Ranking semi-custom kitchen cabinets

pianistJune 25, 2012

I am wondering whether anyone would be willing to share their ideas re. mid-range semi custom cabinets. My husband and I are at a place in the decision making process where we are not even sure what is considered to be mid-range anymore. We did a major renovation and remodel a few years ago when we lived in the midwest, and our cabinets were Plain and Fancy. We considered that to be upper middle. Gorgeous!!!

We've since survived corporate downsizing ('adjusting to scale' was the term they used, lol!) and are settling into life here in the northeast. However, none of the kitchen designers seem able to actually tell us whether their cabinets are somewhere in the middle of mid-range. I did see a list of cabinet rankings here on GW, but it is outdated. I am curious to know whether anyone has experience with any of these cabinets:






Wellborn Forest


We're trying to stay beneath the Plain and Fancy priceline, but at the same time, it's difficult to assess where these other cabinets rank in terms of overall quality, including all wood construction, minimal add-on fees for soft glide close, stain, etc. and overall appearance. Both of the KD's we have seen seem to be pushing cabinets we are not so keen on: Showplace, KraftMaid, Narrow River, as well as Wellborn Forest and Woodland. We are willing to pay for quality, but I think they are being pressured to promote whatever is 'on sale' right now. Hence, they are really waving the flags for Showplace, Wellborn Forest and Woodland. We'd love to be wrong about this ... any input is gratefully accepted!

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I've just joined this site and have found an incredible amount of info on this subject too, thank you to everyone who's contributed! Like pianist, I'd like more thoughts on costs/value/quality of different cabinet lines. We are building a small addition and replacing very inadequate kitchen in our 1927 Foursquare house. I've been dealing with KD recommended by a friend and she's done a good plan for us using Brookhaven cherry cabs. My husband is shocked by the price: 36" uppers in an 12x13 L-shaped kitchen with a 6' island = $19,815 (uninstalled). Not a lot of fancy add-ins - and w/o plywood boxes). We live in Mass/NH border area. Does this seem reasonable for new semi-custom cabinetry? I have nothing to compare to!! If you have Brookhaven cabs, have you been happy?

Also, part of cabinetry will be in a small mudroom (2 90" high x 15" w cabs plus 36" 3-drawer base). To save money, I'm wondering whether it would work to cut those out of the Brookhaven quote and instead buy similar cabs at HD/Lowe's (but maybe in painted maple instead of cherry). Any thoughts or suggestions on any of this? I'm feeling really overwhelmed and keep second-guessing myself!

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Hi, PokeyCat

Welcome to the site. I have found it to be a great resource over the past 6 years or so.

Re. Brookhaven - these are beautiful cabinets, as you know, and that price does seem to be in the ballpark, even without knowing what you are doing in terms of doorstyle, pullouts, etc. Is there a reason you have decided upon this line and have you explored other lines? (i.e. Is the KD promoting these over others?)

I don't think you will be able to find a similar cabinet at Lowes or HD, in terms of quality. But, you are right - you could find something to compliment the kitchen cabinets. Keep in mind that all-wood construction is very important to some people, as are maple wood veneer interiors, and undermount glides for drawers. Think about those things, esp. in a heavy traffic/use area.

In our last home, we did Plain and Fancy which I believe is slightly higher end than Bhaven and we did a similar reno - Arts and Crafts home. Our kitchen was larger than yours and we paid about $16,000 for cherry cabinets. Sometimes people substitute alder for cherry if they are trying to cut back a little, and the wood is similar in appearance. That's a consideration as well.

Yes, it is tough to make decisions when the KD's are so enthusiastic. I definitely want to do more quality comparison. This time around, the reno. is tougher - there seemed to be more selection, more showrooms in the midwest due to the fact that it is a major cabinet building center. I'm travelling between RI, CT and MA to see small displays of cabinets that I might not end up buying.

Best of luck!
P.S. There is an outdated list of cabinet ratings on the kitchen forum somewhere. Have you seen it?

