About 80% done... many many pics... reveal

remodelflaJune 21, 2011

Never ever ever thought I'd say this, but here's my "reveal". Photos are taken with my cell phone since camera died.

We started here about 3 years ago:

Start of demo:

To this starting with the entry into our little 2 bedroom home:

From Drop Box

dining area:

From Drop Box

kitchen from dining area:

From Drop Box

bakers table/frig area:

From Drop Box

Beginning of sink run:

From Drop Box


From Drop Box

Cooktop/backsplash/hood area from down by ovens:

From Drop Box

window/buffet/prep area:

From Drop Box

incomplete oven area:

From Drop Box

Long shot from behind by the ovens:

From Drop Box

Lots of prep here:

From Drop Box

some of my favorite veining:

From Drop Box

We sit here to eat every meal... dirty dishes right into the sink!

From Drop Box

Tried to get a shot of the 3 giant windows in the sunroom that the kitchen overlooks:

From Drop Box


From Drop Box

another long shot:

From Drop Box

It may be "uncooth" to say, but I love so much about my kitchen. I have not one regret or an "I wish I would have." We still have filler, end panels, a few doors but we are very close. The function of the space is amazing and I have rhome and other GW'rs to thank IMMENSELY for that. My youngest just came down to visit today and was taken about by how "beautiful" he thought it was. The space is kinda "zen like". Very informal, very earthy, very functional, very very me. So thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the patience, help, support, and advice I've received over the years. We are so completely happy and at peace here. It's a blessing... and I am forever grateful.

Elyse xo

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Yay! Congrats-it looks amazing! My favorite is the baker's table. Just fabulous.


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It's not uncouth at all. In fact, I think you ***should** feel that way when done. And, what's not to love about the kitchen? It's fab!

I love seeing all the different views. I couldn't put it quite all together with the other pics you've been sharing.

Hurray for the 80%!!

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I'm not quite sure where to begin because it's all so beautiful and functional and quiet. The bakers table - so pretty and ties in with the BS, the BS itself is so different and adds glamour, and then there is the sink and soapstone which are so cool together and set off the hood.
My favourite part is the upper cabinets on either side of the window. (Yes, I played favourites and I hope you don;t mind).

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I am sooo happy for you and your remodel. I have followed it from the beginning though took a year or so off of KF and it is such a joy to see a finished product. I remember all of the reiterations of the layout, you getting your baking table and watching the refinishing process, the cabinet selections, etc.

I know to you this probably seems like it took forever, but it has been a flash in the grand scheme of things. What an amazing space you have created for your family. I love it and congratulations.

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I'm glad the views helped... it is an unconventional layout but functions like a dream. One crazy thing I got so excited about yesterday when DH finished installing the hardware was how the width of the handles mimic the width of the aluminum framing around the glass uppers. That was unplanned but for some strange reason made me feel like the entire thing tied together. And considering how I did this thing piecemeal over 3 years it's a HUGE relief to see that it worked!

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That is a gorgeous end result, congratulations, you're rightly proud about it!

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It is beautiful!!!! I love the HOOD..actually that is the most gorgeous hood I have ever seen!!! IMO it is just the right size...not too big or small.

I'm in love with the soft blue backsplash and it goes so nicely with all that stainless and your light cabinets.

Are those frameless...bet you can cram lots of stuff in there.
You did a fantastic job!

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What a joy that kitchen is! It looks beautiful and so original.
You must feel like a proud Mama!
Congrats!!! And enjoy!

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I could see that it was going to be elegant, but I had never seen the "before," so I did not realize how profoundly the space, as well as the finishes, would be transformed.

I could never get the Zen of motorcycle maintenance, but the Zen of baking...now that resonates.


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OH...remodelfla! It's fabulous!

Really. I was lost often with your complicated layout posts (not that I horned in on those). Now I SEE.

You had great vision. And determination. All this time!

Wow. Totally worth it. The Bakers Table looks PERFECT there.

