Stuck on Layout - Please Help

tamfamJune 12, 2014

Where to put the fridge?
I thought I knew where I was going but now I'm stuck.
This is a 1980's contemporary that we are remodeling bit by bit.
When we first looked at the house I was uncomfortable with the kitchen but thought "no problem" the laundry room is right behind wall 'c' and we can push back.
Now that option is off the table.
I want to contain any changes to only wall 'c' and 'c2'
Here is what I think are my options at this point. From least to most expensive (I think).
1. Leave everything where it is and move forward
2. Add base cabinet to wall c2 and move forward
3. Move fridge (counter depth) to wall c2 and add cabinet to wall c where fridge was - extending much needed counter space and move forward
4. Move fridge to wall c2 remove all cabinets on wall c. Hang bifolds and create shallow pantry opening up the possiblity of an island.....and move forward.

As you can tell I am totally stuck.
We just had the pantry opened up so that it now has cut-outs on three sides and counter with storage underneath and we are very happy with what we got on money spent. You can now see diagonally through the house. I am using the laundry as pantry but it's not as nice.
Thank you for your time and talent - Margaret

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Also, Here's the whole floorplan. so you can see the relationship between the kitchen and the rest of the house. !

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