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Wellborn Forest
Woodland -
Shiloh-Medallion Showplace Kraftmaid

This is how I would list them roughly in terms of price and quality. Those on the same line will vary by kitchen but price within 10% of each other. IOW in one kitchen the Kraftmaid will be 10% less, in another the Shiloh would be 10% less--etc more or less.
Candlelight and Brookhaven would be closer in price ...I bumped BH up for quality. It is the only one of the bunch that has doweled face frames as far as I know.
All should be less expensive than P & F.

I have sold Brookhaven, Medallio at a former employer, and currently handle Showplace. I'm very happy with SWP, it is the most reasonably priced cabinet I carry. There is no current incentive to the dealer to sell them, I've never seen one from them. They do have a promo going for the customer.
Several of the others, the ones that are part of the large conglomerates will often run promotions where the designer or dealer get something. The smaller guys don't typically do that.
Pricing will have a lot will have to do with are you looking at framed, inset, or frameless?

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Here is the most recent May 2012 price comparison done for an upper and base in Shaker by various manufacturers. Many of us found it quite helpful.

As always, jakuvall, thanks for weighing in on the OP's question. I assume SWP means Showplace. Will give them a look now too.

OP: I had about 18 linear feet of framed all wood Omega/Dynesty, white raised panel door cabinetry quoted out for an older kitchen redo. I added a lazy susan, and a pullout trash, mainly draw bases and two ready for glass uppers. With the 35% discount the price was $17000. Hth.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link:

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Hi - we are in the NorthEast also and have Brookhaven cabinets throughout our kitchen. We have been very happy with the look, quality and features of our cabinets. Our KD only worked with BH, so we really didn't price out any other cabinets. So I can't answer your question in terms of quality of others vs. BH...but have been very satisfied with BH and their customer service.

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I just quoted Medallion, Dura Supreme and Brookhaven for my small kitchen. Prices came in from lowest to highest in that order also although there was only about $1000 difference between the three on a less that $10,000 order. Simple craftsman style stained cherry, without plywood boxes on all three brands.

Medallion seemed like step below the other two (but still a very nice mid range cabinet) and the seller of the Brookhaven said Dura Supreme was closer to a Brookhaven cabinet then a Medallion. I ended up with the Dura Supreme because I got the price below the other two in bidding between two KD's and they were having a free upgrade to the cherry. They should be in within 2 weeks so I can't tell you how I like them.

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I live in the RI/MA area and had similar issues with finding cabinets. I am 99% sure I'm going with Brookhaven, primarily because the KD has been a saint. The quote is around 19k for a 20 by 9 foot kitchen with a 7 foot island and separate 50 inch beverage center. Lots of drawers amd organizers, amd 6 glass uppers.

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Thanks everyone - I'm learning so much, I wish I had done a better job of researching earlier in our process!

Pianist: The KD reps Brookhaven/Woodmode and Candlelight. The friend who recommended KD is very picky, and had an excellent experience - so that was a plus for me. She said the KD had caught several mistakes by her architect, which saved them money and also got them more usable storage. I didn't shop around like so many others here, and now I'm afraid to have buyer's remorse, so in a bit of panic mode!

Secondhalf: Glad to know your BH quote is close to mine! I will say that I've been frustrated getting price info from KD - she's very vague when I ask what certain cabinets cost.

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Thanks for replying, everyone. @jackuvall This really helps - to have some idea of how cabinets stand up against each other. @Sparkling Water - the link is helpful. We are going for cherry cabinets, but I think i can get a sense of the 'pecking order' of cabinets using this model.

The bottom line for my husband and me is that we want a good warranty, all wood construction and good craftsmanship. I think we are going to move up the list a bit - our local kitchen centers do not have a lot to choose from so we will have to drive 30-60 miles to find what we want, I think. For the heck of it, we are going to get a Plain and Fancy quote (I will never forget the buttery feel of that gorgeous cherry in our last kitchen!), and probably 2 or 3 other more mid-range as well. Hearing about others' satisfaction with BH has pointed us in that direction. And, I think that if a company is willing to give a 20 yr or better warranty, that is worth alot. Depending on the final quotes, a difference of $5,000 -$7,000 could be worth the additional expense if the end result is a strong warranty and good customer service. Especially if we can get a beautiful cabinet that has a good reputation.

I really appreciate everyone's input. And, having professionals offer their professional ideas and opinions on the site is fantastic.

