Should I buy a warming drawer?

strayerdarbJune 30, 2013

Hello, I bought all the appliances for my kitchen remodel, except for a possible warming drawer. We are a family of 6, plus an enourmous all-local (like walking distance) family of about 24: siblings, parents, cousins, neices and nephews, and lots of friends who come over.

We have a pretty large group here about once or twice a month during the school year, and then in the summer we have big groups for casual get-togethers about once a week, sometimes more. We also usually host Thanksgiving here, sometimes Easter and Christmas which are more formal gatherings.

A lot of times, especially in the summer, the family will all be swimming or boating or something before dinner and I am in the kitchen finishing up dinner.

I think if I had a warming drawer I could make more things ahead of time and put them in there and I could participate in the fun stuff outside.

I would like to hear from other GW'ers as to how they use their warming drawers, especially those with big groups to feed. Does the warming drawer free you up a little bit so you can enjoy the gathering more?

Summer and school-year are so different. In the school year I think I would use it in order to have dinner waiting for late-arriving hubby or older teenagers after work to keep their meal warm. Or to have things warm after coming in from sports with the younger kids.

Please share thoughts on how you make the most of this appliance.


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I have been in my new house for two weeks and used my warming drawer almost everyday. Once I used it for entertaining, all the other times to keep hubbies plate warm for when he gets home from work... We have been eating early and heading to swim practice. I have used it twice to keep pancakes warm before I finish with the rest of breakfast. I installed mine right at countertop height and it is much easier to use there instead of near the floor. I could use it as a buffet since it is at serving height. I am so glad my appliance salesperson suggested it at that height. Good luck with your planning!

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Thanks! Do you just put your normal caserole dishes in there rather than buying the inserts? Can you give me a list of the foods you have had most success with? Thanks!

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Boy this is fun.
It's not often that you can recommend a warming drawer to someone who needs one.
But you need more. Space and capacity and an oven is probably a better size.

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A good oven does all a warming drawer can do and more. If you only have one oven, a second oven is a much more useful option. After 2 ovens and with sufficient funds it could be a good choice.

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I have a Bosch slide in range and it has a warming drawer. I did not think I would use it that much, but I do. Last night my husband even commented how handy it was.
Within the last 2 days I have used it three times. One morning we had waffles for breakfast and it kept the stack warm while all the waffles were cooking. Another morning, it kept my DS's breakfast warm becuase he decided he had to go check on the chicks before breakfast! And, last night it kept the stack of fried fish warm while I finished up cooking and we could all dine.
It is very handy. It warms up faster than the oven, and to just the right temperature.

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I had a warming drawer and used it once in 5 years. I have a large family, but I found that I just didn't use it. When I did my new kitchen, I didn't put one in. Now I just put stuff in the microwave drawer and it stays warm. I think you just have to make a habit of using it if you buy one. The benefit of a warming drawer is that food is not supposed to dry out. That sounds great. I don't know if you would get the same effect with an oven.

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I had a warming drawer in my old Bosch range. It was at the bottom and I used it maybe five times in the seven years that I had the range. I did not put one in when I did my recent renovation. The second oven (speed oven) was more important and I had limited space. The only way I would have put in a warming drawer would be if I had more than ample cabinet space and if I could have installed it at waist height. For me the oven at a low temperature works fine for those times when warming would be helpful.

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Holly- Kay

Local, I am green with envy that you have chicks. I raised three last summer but we now have 17 hens and DH says that is enough. I even have a nursery coop and run for my next group but who knows when that will be?

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I use my warming drawer about once a week and I'm glad to have it. It comes in especially handy when we have a sit-down dinner for a group that includes picky eaters and the regular folks, LOL. I usually prepare something simple for the picky eaters and stick it in the warming drawer while I'm cooking the rest of the meal. It works great and the food does not dry out, which thank goodness because then what would the picky eaters eat!

I have two ovens and haven't had many occasions when I need to use both, plus the warming drawer, but there have been some (we've been in the kitchen for 3 years now). Mostly I like the drawer because it doesn't heat up the kitchen, it doesn't use a gigantic amount of electricity like heating a whole oven, and the food stays moist.

My one complaint about the drawer is that it is low. Not that I have a problem bending down, but the first time I used it I left it open while moving dishes from the drawer to the table, and the dog thought the food was hers since it was "on the floor." LOL.

I haven't bought any inserts and don't use the wire rack that came with it. I just put my regular serving dishes in there. I have gotten to the point recently where I ran out of space and will probably end up using the wire rack one of these days.

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It sounds like you can benefit from one, even if you have two ovens. With a small household, I still use one for a) uneven eating times b) breakfast /brunch c) special events/entertaining d) takeout pizza (seriously, keeps the cheese nice and gooey)

My new one came with a rack on the inside that is very handy for elevating the dishes. No special inserts are needed. My old one was at the bottom of the stack and that was not as nice as at counter height.

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