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treeskateJune 30, 2008

I've read here that there are under cabinet electrical strips. Do these include GFI for near the sink?

I've seen lots of pics of beautiful tile backsplases only to be marred by multiple (and oddly spaced) electrical outlets that interrupt the flow of the tile.

So those that don't have these outlets on their backsplash wall, what have you done?

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We are using a combination of Plugmold and Mocketts...all of which are on GFI circuits..all BS/Counter outlets in our kitchen are on one of two GFI circuits...which is code in my county.

The Plugmold is a strip of outlets mounted under our upper cabinets. The Mocketts (not yet installed) are pop-up outlets that will be sunk into the on each side of the sink....but more than 18" away from the water source (again, code).

Doug Mockett & Co.

Plugmold Multioutlet Strips

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Yes, we have those outlets as part of our backsplash. But we minimized the look by using desert stone outlets/switches/covers by Lutron. We think it blends in pretty well.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Additional pics of backsplash

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You can use GFCI circuit breakers to cover all the outlets in the kitchen.

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Thanks so much for your responses!!

I really like the idea of the plugmold - will tell my carpenter!

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We have the plugmold which looks very nice but we hate it. It's awkward to use and I'm all about function. We wish we had just gone with outlets installed horizontally and low on the backsplash. This seems like a sleeker and more elegant solution. We looked into changing ours but it would be difficult and expensive now that the kitchen is complete.

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I love my plugmold. It looks great, and it encourages me not to leave small appliances plugged in when we're not using them, which is better for the environment (since they draw power even when not in use).

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I went with a combination of outlets and plugmold.

My counter is L-shaped, with a pantry at one end and a frig panel at the other end, and the sink in the corner. I put a wall outlet at either end, for convenience and mostly for things that stay plugged in all the time - the toaster and the coffee maker. And I ran plugmold all the way around at the back of the upper cabinets.

The plugmold satisfies code, and also actually does provide an outlet anywhere you might want one. Convenience isn't much of an issue because they aren't used that often. And it means most of my backsplash is unbroken.

All are on GFI breakers.

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There's mockets' and there's this. I've bookmarked both so I have the info when I'm ready.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hiding outlets on granite backsplash: Have you searched for cloudswift's granite outlet covers? They are beautiful!
Hiding outlets in subway tile: Turn the receptacles sideways so they are more or less the same size as a subway tile, tile the backsplash accordingly, and make the outlet cover match the tile.

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Great idea bluekit.

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