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My Dynasty cabinets were installed in February. I am very happy with them. They are solid and well-made. Our cabinet dealer said Medallion was below Dynasty, Omega and Brookhave above. I think Omega and Dynasty are almost the same but I think you can get more custom options with Omega.

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I sell a lot of StarMark here. Dollar for dollar I believe it is the best cabinet we offer here in our showroom, but keep in mind Northern New England is not exactly a booming kitchen market. We used to have Plain and Fancy but it was just to much for our demographic. We brought in the StarMark so we could offer something better quality than the big box and our customers and contractors alike have been very pleased with the quality.

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+1 for Starmark. It's my flagship line at my store.
With current incentives, it makes them an EXCELLENT deal. In addition to excellent construction, I've had the best luck with Starmark being the most consistent, ie: product arriving on time, and everything arriving correct and undamaged.

Which Woodland are you referring to, OP? The company out of sisseton, SD?

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Have Brookhaven VISTA Maple slab fronted (some with reeded glass) cabs in kitchen for just under 2 years. Am very happy with them. They've held up well. They look brand new. The clean up nicely. I love them.

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I love my new Candlelight cabinets. The finish is so beautiful and holds up well to all kinds of abuse. I didn't shop around too much because my KD was so keen on this line, and the price was right for me. Two of my friends have used the same KD and we all have Candlelight. All 3 kitchens are just beautiful and we are all happy and would do again. My GC was so impressed with the finish on the Candlelight cabs he is planning to use the same in his house.

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You can't beat Medallion for quality and price! Prices out around the same as KraftMaid. Some doors are higher and some are less. Their finish, to me, is the best of all semi-custom cabinet manufacturers. Their doorstyle end panels are mitre joined....so you don't get that ugly joint like on KraftMaid.

Warranties don't mean a thing! A 5 year warranty is just as good as a Lifetime warranty. Why? Because anything that's going to go wrong is going to happen within the first few months to a year. So a 5 to 7 yr warranty is plenty! Lifetime warranties are feel-good warranties.

FYI, Plain & Fancy only has a 7 yr warranty. But they are such a great company...if anything major happened after that....I know they would take care of it.

And remember P&F has two construction options. Vinyl interiors vs all wood interiors. Going with a basic door with their standard vinyl construction is not that much of a step up from Medallion sometimes.

Shiloh is awesome if you want inset!!! Prices out about the same as a KraftMaid full overlay door cabinet.

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We have Shuler cabinets from Lowes. Medallion is the upscale label, however I noticed several of the same photos in both line's catalogs. We're very please with the finish and construction of them.

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I've seen Shiloh in person and have not ruled them out entirely... nice quality and upgrades like inset doors at no additional charge.
We're doing an 11x15-ish kitchen with 7 various drawer base cabs and 5 uppers (2 glass) plus estimates for a pantry that now we aren't going with but 5 estimates so far for Shiloh, 2-local custom, Medallion and TheCabinetAuthority.com are all in the 10,000 to 15,000 range. The biggest price difference seems to be installation as far as I can tell.

I guess everyone wants 15 thousand dollars from us. :)

Good Luck!

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Wow, more responses! Thanks for the input, folks. I visited a couple more kitchen design centers and found some more cabinet lines we're exploring. Cabico and Grabill. I was really impressed with the quality and huge range of stains for cherry. We are also getting quote for Plain and Fancy, just to see whether we might be able to keep it on the list.

Thanks for the opinions on warranty. And, @pektel, Woodland is based in SD, so you are correct. Not so sure they are still on our list.

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Are any of these lines frameless?
Good luck pianist!!!

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Are any of these lines frameless?
Brookhaven and Cabico- about the same price- some specifications on Cabico can be slightly pricier than BH

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We also have Schuler from Lowes, made by Medallion. It was half the price of Plain and Fancy. We have plywood boxes and slab doors. The kitchen is 11'7 x 13 with a peninsular. We are very pleased, especially with the finishing. We are in NY.

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If this post came with a music video, it would have to be titled "call me Showplace." If you haven't been paying attention to pop music videos, that reference will mean nothing, sorry.

