bin pulls on upper cabs?

heidiaJune 3, 2013

Crazy? I cannot find any examples. I love horton brass bin pulls. These-

Anyhow...I just do not love knobs. I will use some on some lowers and then on the uppermost cabs. BUt for the uppers, I am thinking of maybe using these, set that crazy? Anyone do this or have a picture of such? THX!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I love bin pulls. I don't recall seeing pics of that, but it should work.

I just stood in front of my upper cabinets, to see which hand I use to open each side--right side with right hand, left with left hand, so as long as the opening faces out, no problem.

Maybe you will start a new trend. ;)

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They generally run counter to how people open upper cabinets. Your hand goes from up to down, rather than down to up like on a drawer. And it would look really strange to put that bin pull upside down!

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I don't think that cup pull are made to be seen from underneath. If you mount them vertically, you will be able to see the "inside" part which may not be finished as nicely. If you do do this, make sure you like how the inside looks.

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I saw that on a phone booth on TV. I remember clearly being distracted by it, trying to see how it was used, etc as it was so unique. I was so distracted that I can't remember which show it was. DH remembers me commenting, but not what show either. Looked nice though.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I found something that would be ergonomically similar, on houzz:

Modern Kitchen by Jackson Heights Architects & Designers Celeste Umpierre Architect

It seems that the motion of pulling on a vertically mounted bin pull would be the same for the above hardware, as well as for regular open pulls:

Traditional Kitchen by Los Angeles Design-build Firms Todosomething LLC

You'd slip your fingers behind them, and pull outward.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Drum roll, please ....................
* *
* *
* *
* *

Mediterranean Kitchen by Santa Cruz Media and Bloggers Shannon Malone

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You all are the best! Mamagoose-the first two pics, yes that is what I am thinking, ergonomically really the same idea as an open pull, and YAY for the last pic!!! That is exactly what I am looking for and...I think it looks quite nice. :) The bin pulls are very similar to the ones I will be using, which are less rounded, more square. :)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Happy to help! I'd never seen pics of that kitchen before, so I got a little reward, too. It was late, and I forgot to point out (for anyone not familiar with houzz), that if you click on the picture, and look to the right, there are more pics of that beautiful kitchen. Enjoy!

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