Winchester Tile Sudbury Gloss - Question for mlweaving_Marji

elizamammaJune 7, 2014

Hi there,
I hope you don't mind me asking you a question, but we're in the midst of building a new kitchen, and I'm considering using Winchester Tile's Sudbury Crackle tile for our backsplash. I saw on another post that you had used it for your bathroom. How do you like it? I'm slightly concerned that it's darker and less muted than I want, but it's so hard to tell from the sample piece I have. I keep chickening out and veering toward an off-white backsplash, but I so love the Sudbury color. Our counters are honed jet mist, and the cabinets are white. Do you have any pictures of your install that you'd be willing to share?
Thanks so much,

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Hi Liz,
I've been offline for a week, someone emailed me to let me know there was a question here for me.
I just returned to find lights - finally - installed in our bath, and I'm back to being totally in love with the Winchester Sudbury Gloss. We didn't use the crackle, we used the glazed tile, and it comprises our master bath shower walls.
I will tell you that without fairly bright light the color of the tile went more grey than I wanted. In light, it's back to that lovely green. You need to know that, as, if it's backsplash, as long as you have UC lights on you'll have that lovely green color. When the UC lights are off backsplashes tend to be in the shadow of the upper cabinets and my guess is it will go fairly grey on you.
Our supplier, I'm sorry to say, did the figuring and ordering for the amount of tile we needed, and over-ordered by about 30%. I have a Lot of extra tiles. If you email me I'll be happy to send you a few tiles that you can tape to the wall to get an idea of how the color will look in your kitchen.
I don't have pics with the lighting in, and if my information is correct they're starting staining and sanding the floors today - which means I can't get back to the master bath to get pics until the end of the week.
I'll post a picture here of the tile in natural dim light - if you're on a mac the pics will be likely to be what I see, if you're on a PC don't even bother looking. I'm finding that colors from mac to PC don't translate well.

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Thank you so much, your shower is beautiful! I have a place nearby that gave me a sample so I think I'm good, but thank you so much for the offer (sorry about your over order, that's a bummer). I was all set on ordering it when my color lady said that she thought it looked more like a bathroom tile. Sigh. I love that it is a changeable color, and that it seems to go gray sometimes. I'm being very indecisive on this one.

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