I know I'm gushing all over the place (and this isn't me, I usually leave that for others ;), but I've been here the whole 3 years. And read most of the posts. This is SO cool to finally see it all come together. :)

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I especially love the baker's table--it's fabulous and I love the color!!!! Gush away--you did a great job!

How do you like the flush sink? I have it too and I like the look a lot. Worried a bit that crumbs might get stuck in the crack but 8 months later, I have had no real problem with it.

The hardware you picked is perfect!!!

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Hi remodelfla...

It's simply beautiful. It is such a refreshing space and very unique. I think EVERYTHING you chose is so perfect. I love how your youngest remarked that it is "so you".

I've enjoyed all your updates, but I don't remember seeing the before pictures. That is really a transformation, especially thinking of you cooking in that space!

Congratulations. It is wonderful you love your kitchen so much. :)

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The cabs are framless... IKEA boxes to be exact. We got the fronts from Scherrs. I love/adore my sink and the way it's installed. It is so so so easy to clean up. No issue at all with crumbs or junk. We did start with a mess of a space and it took a ton of convincing each time I wanted DH to take out a wall. When he finally did a piece of one wall, he called me at work to say,"you won't believe how much it opens the space up". That helped me in convincing him more walls needed to come atumblin' done. That involved moving the circuit box, hot water heater, washer/dryer and all the electrical/plumbing issues that come along with that. Those things we had done by professionals. DH will not mess with electrical.

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Beautiful so far! I am in love with your baker's table. And your stone. And, well, all of it. Great job! You should be very proud.

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Your kitchen reveal is one of the reasons why I continue to hang out in the kitchen forum. Love seeing how all the planning and some of the surprise adjustments(like the soapstone on your baker's table) have come together to create such a terrific space that is uniquely yours. Love that baker's table, and your monsoon wave counters make me swoon every time I see them. Just gorgeous!

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Killer kitchen, girl.

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It is beautiful and looks so functional. I am glad you love it so much.

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Beautiful kitchen remodelfla! Worth the wait.

I play favourites too and I still just love that Baker's Table.


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Can you share the color on the baker's table (gorgeous) and your tiles? Love what you've done. Hardly looks like the same place.

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It's fun, albiet a bit embarrassing that old timers remember my ridiculous iterations, discovery of materials that I hoarded for over 2 years, craigslist finds, and whatnot. And to have everyone appreciate the bakers table which was such a major disaster when I found it... very gratifying. Thank you for your compliments!!

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As I read your post, I could feel the love. It gave me the goosies!
I too, really think what you have done is fantastic. I love the calm feeling, that is something I went for in my own remodel. All the hard work and through research shows. The fact that it all works for you is all that matters.
But.........I also really love it all!!!!!!!


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Remodelfla- It's a beautiful kitchen and I'm so glad it came together so well. The handles do match the aluminum frames...as if you'd planned it all along :)

Okay, the baking table is my very favorite part and could you possibly take a few more pictures? Are those bins, for flour/sugar and where did you find it? Did you make it yourself? I think that is just wonderful and I'd love to get more info, if you don't mind.

I'm so glad the kitchen reflects you and what you love. You and DH must be very proud!

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Wowza! That is just perfect - i think you may have created the ever-sought-after timeless kitchen! Love that hood- yep that is definitely my favorite thing. I think the thing that really works is you created a timeless kitchen that still reflects your area. Nice!

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Oh E, it's really beautiful. It came together perfectly. Love the counters and backsplash. I don't think I'd ever seen the "before" kitchen. What a huge improvement. I know you'll enjoy it for years to come.

I have to say one of my favorites is the bakers table. I think I showed up on GW about the time you were painting it! What a find and a great vision you had.

Do you have a close up of the windowsill? My daughter is putting a marble one in her kitchen so I'd love to show her yours. Also, what color is your dining area? It looks a bit turquoisey, is it IRL.

Again - LOVE it all. Priscilla

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I love the palette and the beautiful soapstone, really have appreciated your contributions to this forum during our own renovation, so glad that you are as thrilled as you should be -- the tiles and stone remind me of Florida!

