help replacing drawer pull with shank

kindra-scrapmomJune 6, 2013

I have some old brass drawer pulls to replace in my kitchen. My problem is that they have an extension that goes into the drilled hole and therefore the hole is larger than tthe standard screw size. Please see photo.

My questions: Does anyone know what the term is for this kind of pull or where I could find a replacement? If I cannot find a suitable replacement I am considering spray painting them.

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I had this issue with an old dresser I refinished. I ended up finding pulls that covered the existing holes, so I had to drill new holes for the new screws. You can see in the pic how the flat pieces on the ends cover the old holes. I never see the inside of the drawers, so no big deal. A cabinet door may be different since you would see the old holes. You could maybe fill them with something.

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Holly- Kay

There are still some pulls out there that have a shank but they are few and far between. I just can't recall the company names.

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Thanks for your suggestions, I think I will try spray painting the existing pulls and see how that goes.

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