This is my first posting. We've been hearing about this site for some time and and have been encouraged by dealers to weigh-in when conversations warrant. It appears one of our close partners, ShowplaceInsider, was slammed for being a bit over-exuberant awhile back so I will try to be very careful not to promote; only to clarify.

Regarding Showplace promotions mentioned by pianist in the initial post, Showplace promotions are ALL designed to provide additional value to the homeowner.

Naturally we want our dealers to inform their customers that Showplace cabinetry is a better buy during the promotion, but only in that it helps homeowners get what we believe is a great cabinet for less money. There are no hidden agendas or "smoke and mirror" tactics going on. pianist, we hope you aren't feeling coerced into looking at our cabinet if it doesn't fit your needs or expectations. My guess is that you have very exacting standards and are willing to pay for it -- that's not a knock BTW, that's why there are wide variations in quality & price, all of them selling their cabinets to someone.

Most of the brands in your preferred list are very nice and you'll be happy with them. A couple will likely make you less happy and a couple will make your pocketbook less full. As you have been shopping them, you no doubt already know this; you have a value-decision to make for yourself.

(PS our employee-owners wouldn't be very pleased to to know we're on your "not-so-keen-on" list with KraftMaid; not sure why, but ouch, that stings!)

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We have decided on Woodharbor cabinets, it was a rough decision as we also liked Wellborn and to a lesser but acceptable degree...Diamond. Diamond is available at Lowes, the other two are offered by our KD. In the end, our layout is part of a great room area, and the cabinets need to be furniture grade in look and finish to match Drexel Heritage line of distressed, bubble glass etc. Woodharbor finishes and door styles sold us.

Funny to me, our current cabinets are 1976 US Home builder grade. The brand is Excel, and they are in great shape, all hinges etc are fine. Some sagging shelves, were easily replaced. I hope my new higher end cabinets are as good and lasting quality as my 30 plus year old builders grade ones......

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Rachiele, LLC

As a veteran kitchen designer (retired from that career) I believe selecting the right designer is far more important than the cabinet brand. If you would like to see my thoughts on the subject in detail, I have put together a website (not selling anything) specifically about how to shop for cabinetry.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to shop for a kitchen

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We were very pleased with Schuler from Lowes. The guy who installed them used to built cabinetry and had his own company...he said my Schuler cabs were well made. So far, we're happy, and btw everything came in on time and in perfect condition!

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Some KD's are going to push one brand over another, but the KD's I know want to make sure you are pleased with your kitchen and that you stay in budget. That's how they build word of mouth referral. They choose a brand that has the flexibility they need to fit cabinets to your space, that delivers on time, and delivers correct, because they don't want to invite trouble into their work life, or yours.

Ask your KD why he/she is specifying certain brands. Ask if they would put that brand in their own kitchen, or their mother's.

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I agree with drachiele that the KD & dealer is VERY important.

I REALLY REALLY LIKE the Shiloh Inset cabinets I just had installed. Dealer no. KD no. I must be dealing with the one dealer who doesn't(as JENCABINETGEEK states : "want to make sure you are pleased with your kitchen and that you stay in budget".
12x10' kitchen plus tax :$12,600. Cherry lowers, White painted uppers.

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Thanks for all the info., everyone. I especially appreciate the input from professionals here on the site. Very helpful!

We're still on the fence re. choice of cabinet manufacturer. Got a few more quotes, including P&F and Medallion. I was surprised that P&F was only 25% more than Medallion. Bottom line: How much are we willing to spend. Isn't that always the big question? Lol!

The KD's have been great. One, in particular was fantastic and I would love to work with her but we are probably not going to go with the cabinets at her showroom. And, the company is local so I really wanted to support them. It's so tough to get it all pulled together - KD we love, cabinets we want, contractor with reasonable quote. But, we're getting closer.

Best of luck to anyone. Will be checking back for new posts.

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Like many of you, I'm looking at different cabinet lines, weighing significant differences in prices. The quote I received for Brookhaven is significantly above a quote for Crystal. I know that Brookhaven Cabinets are well regarded, but it looks to me like they're furniture grade particle board boxes, with melamine veneered particle board shelves, and melamine interiors. Crystal has plywood boxes, plywood shelves and maple veneers. I don't notice a difference in the finishes between the two lines, but maybe Brookhaven's is better? Any insight would be appreciated!

