Kohler enameled cast iron kitchen sink scratches

meb04June 18, 2012

I had a Kohler "Deerfield" enameled cast iron sink fitted when my kitchen was remodeled in November last year, 2011. In the new year I noticed scratches on the bottom of the sink. I purchased baskets for the sinks and the Kohler special cast iron cleaner. The scratches could not be removed and in fact more scratches appeared. Kohler customer services have not been very helpful telling me that the scratches were what they call 'pot marks' and I should use a cork to apply the cleaner and try to erase the marks.They are still there.

I am so disappointed in this sink. It looks like it has been in use for at least a decade not just a few months. I am preparing to make a warranty claim to Kohler and wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience and what had been the end result.

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my old ones i just used comet and a scratcher pad to get rid of them. don't know about the newer sinks tho.

have you tried one of those eraser cleaners or Bar Keepers Friend?

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Are the marks dark? Can you feel them with your finger or nail?

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I am sorry to hear about your sink...we had a deep blue Kohler cast iron enameled in our home in WI and I detested the thing. The more I cleaned, the black, duller and yuckier it got. Kohler was not sympathetic. They do sell a cleaner that is supposed to sort of re-gloss a sink, but I do not think it would do much for scratches.
Ours was old; since yours is new, can you call them and see if they would replace/repair it for you?

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I have had a Kohler almond cast iron sink for 27 years and it's breaking my heart to let it go. Its a bit duller than when it was new, but it has been a workhorse. If you are seeing dark marks on the enamel, they are not actually scratches, but areas where the teal from your pots have rubbed off on the enamel because the pot is softer than the cast iron. That should rub out with elbow grease and bar keepers friend. If you have scratches, Kohler guarantees their sinks, so just make sure you get the right person on the phone. Talk to a supervisor,a dn if you don't get satisfaction contact consumer affairs through your state attorney generals office. They handle consumer complaints.

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Is there an alternative to Bar Keepers Friend?
I don't think it's available where I am.
Can you use VIM (a liquid abrasive cleaner)?

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I find BKF in my supermarket with the Ajax and Comet. I don't get why people prefer it over the other scouring cleansers.

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I've only had my Kohler cast iron sink installed for 10 months.
Looks perfect now. Time will tell....

I clean it on a daily basis with Method all purpose cleaner. Once or twice a week I use the Kohler cast iron polish/cleaner recommended in the sink installation literature from Kohler. You can buy it online from many online companies. Wayfair seems to be the least expensive. Also available through Home Depot

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Cast Iron sink cleaner

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What about BonAmi? I seem to recollect an earlier post that said BonAmi is preferable to BKF for the Kohler sinks...it doesn't have some component of BKF that might abrade the sink surface.

By the way, I have a large Kohler in sea salt crackle finish and it has a few of those greyish streaks on it too. I haven't yet tackled them, but I'm pretty sure they aren't scratches, but marks from pans and will come out. I haven't seen BonAmi around lately and am waiting to try it rather than go straight to BKF.

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Mine sat on the garage floor for several years and got all kinds of damage. Rust, slices in the bottom of the sink and scratches.

They were out of the touch-up kit because my color was discontinued. So. They sent me a whole new sink. Of course it didn't cover ripping out my countertop and reinstalling the built-in sink, but I have a new one in my barn!

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Hi All,

These are the products listed on the Kohler website as recommended for their cast iron sinks:

KOHLER Cast Iron Cleaner

Fantastik Antibacterial Heavy Duty

Formula 409 Antibacterial All-Purpose

Green Works All-Purpose

Nature's Source All-Purpose

Soft Scrub Gel with Bleach
For rust removal:

Bon Ami

Super Iron Out Rust Stain Remover

Here is a link that might be useful: kohler sink care

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I appreciate all of the messages. Thank you.
The marks are mostly dark and I can feel them with my nail.
More of these marks appeared after I had fitted a wire rack which makes me think there is a fault with the enamel.
I have used Kohler cast iron cleaner with, and without a cork, which is what I was recommended to do by Kohler customer service.
I am waiting for my husband to take a good photo and for my contractor to provide the original invoice then I am going to contact Kohler again as I am very unhappy.

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