Christopher Peacock on Kitchen Design

shannonplus2June 2, 2013

I'm linking a video of Christopher Peacock discussing some basics of kitchen design (for those who don't know who Chris is, he designs and builds quarter-million-dollar kitchens).

So, he's saying EXACTLY what GW's own Live Wire Oak and Buehl having been saying for years. OK, you guys, is one of you Christopher Peacock? Fess up! Alternatively, Chris has been lurking on GW for years, picking up tips.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christopher Peacock on Kitchen Design

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I know his site was posted in a recent thread. I can't tell you how many times I watched his slideshow. Although most of the kitchens aren't my taste I love his cabinet hardware. It looks like the hardware my in-laws have in their 120 year old kitchen-but nicer of course.

I understand he's a brand, but why does he have to stamp his name on the handles? I guess that's also why I don't carry designer handbags.I hear my grandma's voice "Why are you advertising for those companies?"

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Thank you for posting this! I'm astounded to talk with consumers who have designed kitchens and professionals in the industry who are unaware of these forums. I'm learning so much, so fast.

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Yet, Peacock designed all the cooking to be done on the island for a kitchen he was awarded kitchen of the year...

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Marvelousmarvin - he did that because the kitchen was on a display floor in Rockefeller Center (and later moved to the Oprah studio for a show). Consequently he had several constraints due to the display nature of the kitchen. But his strong preference is for cooking to be on the wall, and for the island to be for prep and seating.

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MANY of us design professionals create kitchens that have specific customer requests in them that we cringe at doing. Lots of customers do not wish for any input from a designer at all, even if the service is free with the cabinets they are purchasing. All they want us to do is "take their order" and shut up about how dysfunctional what they've created might be. One time when I suggested to a client that they might want to reconsider so many standard cabinet in favor of more drawers, she asked me, "That's more expensive, right?. OK, I understand why you want me to buy them from you." That was a no win situation, so I kept my mouth shut and just ordered what she asked me without any design input at all--after she signed the waiver.

And when it was wrong for the space, and didn't fit the space well, she paid full price for the replacement cabinets. I would have loved to have made it a collaborative effort where her money went further and gave her a better kitchen, but her being "right" was more important to her than listening to someone who's done this a thousand times, plus actually knows what's possible in the different cabinet lines.

So, the next time you are looking at something horrible that the PO did, don't automatically blame it on the KD who got the job. Sometimes, you've just got to blame it on the PO.

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Gah, I love him and his kitchens!! Several of his were in my inspiration file before we built, including his own personal kitchen. My KD said, "I can tell you are a Peacock kind of client!" :) Unfortunately, I did not have a Peacock kind of budget, lol, but we incorporated many of his ideas and his "look" into my kitchen.

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