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I was in tHe Brookhaven showroom finalizing my cabinet order when I noticed a crack in the MDF box in one of the display kitchens. It was the thing that had been worrying me all along...the MDF. I've been told MDF is better for painted cabinets, but I just didn't feel good about what I was ordering, especially at that price....felt like I was paying premium for rather mediocre quality. I ended up down the street at another company who sells Grabill- all plywood boxes AND I ended up paying less....a shock as I think I'm getting a better product.

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Interesting, second. Would you share info on relative pricing of Grabill vs. Brookhaven? There IS a Grabill shop about a half hour away from me...
I've *heard* that MDF might be better for frameless cabinets because it's a "stronger surface for attaching the hinge". Even Wood-mode's (NOT Brookhaven's) frameless cabinets are made from "furniture-grade, fine surface wood particleboard". But the possibility of it getting damp is the concern, right?

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The Grabill quote came in about 1,000 UNDER what Brookhaven quoted. But the guy gave me quite a nice discount and worked to stick with my budget. Re the MDF, the Grabill does use an MDF inset door panel to minimize seam cracking on painted doors. But the boxes are plywood. I know there are downsides to both, but having touched and examined MDF and plywood boxes of similar measurements I can tell you I felt the Grabill was better quality so I went with them. Good luck!

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Yesterday I looked at several Crystal installations in a Washington, D.C. area showroom. All the shelves I pulled out were particle board.

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What makes a cabinet line be considered semi-custom ?

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In theory- it should mean that a line has a standard selection of cabinets in standard sizes (usually 3" increments) but then allows some variety of modification to those cabinets.
Variation in what can be modified, by how much, and the cost of modification varies enormously across the range o "semi custom" brands; ie some only will reduce dpths, some will only reduce depths, offer a few toe kick mods, a wide or extended stile. Sizing mods allowance varies from as little as 1/8" to only full inch changes. The most flexible will allow changes to the face of a cabinet moving rails or stiles to alter openings or drawer heights (only a few go that far)

To an extent it can simply denote a price point, the middle of the road. This partly caused by mfg of what I consider "so called custom" cabinets. There are a number of those who have a "semi" and a "custom" line where there may be some small differance in construction, or a few finishes reserved for. The higher priced line but little else. IMO a "Custom" line should: accept drawings for non standard items, do custom molding profiles, doors, alternate wood species, custom stains and variety finishes, and be willing to make alternate and/or hybrid construction, as well as install any accessory on the market.

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Ah !! Thanks for the explanation.

Another one that can be considered is the cabinets we got ... UltraCraft.
They are Frameless cabinets that allow size modifications in 1/16" increments to height, width, and depth (or all 3) at no additional cost. Also, standard is full extension soft close drawers, soft close doors, no charge for finished sides, dovetail drawers with fully captured bottoms, and bunches of other stuff is standard. 100 year warranty.

We have been Very happy with them so far (14 months). This is in a vacation rental house that sleeps 26 people and has had 35 families stay there so far (most of them for 1 week).

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Hi everyone,

I am ready to pull the trigger on Kitchen Cabs. I really like Benedettini (see link) and Brighton. I am also looking at Omega semi custom line and Shiloh.

Can anyone comment on and rank on quality. I will spend what I need to for long lasting cabinets.

Thanks so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Benedettini Cabinets

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I really hope you do not get Omega. Their warranty reps are delusional, their product literature is deceptive, and my $10,000 Omega Dynasty cabinets are disinegrating.

you can read more about Omega Dynasty and Omega Signature Cabinet failures here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Omega Cabinets problems on Houzz.com

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Omega makes some beautiful cabinets, but nothing stands up forever to wear and tear or abuse. 4 years of water standing on a sink cabinet face WILL cause it to swell. Dragging things out of an upper cabinet instead of lifting them WILL cause the edge to chip and the finish to come off.

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Sophie Wheeler

Below is a passage that is indicative of how those "defective" Dynasty cabinets were treated.

"Yesterday I put water in the plant on the window sill. The water fell right through onto the sill. It sat there for a few mintues because I didn't see it right away. I took a *used* paper towel and wiped off the water." From Houzz.

