Are you gellin?? I am gellin, General Finishes that is...

waltbscJune 11, 2010

Well, we've been in our new to use house for three weeks now and we've come along way, IMO.

Hello 1986

Welcome 2010

Not the best pics but I think it looks much better. We've gone through 7 quarts of Java gel stain and 1/2 gallon of poly so far. We didn't rub it but used a brush and are pleased with the results. We also stained all area's of the wood, not just the face. This is with three coats of stain and one coat of poly. We'll start on the doors this weekend.

We reworked the cabinet above the cooktop to allow for a mircrowave and enclosed the area around the fridge. Of course none of the molding matched so new crown had to be added.

We put a deposit down on some great looking White Delacutus and it should be installed later this month. We also have new SS appliances to include a Kenmore Elite induction cooktop and convection oven.

We also had to update the electrical and added a few outlets along the way. We would love can lights but our electrician stated it will be difficult because there's no telling where the plumbing is (2 story house) and it we may tear up the ceiling just to see so we're not sure what we're going to do...any suggestions?

Also, what color would you paint the walls and what flooring? There is wood in the foyer, formal living and dining room and we'll add wood to the rest of the downstairs later this year. We're thinking tile because we have dogs and they make a mess with their water bowl but what color?? Light or dark???

We have 3100 sqft of multiple layer wallpaper, 1986, to bring up to date...hopefully we won't go crazy before it's finished!!!

Before/after of foyer in case it helps recommending a color for the kitchen.

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HOLY WOW! You are doing a fantastic job! The cabinets are looking wonderful! Cannot wait to see your countertops installed (bet you can't either) hee hee. We did cabinets almost identical to yours in Texas. We painted them cream and it really made a HUGE difference. I think you will be fine with a tile that is light to medium. Maybe something with a "rugged" texture (helps with wet paws sliding around).

We are closing at the end of the month on our new "project". We have dark oak cabinets I would love to do something with but the grain is very heavy so paint is out. Thank goodness we have no wallpaper to deal with just some paint changes. We have done the wallpaper removal too so I am feeling your pain. It will all be worth it though!!!

Looking forward to seeing your next progression photos!

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Great job!
I ?gel-ed? one little bench seat to match my bookcases; I can't imagine how much time/effort is going into this kitchen.

How much sanding/wiping are you doing in the beginning and in between? How much time to dry between coats?

About can lighting: will you be ripping up your upstairs flooring any time soon?
We ripped out the carpet and particle board flooring on our 2nd floor to put in hardwood (due to the kids' asthma). Our 1st floor is always so dark so while we have the 2nd floor floor opened up, we might as well install some can lighting to brighten up the 1st floor.

Just a thought...

Awaiting more pictures...keep up the good work!

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That cabinet color should really rock with your granite choice. Nice job! I would be tempted to tile the kitchen. You could do something to match the lighter parts of the granite. The paint color could match the floor. It will make the rest pop. However, you've made good choices so far so trust your judgement.

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We used 150/200 sanding blocks before staining and haven't really sanded between coats. We made sure everything was clean before we started and that was it. I have been brushing the stain on in the morning and just wait until the next day to add another coat. We're almost done with the cabinets as I added a second coat of poly today to the frame.

One side of the doors are done so we're getting close! I hope to be finished this week.

I wish I had plans to tear out the floor upstairs to add can lights but a bathroom is over the kitchen so we're not going there..haha

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That looks beautiful! I wish I had the nerve to DIY my cabinet refinishing, but too scared I'll get lazy halfway and they'll end up looking awful. :-) Job well done!

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Just beautiful! What kind of brush did you use? What brand and sheen of poly did you use? And what did you use to clean the cabs before the gel stain?
I've got a bathroom vanity that I've been thinking of either painting or using the gel stain on...I tested minwax polyshades and did not like how my sample came out. Yours looks great!
Can't wait to see the finished product :)

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waltbsc- your kitchen looks fabulous! I am in the midst of staining a bathroom vanity- 2 doors and 8 drawers- with Java gel stain. I am love, love, loving it!

elle3- I rubbed mine on with a t-shirt rag and then wiped the excess with a dry rag. I cleaned the cabinets with mineral spirits and sanded them with a sanding sponge and then wiped them down with a tack cloth. I am putting about 4 coats of stain on to get it as dark as waltbsc's kitchen cabinets. I plan to buy the General Finishes Gel Clear Coat to put on top of it.

