Imperial Danby � black spots?

jackson2348June 4, 2014

Hi all, I have honed Imperial danby going in my kitchen. There are tiny black spots on parts of the slabs. Fabricator has tried to remove them with acetone and they won't come off; he now says that they are in the slab. Does your dandy have black spots? Help, quick! He says he's cutting it tomorrow.

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Jackson, I have Imperial Danby and I have both tiny black spots and even some tiny sparkly white spots...After 5 months I no longer notice them. Can your fabricator do the template so that he does not have the spots showing or are an inconspicuous area? My issue was that our slab had a very large fissure on one side that had to be considered when cut - thus the spots stayed. Wish I could take a picture for you but I am out of town for 10 days and will not be home in time for your schedule. Good luck and be dure to post a picture when it is in!

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My Imperial Danby has some scattered tiny black spots also. I didn't notice them until a few weeks after the stone was installed, although they were probably there all along. They bugged me for a day or two. I honestly don't notice them & love my Danby.

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Thank you both for reassuring me that it's not abnormal for there to be some black. Beachpea, my island is going to take most of 1 slab, so no real wiggle room on placement. Romy, your kitchen made me look at danby in the first place! So gorgeous.

My builder is going out this morning to look. I trust him to let me know if it's a big deal or if I'm overreacting. Attaching a pic, but of course the spots don't show.

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Here's a pic. Sorry about the upside down dime. DH has never mentioned them & I have not noticed them since I first discovered them & of course, today.

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I would suggest any natural stone buyer make sure their kitchen goes with orange, because that's the color the spots will be when the iron in the stone oxidizes.

Just got a call from a lady with new white granite wondering what I could do. Other than tear it out, nothing.

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Romy, that's exactly how my slabs look. Thanks for the pic.

Trebruchet, I appreciate your sharing your thoughts on marble. Thankfully, I have lots of orange so it should blend beautifully :)

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Just wanted to note that while those blacks spots are a ferrous mineral(biotite ) I have not seen danby marbles rust.
I have seen Bianca venitino, white carrara and calacatta marbles rust and turn orange to brown.
White granites can also contain high amounts of iron or ferrous minerals.
It doesn't happen all the time as the chemistry or petrology must be just right. But when it does happen it isn't good.
I have seen old white marble shower stalls or counters with no traces of rusting whatsoever as well as new installations with rusting issues.
However I haven't seen any rusting issues I can recall involving danby marbles.

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As always, thank you, SRosen, for your expertise. I really appreciate the time all the professionals give to this forum.

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Nice clarification Stu. Thanks.

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That's reassuring srosen, thank you.
We called around to other suppliers and all available slabs have varying degrees of black spots. I've spent a couple of days revisiting other options, and decided to stay with the slabs we have. I love the veining and think it will be beautiful.
Thanks everyone for your help!

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Danby is a great marble, Its domestic from Vermont and has been quarried there for quite some time.
They give tours of the quarry, I haven't been there but know folks that have. They say its awesome.
Imperial Danby Marble was used in the District of Columbia World War Memorial, Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, and exterior of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

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