A plant sitting on a window sill without even the thought of a saucer under it?

You put saucers under plants, and you put coasters under drinks, and you can use a mild soap and water to clean your cabinets, but you wipe up the excess water when you're done. You don't let it sit there. And it's that old standby of uncommon common sense that you don't buy cabinets with a sharp edge and then drag stuff over that edge without expecting to knock off the finish or even chip the wood. If you want a sharp edge with minimal radius, then you've got to handle things a lot more carefully and not drag them across the surface. Or else go with a more radiused edge.

No cabinet will stand up to that treatment without some damage. That's abuse, not normal wear and tear.

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hollysprings --

You are missing the point, as did siamese_yowl.

The water that fell through to the window sill DID NOT HURT THE WINDOW SILL because the PAINT on the window sill SEALED the wood from harm.

The water that fell on the Omega cabinets DID HURT the cabinets because the PAINT on the cabinets DID NOT SEAL the wood from harm.

Say hi to April and siamese for me.

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I am new to these forums and have found them to be a fountain of information. I too am looking to remodel our kitchen (9' x 20' after demolishing a sad looking pantry!). I've looked at appliances (36" Wolf Dual fuel convection, Wolf Steam Oven, Wolf drawer Microwave, SZ 27" all fridge and all freezer). I'm leaning toward the Seamless 21" SS prep sink and 30" cleanup sink (although I'm attracted to the Rachiele SS sinks because of their right and left rear drains), and lots of counter space. I've been reading this forum and looking at cabinets for the past week. I stumbled upon Amish Custom Kitchens (http://www.amishcustomkitchens.com/default.asp). All wood construction (no particle, or furniture board). Modern pulls and glides, and great finishes. Has anyone heard anything about them?

Here is a link that might be useful: Amish Custom Kitchens

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I actually went with Brighton. I am getting the same quality as the Omega full custome and a good 3500 less. I shopped and researched and did my best to ask all the right questions (dont be shy to grill them!!!) and satisfied with my choice. My recommendations is to go outside the standards on the market (ie: brookhaven, omega, etc) and you will find real quality at better prices and don't go with big box stores or membership type places since they always seem to push the manufacturer to make the same product found in much smaller places; at lessor cost to them; therefore, comprimising the quality.
I also recommend you make sure to work with an honest and reputable dealer that is recommended from a trusted source...there are lot's of "used car salesmen" mentalities out there. Most of all, don't let anyone rush you! Now on to the next adventure, cutting the deal on my appliance selections. Good Luck and speak to you all soon!

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sixtyohno, your cabinetry looks great and the project seems similar in scope to what we're doing. Do you mind my asking what the cabinetry cost (and whether that cost included installation)? Many thanks!

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Rachiele, LLC

bchodo, I just visited your link to Amish Custom Kitchens. Very nice. I used to work with the Amish in Indiana years ago. They made cabinetry for me and I represented them in Florida for 14 years. The quality was amazing! Thanks for posting the link! (Dino Rachiele)

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bchodo and drachiele--- I live on eastern Long Island, NY and I am looking into Levant cabinets made by the Amish Mullet Company. Do you know anything about this company, or anyone that represents the Amish company you speak about that is relatively close to me.

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Rachiele, LLC

Hi cookingbuff. I am not familiar with Levant cabinets. I used to work with a company called Dutch Mills out of Goshen Indiana. They may be available in your area. I know they have changed hands since I stopped working with them. Therefore, I am not able to speak of the quality anymore. At one time they were considered to be one of the finest cabinets made in the country. For me, one of the most important issues when considering any product is the warranty. A quality product should be back by a strong warranty. Best of luck in your quest. Dino Rachiele

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Considering New River, made by CPW. Any comments positives, negatives would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Does anyone have any feedback on Touchstone kitchen cabinets?

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We are in the process of deciding between Omega Dynasty and Medallion Platinum cabinets for approximate cost of $30,000. Any feedback regarding which is the better cabinet would be greatly appreciated.