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I think a natural slate or quartzite floor in one of the lighter tones would look stunning with your cabinets. It'd make a great backsplash too!

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elle3 - I used a 3" Purdy nylon/polyester brush and GF gel satin topcoat poly.

I wiped the cabinets with mineral spirits and a tack cloth before getting started. It has taken longer than I thought and I think painting them would have been more economical and cheaper but this should hold up much better over the years.

I have celticmoon to thank because I never would have attempted this project without reading the many threads on this gel stain.

I picked up the paint today...went with SW flat duration Quick Silver..hope it looks good!

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After two coats of poly...

Sink and faucet



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Wow...what an undertaking. That is going to be awesome. Your cabinets are gorgeous. I can't imagine 3 thousand sq ft of wallpaper removal. I'll stop complaining about my one-wall wallpaper fopah...LOL.

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wow. You are doing an awesome job! Can't wait to see the finished product. Beautiful granite.

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You make it seem so easy--but I'm sure it was a lot of work. Not to mention how satisfying it must be to repurpose perfectly workable cabinets. And silver will be divine with your new granite. Doing my vanity is my summer project!
Thanks to you and corgimum for the procedural details.
I'm inspired :)

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That is going to be stunning--it already is!

I cannot wait to see it once you put that spectacular rock on top. It is going to be YUMMY!

You are doing an amazing job!

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Here's a fist bump from a fellow DIYer. I refaced about half our cabinets - I think I would rather tackle that challenge than coat after coat of gel. Nice work! And the granite will look incredible.

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Fantastic!!!!! Another gel success story. We should start a club!

Be sure to put an extra coat or two of clear finish on the areas likely to get the most use. Here it was my garbage pullout, snack cabinet and drink glass cabinet. (Hmmmm)
A quick touch up after a couple years and it's all good.

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It looks fabulouse. Love it and can't wait to see it with the Delicatus. That's one of my favorites used with dark or light cabinets. What a huge difference the staining makes to change a look. Well done and please post when finished.

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Oh, how I love General Finishes gel stain! Ahhh....:-)

Your cainets look AMAZING! We just did the same thing in our 2 bathrooms.

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One more question for the gellers...Is there an advantage to wiping over brushing on the stain? I see no visible brush strokes on the pics posted and it seems it would be easier to brush on the stain rather that wipe it on, especially in the corners. My vanity has recessed panels and I'm afraid of the gel gunking up in those areas. Any tips?

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I have always suggessted Gel as an option but never have I
seen it look so totally amazing.
I have never used Gel but now I want to find a project. : )

Fantastic Work. Thanks for sharing.

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When I did my bathroom cabinets with gel stain (General Finishes Java), I used a sponge brush and basically painted it on and did not wipte it off. I did get some think spots in the corners, so I just used a sponge brush with barely any stain on it to spread it out. Piece of cake!

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Hey - The kitchen is painted!! We went with SW North Star and we really like it. The granite will be installed on the 29th and the appliances are sitting in the garage calling my name. The cabinet doors should be done this week.

About brushing...I tried a sponge brush and it left more marks than the brush I used. I never wiped the gel off but used it like paint. You don't see a lot of brush strokes but if it's applied heavy it basically looks like wood grain. I love this product and will continue using it throughout my home.

Here are some pics from last night. I need to touch up some area's but I think it has really changed the look of our kitchen.

Today without a flash. It was cloudy most of the day so not a lot of sun light.

We also have a new light fixture that I hope to install later this week. We had to move the box over 18" since we built out the area around the fridge.

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Almost done!!! One more coat of poly on all the doors. Not the best pictures due to the flash.

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Microwave and oven installed...granite and induction cooktop on Tuesday!

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I have a question about your kitchen if you're still checking this post? I noticed the area above the cabinets looks the same color as your cabinets. Did you use the gel stain on this wall as well or was that area wood also? I have that same type of wall above my cabinets and I like the look of the cabinets extending to the ceiling. Just wondering how you accomplished that and if the gel stain went over the wall ok? My wall above the cabinets is currently red and is not wood, it's painted drywall.

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