, I think it was live wire oak that suggested this open on 3 sides configuration for me...

I will ask the cabinet shop this tomorrow but looking at this drawing they sent, it looks like its all open on the bottom...I like the look but will I still be able to have an electrical outlet somewhere on here if its open on bottom? I'm thinking I need a base on the floor to cover electrical coming up & will need a toe kick...is that right and do you think that will ruin the look? I was going for almost a work table look...

Also, I'm thinking I want to lose the middle shelf. Opinion on that move? Reasons being the height of the island will only be 33/34" instead of 36" high bc Im short & will enjoy that for prep/baking. With the drawer there too I think the 2 shelves will end up being rather close together. And other reason I think I should eliminate the middle shelf is because I originally really wanted the open/airy look of a work table instead of a small (24x54) island, but my desire for electric & a lack of a good spot for a trash pullout in my perimeter led me to this compromise...I'm thinking this design isn't looking so open and airy anymore but losing the middle shelf would help bring me closer to my original vision.

Opinions please if you will! I'm dyingggg to sign off tomorrow and stop worrying about this layout!

edited to add...Sorry, subject line misleading, my questions are never quick!

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Can you show the rest of your floor plan? I think that would help make the decision about the 24" door issue.

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Yep...I'm heavy on 28" cabs, lots of 14" doors, so I thought the wider single door gave a nice relief to all the sort of narrow doors. Thanks for looking...

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Regarding the pantry cabinet, Homebuyer, I'd much rather have one 24" door that opens toward the direction I'm coming from. It's not a very wide door, and as for two 12s, whatever you want would always be in the middle or wrong side so you'd have to open them both anyway, or at least do a crab-hand thing getting your fingers around what you can't see without knocking anything out or over.

Oh, just remembered - I had a 24" pantry cabinet door for a couple decades. Worked so well I copied and multiplied the whole thing. :)

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I agree with Rosie! Even though we will likely have two narrow pantry doors on our pantry, we don't have the clearence you have. I prefer one action and one door whenever possible.

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If it's inset, the door won't actually be 24 inches, so I think you would be fine.

For the island, if you want it more open then maybe you should lose the shelf. What about making a drawer on top deep enough for a second drawer inside? So you have one drawer front with two shallow drawers inside, there have been seval examples posted here lately. That would give you more space for small prep tools, foil/wraps, trivets, utensils, etc and capture back a little of the space lost by having one shelf underneath as only so much of that height will be useful space.

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Liking that idea, thanks Williamsen! I will ask about that option today.

Sounds like my instincts were right about the one door. thanks!

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