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@researchcowgirl - We are just wrapping up our kitchen remodel, and ended up selecting Medallion, Designer Gold. We are really happy with the outcome. The quality is high, and we got everything we wanted without stepping up to the Platinum level. Our kitchen is very large - two wall lengths with cabinets are 11 and 12 feet, and there is also an island and buffet area, all with cabinets. We have a huge island and tall cabinet next to the buffet. Our cabinets came in at less than $15,000. Cherry, stained in pecan with a glaze to give it a buffed less 'glossy' and more matte finish. I was amazed that your cabinet quote was so high, but perhaps you have a lot of detail that we were not looking for. How large is your kitchen? And, if you are looking for a higher end cabinet, I don't think Omega is better. We did look at that line. We were comparing everything to a kitchen we had in our last home, and those cabinets were Plain and Fancy. They are gorgeous. I would have loved to have them again, but the price would have exceeded our budget. I'll post photos when we are finished the kitchen in two weeks! PS Medallion has promotions a couple of times a year, and if you can wait before ordering, you might end up getting a free stain, or a discount on your cabinet choice - eg. upgrade from maple to cherry.

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In my experience Life Time Warranties definitely are better than 5 year warranties because things can and do happen. We bought our maple cabinets in 1997. Within a couple years two of the doors split between seams where the cabinets were put together. The company we went with had a limited life time warranty. Last November, 2012 we had another 25 cabinet doors replaced due to the same splitting in the same place. They all had 4-6 splits. The rep told us that the wood had not been dried properly before they were lacquered. Ultimately this did not work out because the original cabinets were a washed maple and they had yellowed. Consequently, when they replaced the doors none of them matched. However, had we gone with anything but maple the match may have been much closer. My parents have the same cabinets 2 blocks away and their's are fine. SO we got a lemon for sure. BUT had we gone with a cabinet company with a 5 year warranty we would have spent thousands to replace what the company has had to replace due to their limited lifetime warranty. THAT warranty is not simply a "feel good" term. It does make a difference. However, don't go with maple. My kitchen and bathrooms now look like a patch work quilt. :(

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I have been reading many posts regarding purchase of kitchen cabinets. We need to replace kitchen and vanities in our Florida seasonal condo. Being new to Florida-we live in Canada--I am have tough time getting reasonable prices. Our kitchen is about 10 feet X 11 feet plus about 5 feet of cabinets under a window for total of about 26 feet. Most of the cabinets are standard except for 10 feet of upper cabinets over a penninsula. These cabinets are 24 in high with end cabinet from ceiling to counter top. The cabinets are frameless and have doors with glass on both sides. Can someone recommend a good dealer or kitchen designer in the Boynton Beach area (Near West Palm Beach ) and perhaps advise name of good cabinet manufacturer. We have had 2 quotes now that seam very high. Your help is appreciated

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I have been reading many posts regarding purchase of kitchen cabinets. We need to replace kitchen and vanities in our Florida seasonal condo. Being new to Florida-we live in Canada--I am having a tough time getting reasonable prices and really have no idea if the companies are reputable. Our kitchen is about 10 feet X 11 feet plus about 5 feet of cabinets under a window for total of about 26 feet. Most of the cabinets are standard except for 10 feet of upper cabinets over a penninsula. These cabinets are 24 in high with end cabinet from ceiling to counter top. The cabinets are frameless and have doors with glass on both sides. Can someone recommend a good dealer or kitchen designer in the Boynton Beach area (Near West Palm Beach ) and perhaps advise name of good cabinet manufacturer. We have had 2 quotes now that seam very high. Your help is appreciated

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You could feel at home at Ciara Cabinets KD in north Boca. The have several Canadian brands, e.g. Cuisines Laurier cabinets and Richilieu hardware.

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I work for Plain & Fancy and I just wanted to clarify that we have changed our warranty to limited lifetime. You can see all of these changes reflected on our website here http://plainfancycabinetry.com/kitchen-organization/warranty. Thanks for all your nice comments!

Here is a link that might be useful: Plain and Fancy - Warranty

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Achey! So glad to hear that you changed your warranty. It probably won't make a bit of difference to what you guys do....but it will give customers that peace of mind.

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To cooking buff, I have been to levant's manufacturing plant and met the people there: family business, 2nd generation, honest, fabulous craftsmen and end product. while the Amish generally value craftsmanship, some are better than others! levant is top notch.

