dw under tiny window instead of sink offcenter

marymac91June 4, 2013

I have a small kitchen with cabinets and sink facing North.

If I rearrange my new cabinets, can I have the dishwasher under a 21 inch window, or can I have the 33" sink off center from the small window?

I want to put a 36x36 lazy susan in the corner. The cabinet next to it would be off center under a small window. I can do one of 3 things:
1) put the sink off center under the window, but center the faucet
2) put the dishwasher under the window
3) enlarge the window and center the sink

Is this purely an issue of symmetry?

My understanding is that you need good headroom above a sink.
I don't spend any more time at the sink than I do at the dishwasher.

It seems that larger kitchens have sinks on an island, where they are more centrally located.

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I would have the sink off center. If it is a double bowl, put one bowl over the window, the one that you would wash dishes in. I would then center the faucet over the window sink bowl. That way looking straight on it looks like a small sink.

Also, there some nice single blow sinks with drain boards that are cool looking.

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Fori is not pleased

I've had the DW under a window before with the sink nearby. If you don't mind a sink under cabinets (mine was a corner sink and the upper cab was set back far enough to not interfere), it's sort of nice.

I enjoyed having plain old sinkless countertop under a window. Nice place to prep. Nice place to put the steamy coffee maker. Just a nice patch of counter.

There's no reason except tradition to waste a lovely window with a sink. (IF you can make the sink a decent place to work elsewhere--and that's crucial.)

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