Corner Cabinet Functionality

steph2000June 23, 2013

I recently read, but forgot to clip, a post that asserted that small corner cabinets are basically non-functional. What, in your view, is the minimum and preferrable size for a cabinet that is going to have some kind of susan living inside of it?

Thanks so much,

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Well, the size of the corner will be 24x24. That is the amount of space you would give up if there was nothing being placed in the corner. To be able to access that corner, typically you need it a minimum of 12" wider in each direction.
Here is some information to check out while you are waiting on more responses ...

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Susan- 36" each wall
Blind corner with a useful mechanism- 27" wall space on the blind side (24" cabinet depth plus 3" filler can be 2" with inset )
The other leg is best at 48" (minimum opening of 18, 21" opening much better)so minimum that leg is 45"
Killing the corner can at times be the most effective- depends on layout and storage needs.
All corner mechanisms ar best for larger dense ittems like small appliances and large pots. The "magic corner will handle other items but lacks a certain convenience when used for groceries.

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Is this a corner with walls on either side or in an island? If island doors on opposite side a must, or go crazy like me and build a pull out rolling china cabinet!

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Thanks so much, everyone.

I've gone every way but up with considering corner options. I think I've decided I can't afford to kill it in this small kitchen. At this point, I'm thinking of using it for extra pots, the blender, the toaster, etc. There's a chance it could end up being pantry storage. A lazy susan kind of corner is seeming to fit the layout best at the moment. At other times, a blind seemed better. Thanks so much, jakuvall, for the minimum dimensions for both. That's exactly the kind of information I was looking for.

I was just watching Barker videos and they recommended the double-hinged door with a fixed shelf inside over the lazy susan they sell. They assert it uses the space more effectively. I was kind of surprised by that.

My corner is in the corner with walls, will2kz, but I love your pull out corner. So dang clever!

And thanks for the links, angela!

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