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Anyone used Shilo cabinets recently? The comments from 2008 were all really good but things can change in a few years. Doing painted cabinets and wanted to make sure the finish was really durable. Quoted inset doors for this kitchen, sounds like doweled drawers are an up charge?? Redoing a high end house, sales point will be 2 million. Joann

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I am also hoping someone chimes in on this. Shiloh wasn't a brand I was considering or know much about, but my KD recommended their inset cabs to me at our meeting yesterday.

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joann1960: Below is a link to a Shiloh kitchen recently done. There have been quite a few painted Shiloh kitchen done on this site recently. The standard drawer box is dovetail plywood, but you can upgrade to a maple drawer box. You have to upgrade the drawer slides to Blum with soft close when you do inset. The charge is $72 list for blum and $67 list for maple drawer box.

Here is a link that might be useful: lcskaisgir Shiloh Kitchen

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Hampshire Cabinetry out of Ohio has a semi-custom line called Stonebridge that they came out with a few years back. They sell through a dealer network throughout the country with a lot of dealers in the Chicago, DC, and NY/NJ areas. They use the same finishes (catalyzed conversion varnish) they use on their custom line for their semi custom line. They have the best finishes in the industry and the finish is what really makes the cabinets last and makes them look beautiful. They have a really large selection of finishes, custom colors, wood species, and door styles to choose from. The best part is that they are small enough their customer service is amazing. They stand behind their product and service repair/replacement cabinetry. If you call them a real person answers and can almost always answer your questions right away. Because they do semi-custom and custom, you can mix and match and do a few very custom pieces while keeping the costs down. They are a family company and have been in business since 1970. Cost comes in right around the same price as Medallion, but the quality and customer service is a lot better. They also have a great website and a lot of photos on Houzz. I wouldn't sell anything but Hampshire cabinets for the mid to higher price range!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hampshire Cabinetry

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SPAM alert.

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Why not Kemper?

That's what we got for our new construction and so far it looks to be great quality and affordable. Very happy with the decision.

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New home build and we are going with Haas out of Indiana, semi custom.
Looked at several different cabinet lines with different KDs. We found this line to have what we wanted at a decent price.

Any feedback on Haas?

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I'm just discovering this site. Since 2012 there have been many posts comparing cabinet companies including; Dynasty made by Omega, Shiloh, Brook Haven made by Wood Mode, Candlelight, Grabill, Medallion, and StarMark. I am about to put in a new kitchen (20' x 15') full of many cabinets plus a large island in the center. I thought I had made up my mind and chosen Dynasty (I had only quoted Dynasty, Brook Haven, and Shiloh) but have since reopened my entire search based on the horrible reviews that I've been reading on Houzz regarding the quality of the Dynasty Cabinetry. My number 1 need is quality. I do a ton of cooking and need these cabinets to last a very long time, and want an outstanding warranty no matter which company I choose. I don't mind if the price varies a bit between my choice ($5k give or take as this is a huge project) but I not want to go higher end like Wood Mode (or any of the comparable cabinets) for budget reasons. Can any of you please share any info you available is you have any of these lines???? thanks:)

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Stop reading reviews. It's paralyzing you. Every line there is will have bad reviews from someone. Usually that someone has incorrect expectations from the beginning such as mistaking a stock line for semi-custom or a semi-custom line for custom or for wood to behave like plastic.

Your KD should tell you how many cabinets from each vendor needs to be replaced on the recent jobs. KDs HATE to deal with unhappy customers caused by cabinet company issues. That means that they will try to steer a customer away from those lines that give them headaches.

No KD wants to have a 30% higher priced sale if that sale results in half of the kitchen being replaced. Or, in my case, I have a "value priced line" that I steer people away from because of their issues. It's not trying to up their expenditures. It's trying to up their satisfaction rate. The biggest regret that most people end up with after a remodel is going with a lesser quality cabinet line in order to meet their budget.

Dealing with immediate warranty issues on not even installed kitchen really sucks. No KD will steer you to a line that has those issues. Dynasty is a fine choice for anyone's upper middle range project as long as that is your expectation for your home.

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Thank you GreenDesigns!!! You've made some really great points:)

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