Making a list...checking it twice

andreak100June 17, 2013

So, we are slowly inching toward progress. Our, GC got his more solidly written bid for us finally - still had stuff that we needed him to add/change and I just sent that back to him for revisions. And we have a tentative start date of mid/late July. We really didn't want to do remodeling at that time of year, but that's just how it's happening.

I'm making my list of all the little odds and ends (and not so little ones as well) and I'm getting ready to start placing my order for those things to begin to arrive.

We have:
* the Hafele LeMans unit
* our appliances (which have been sitting at our house in a box now for 9 months since our previous GC/cabinet maker flaked on us)
* appliance lift and shelf
* knife tray for in the drawer

I have a list that's about a mile long to start to purchase and I know that I'm forgetting things. Being about a month out, I think it's time to start getting everything else that we need, right???

Feeling relief that it's about a month away and terrified that we're making mistakes on various things...having had this long to THINK has made me second or even third-guess so many decisions. The other night, I was talking to my DH and I mentioned questioning the fabric for the banquette that we're thinking of using - I've been somewhat leaning toward a faux leather for the seat and fabric for the back cushions and I thought that my husband was going to kill me - he said, "the entire time you've been planning on you're thinking of a combination?" Poor guy...he loves me, but I'm sure I'm driving him insane! As we've been going along trying to make this kitchen happen, I think it's true what some say - if a marriage can make it through building a house and/or a major remodel, it can make it through just about anything.

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My cabinet installation doesn't start for a month, and I have purchased everything except paint. Sink, Sink Setter, faucet, idsposal, range hood, knife drawer insert, paper towel holder, plug (cord) kit for the garbage disposal, clips for the DW to attach to walls instead of countertop, new DW drain hose and supply hose, new shutoff valves for under the sink, deep drawer dividers. I'm going to order cabinet pulls this week, as soon as I meet with the cabinet maker and do a final count.

It's a good thing I ordered everything early - my Hansgrohe faucet arrived with a dent, and had to be replaced. I've looked over everything else, and haven't found any other defects.

Good luck with your project!

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Yikes, now I feel a little behind, annkh...our cabinets are to start being installed around the end of July, so we should be just a few weeks behind you.

I wanted to hold off on purchasing the sink because we're planning on the Silgranit one in cinder and it was just starting to roll out...was hoping to see more photos of it installed before we decided once and for all on cinder or metallic grey.

We are reusing our faucet and GD (they are only 2 years old, so we can't justify changing those), so they are here...without dents! That must have been so nervewracking when your faucet arrived dented!

We're still undecided on cabinet pulls - I'm probably going to have to order a few samples and have them for when the cabinets get installed so that we can make a final decision...there's a part of me that's really tempted to just go get ones at IKEA and call it done.

Some of the stuff, we don't have to shop for since our GC will get some things (new shutoff valves, etc.)...but I'm wondering about the clips you mentioned for the DW to attach - I'm not familiar with those!

Looking forward to seeing your progress - will you post along the way, or will you wait for completion?

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I'll probably post as we go - I've been taking pictures - but for now we just have an empty room with new electrical boxes - not much to see. We finished tearing out the old cabinets over the weekend.

I was annoyed about the faucet, but because I had tso much time, it really wasn't a big deal. The company (Lifetime Waterworks) was terrific! They had me send them a photo of the damage, and agreed that it was a manufacturing defect; I got multiple emails from them about the shipping return label, time frame - they even offered to send out a new one before they received the damaged one back, if I was in a big hurry. Great customer service did a lot to eliminate any stress in the process.

I was reading the installation manual for our DW (we're keeping it), and saw the bit about side clips. The DW came with top clips, which screwed into the bottom of our laminate countertop. Since the new countertop will be quartz, I had to order clips so that the DW can be mounted to the cabinet walls instead of the counter. It's a Whirlpool DW - I got the clips from Amazon.

I'm sure there will be things Ive forgotten! I started the process with the cabinet maker in January, and he is busy enough that the soonest I could get on his schedule was June (for him to start building). I'm really glad I have had plenty of time to concentrate on one big decision at a time - sink, then faucet, then range hood, etc. Others might be able to multitask those things, but I found it much easier to do one at a time.

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Our cabinet maker has a great cartoon - something about offering kitchen cabinets and marriage counseling as a package deal!

I know that I drive my dh nuts sometimes - the other day I asked him about backsplashes; he had no idea what they were, and we hadn't ever had one before, so why would we want one now? I pointed out that I hadn't had *him* before (married later in life), but I wanted him! That shut him up. Temporarily, I suppose.

So far though we're both having fun with this. Even living in this small townhouse while we're building - it's still a crazy adventure. But then, I might feel differently by the time we finish building! (and - right after we move in, I have to go for a knee replacement. Dh is a terrific "nurse", but I hope he still has patience after *that's* over.)

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I would get the sink soon. It took 3 weeks for my Silgranit sink (metallic grey) to arrive, and you want time in case it arrives with a dent or some other problem.

The other thing I'd suggest getting soon is all lights. They can take a long time to get -- esp. if you look at the Lighting forum and then realize that many of the GW-recommended lights are ones you can't get at a retail store. My TechLighting UCL lights took three weeks to arrive on special order.

Cabinet pulls you can get late -- we got ours at Restoration Hardware online and they arrived in 2 days.

One thing to check since you're looking at Silgranit sink and a garbage disposal -- measure the distance from the floor to your drain pipe. With a deep sink it is pretty common that you will have to lower the drain pipe to meet the clearance needs of your GD. If you wait until the cabinet & counter is in you may have your contractor suggest you live without a garbage disposal, because it would be expensive to fix.

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I was in your shoes not too long ago! Still not quite finished though.

Check out the thread I linked. I asked about things to remember too and found this very helpful.

How much are you responsible for buying? I took care of just about everything visible, so I had a long list!

Check return periods before you start buying. I wanted to have some time left to return stuff after the GC started in case I got the wrong thing, wouldn't fit, etc. many places are 30 days, so I ordered most things 10-14 days before demo. I wanted it all on site to refer to specs if needed as well as not slow anything down. Lowes and HD have a more generous policy, so I got a ton of little odds and ends there, like outlets and covers, so I can return the excess. Also saved me when my $180 fan they promised would work with the switch I had in fact did not work, so at 6 weeks I can take it back!

Here's what I ordered that I remember:

ELECTRIC: recessed lights and housings (Ecosmart from HD, takes a while so order ahead), UCL (, took about a week), dimmers/switches/outlets/covers, GFI outlets (be sure any dimmers are compatible with the lights you have/buy), shallow metal junction boxes for hardwiring UCL and plugmold, blank covers for shallow junction boxes

SINK: aside from the sink, GD, new GD connector, GD flange (wanted a nicer one than it comes with), strainer for drain, air switch, DW leak pan, sink grids/accessories, place for little veggie scrubbers, sink cabinet liner for drips

CABINETS: door pulls, any interior organization you want attached by cabinet guys, garbage cans/bins for new design, any utensil holders/etc you want to use, drawer/shelf liner if needed

MISC: paint, trim, flooring and subfloor if needed plus any prep materials, UV window film to protect new floors if needed, fan or pendants if needed, anti fatigue mat, walk off rug at door, fire extinguisher

I also got some great microfiber cloths at Lowes for wiping the cabinets and a new mop, broom, and dustpan to motivate myself to keep it all clean (the old ones were 11 years old and cheap, so it was time!).

Seems like I had a lot more here, but a lot of it was the cabinets, and then some was for the powder room, so this might be about it.

Keep all the receipts together and stack it all neatly so you can still breath when it's all there :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Other thread about stuff to get

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