Stinky Kitchen Drains

monicakm_gwJune 10, 2013

About 4 years ago my kitchen drain started smelling rotten. We built this house 31 years ago and the plumbing was changed during a kit remodel in 2002. I can get rid of it with a vinegar, baking soda and boiling water flush but it will come back in a few days. It seems to be seasonal, warm weather, but our house is 74 to 75 degrees when using the AC. As long as I flush it a couple times a week, it's ok but I shouldn't have to do this. Anyone else have this problem?

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Have you cleaned out the p-trap? Things can get stuck in there and cause some terrible smells. Might be worth taking it apart and cleaning it out well.

Is your drain vented? If not, there is no where for the smelly air to go so it comes back up the drain. That's the only other thing I can think of.

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After needing to call a plumber to deal with a backed up kitchen sink, I've started a monthly ritual with a bacterial drain treatment. They're supposed to help keep gunk that can lead to slow drains and smells at bay. Haven't had a problem since I started, and my drains are over a hundred years old. Might be worth a shot - got it at Lowes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bacterial drain treatment

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I think it's the venting. No drain should smell rotten on a repeated and extended basis. Call a plumber.

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The pea trap has been cleaned out a couple of times since it started smelling. I bought the mesh strainer type drain stop to make sure nothing went down the sink...I wish I had those things 31 years ago!
The drain is vented and my husband has been on the roof with a snake.
I've used the typical drain cleaners.
I've even resorted to contacting the water company. We live in the country and have community well water. They are often making changes to the chemicals they use. My sponge will smell the same way. I know sponges can get smelly and need to be cleaned regularly. I put mine in the mw after rinsing it well with dish detergent. They've never smelled like that in the past. This is what made me think it's the water.

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I have that also. haven't cleaned the trap or checked on the vent either. will put both on my list to be checked.

I do think mine is the water tho - it isn't piped in like normal people. It's trucked to a holding tank behind me and comes in from there thru pipes (put in about 2 yrs ago). If my dishwater sets overnight (soaking stuff) and I don't get to it again til later the next day I notice it smells - even with a/c on. That has also happened with a partial bucket (clean) of water I left setting recently.

I've been doing the soda/vinegar thing myself.

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This may be premature and even if it has fixed the smelly problem, I think there is still an unsolved root problem. It was the last Fri or Sat when I cleaned the smelly drain with baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. As of today, still no smell. Normally, this time of year, it would be back by now. The only thing that has changed is the sink mat. I bought new ones on Sun. The old ones had drainage "holes". The new one has drainage "slots" that offer more air circulation. Don't know if the older style wasn't offering enough air circulation??? But, so far, even if I stick my nose in the sink and smell, there is no odor. BTW, in addition to cleaning the mats when I cleaned the sink, I also washed them in the dw.

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