Gas range with OTR microwave

tednvJune 27, 2009

Does anyone have this combination? If so have you had any problems?

We have been told it is not recommneded to use an over the range microwave with a gas stove.However I have seen many photos of this combination on the interent.

I am confused as to what to do.We have limited counter space to put a microwave so a OTR is best but I would also like a gas stove.

Any opinions please!

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We do. No issues yet. I know everyone will say an OTR isn't sufficient for venting, but we aren't huge cooks and we have windows pretty close to the range, so it's a fine solution for us.

The MW can get pretty hot when cooking below. I wasn't expecting that, but I figure the OTR is made to handle that.

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I have that set up too. A gas Frigidaire range with a GE Profile microwave (also has a convection oven setting). I've had no problem, even when I have my oven going in my range and the oven going in the microwave. Good luck.

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Just make sure that your cabinet above is the right size to handle the additional height of an OTR. If you are using 30" H cabinets, you need to use a 12" cabinet, not a 15" one.

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This is the first I have heard of that. I have that set up and have had it for almost 19 years. I know it's not in the cool kids club,so to speak, but it's worked out fine.We do have the shorty cabinets above the microwave as live wire oak described.

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tednv, we have this combo and it's on our "get rid of" list.

Now, your situation may be much different than ours, but here's why we want things to change here:

This kitchen was originally (when we moved in in December of 2006) on an over-booked electric box. We decided that taking some strain off of the box by splicing from the fireplace gas line was a great idea (which it was!). We even spliced again a few weeks ago to have permanent gas line for an outdoor grill because of it. But when keeping a small OTR hood/micro combo over gas? Probably not a good idea.

See that window? Yeah, about's the only window out of 29 in the house that was never replaced by the previous owners (not that there's anything wrong with that, we knew what we were getting into with this older home, but I digress...). That's an original 1930-at-some-point-painted-onto-the-window-frame window. It offers no other ventilation to the kitchen. Here's another thing: we cook. A lot. Stinky stuff. Things that would make your mother cringe (I KID!) We do, however, cook chili and Low Country Boils often for crowds (they, to put it delicately, stink to high heaven for days afterward).

Oh, and yes, our OTR is vented to the outdoors.

If ventilation is what you are looking for, then look into other alternatives. I (half-jokingly) said in another thread the other day that the OTR was good for two things: melting butter and keeping the time, and I kinda mean it. Hey, we had a combo in our townhouse and never had issues (of course, everything was on an electric system there).

Personally, I wouldn't recommend it if you're remodeling or starting from scratch. I'd much rather keep the gas range and spend some extra dollars on a decent range hood that can handle the grease, heat and odors that come from a stove (especially a gas range), but that's just me. Everyone and every locale is different, though.

What works for you and your bank account is what matters, ultimately.

Here's my lovely OTR combo and (non-working) window:

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I have the set up too. no issues yet. I am a hot cook. : )
I mean I cook with high heat and have no issues yet.

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I have OTR MW over gas (for 15 years now), and I am putting it in new kitchen for much the same reasons as you - I don't want to take up counter space or wall space to house the MW. I have never had any problems.

What hsw_sc has is NOT how you want it - the MW is too low due to the cabinet above (as others have pointed out). (also, here code would not allow us to have a range that close to a window). By having the MW higher, the heat isn't as much of an issue, and you have plenty of clearance for cooking. The only con is now you have to reach that much higher when getting items in and out of MW - it's only 3", but you do notice.

The venting isn't great, and when I cook "smelly" things, I usually need to open windows or doors - but honestly, I don't find many cooking smells offensive. I've been bothered more by smells due to not taking the trash out immediately. I figure I'll look at a down-draft gas range when I have to replace mine, but I'm not even sure if that or a hood would make much of a difference. My kitchen is open to the 2nd level - and for some reason, all the smells go right up there. You can actually smell something baking up on that level WAY before you smell it in the kitchen.


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I considered doing that for the same reason you are--not wanting the MW on the counter--but I decided against it quickly for two reasons.

First, I helped cook a meal at my brother's house, where they have this set up, and I hated it! I hated having the MW bumping into my face the whole time and having to contort to get to the pots on the back burner. It was extremely uncomfortable for me. I'm tall, so perhaps it bothered me more than it bothers most people, but that was the first thing that deterred me.

Second, although I had cooked with gas for years, my new range had much higher BTUs than my ancient one. My old vent was insufficient for my needs, so with all the complaints I had read about the poor venting of the OTR MW (and what I witnessed at my brother's house), I decided that I really didn't want to put up with that in a brand new kitchen.

While looking for alternatives, I discovered the MW drawer set-up. This seemed to solve my problem beautifully, except the MW drawers are pretty darn expensive. Since it would also mean getting a range hood, the extra expense bothered me even more. It did make me think about whether it would be convenient to have the MW under the counter if it were not a drawer model. We placed our regular MW at that height for a couple of days and found that it was actually quite easy to use, even thought it wasn't designed that way. So, we had the cabinets built to the specs of a 24" Sharp drawer, just in case we ever decide to splurge and get one, but for now, we just use that space as a shelf for a regular MW. It accomplished my main goals (i.e., get the MW off the counter, and keep it out of my face) and turned out to be quite functional.

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I have this set-up. We purchased our home with a gas stove and OTR microwave. It doesn't bother me but if I were to reconfigure the kitchen I would remove the OTR microwave based on safety. I have to be very careful if I wear anything flowy like big sleeves on a robe or a shirt. I am always aware of pots on the stove or the gas fire "on" when I reach above, but I worry about my teenager.

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lovlilynne What hsw_sc has is NOT how you want it - the MW is too low due to the cabinet above (as others have pointed out). (also, here code would not allow us to have a range that close to a window)

We've often wondered how some of the additions and renovations to this house were passed by building officials, and we've come to one conclusion: they were probably done DYI by folks that never got the proper permits.

I do know that the kitchen was done by a KD company, but I question some of the decisions that were made when it was renovated (ie: the MW/Hood. I'm guessing this was all reno'd in the early 2000's? The years the appliances were put in range from 2000-2003).

There are a *lot* of things that I want to change in here. Some for convenience, some for safety.

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We recently installed a Frigidaire gas range unter a GE OTR MW. There is no vent involved other than the rather noisey GE MW fan that vents into the kitchen.

Problem: Rather soon the MW went blank and quit working. The appliance repair man noted a blown thermocouple designed to prevent the MW from getting too hot. It got too hot from the range below apparently. The repair man said that this was a typical problem of GE MWs. It's happened three times now and getting expensive!

Question: Is there another MW on the market that is free of this overheating-blown thermocouple problem?

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Instead of posting on a thread that is 4 years old why not start your own. Also try the appliance forum.

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