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Beautiful! That baking table is so pretty it hurts.

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Your kitchen is beautiful! Congratulations!

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Congrats, remodelfla -- your kitchen is gorgeous, and I can completely feel the "zen" right through my laptop screen! I am so happy for you! Enjoy!

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Just WOW... you guys are awesome. OK... to answer some questions. LL and amela: I found the bakers table on craigslist. sorry to bore those who have heard this before. I bought it for $250 off an older couple who brought it to Florida from Michigan. It had been in their grandfathers for as long as they remember back to when they were little. They put me on the phone with their brother still in MIchigan, so I could describe how I planned on restoring/use it before they would sell it to me. Those are the orginal possum belly drawers. I stripped and sanded that table for months. Metal sanded the drawers and banged out dents with a mallet. I tried staining it, but since it was made from so many different types of woods (I think back then they made things with whatever wood they had available) it looked crummy. I tried milk paint, F&B flat oil, but couldn't achieve a color I wanted. I knew I wanted a flat oil and SW had a color close to what I thought I wanted. THey dont' sell flat oil anymore, but loe and behold, the kid found a can way in the back for me. He mixed it Halcyon Green. They didnt' charge me since they didnt' have a code for it and said it was so old they probably shouldn't sell it. I went back three times to have them tweak the color (add a bit of black, more white, now a little blue). So... I can't really say what the color is, custom mixed I guess. Here's what it looked like when I bought it:

Here's the window sill for you prill:
From Drop Box

The dining room color is SW color Raindance made up at either 50% or 25% (can't remember) by BM (I used Aura Matte)

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Your kitchen takes my breath away! It's gorgeous! I'm even more impressed now that I've seen the before pics. I started coming to KF about 2 years ago and missed that part of your process.

You deserve to strut. Ya done good. ;-)

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It is beautiful! Thanks for posting. I've spent quite a few evenings wondering if I missed your kitchen reveal altogether. Great space and fabulous transformation!

Also, I'm particularly interested in seeing the translucent graining on your fronts -- so when you get a chance, please post some pictures.

Thanks again -- and congrats!

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Remodelfla, your kitchen is beautiful! I especially love your gorgeous veined soapstone, and that windowsill is delicious. I will definitely be bookmarking it to show my GC when my kitchen work starts!

The story behind that baking stand is precious. You definitely have a kitchen with personality - makes me want to drop by and have a cup of tea while admiring the quiet grace all around.

Great job!

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Here ya' go homey:
From Drop Box

From Drop Box

From Drop Box

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Total Labor of Love.

This has been one of those remodels here that is like a great novel. The reader doesn't want it to end, it has been so enjoyable taking this trip with you. May you enjoy many many many years in that home enjoying that fantastic kitchen.


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The Monsoon Wave soapstone is spectacular! I thought so the first time
you posted it, when it was installed by Joshua in February.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. You have a gorgeous, functional kitchen!

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Thank you all so much again. Yanno bee, you're right. I'm feeling all sorts of nostalgic. This remodel process has been somewhat of a parable for my life these past three years. Ups and downs not only with the work but relationships. Some serious issues with my youngest son that convulsed me to a point of not functioning. Now all is well... my boys, his boys, us, our lives. I'm guessing there was a divine plan that caused this to take so long. And when it the time was right; the perfect renter for my home literally showed up on my doorstep without me even being ready or trying. We finished enough to move permanently in here and permanently out of my home, the school year ended and peace was abound! I know I am so ridiculously corny; afterall it's only a kitchen; but it's my nature. However, sometimes; I'm totally overwhelmed by this little place it borders on emotional.

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It's gorgeous! I LOVE your baker's table. No, LOVE doesn't even come close. I adore it. Love the colors and the airiness of it all. Beautiful. and YAAAAAY! to (almost) finished kitchens.

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Love it!!!

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Congratulations- great space... have I missed the info about your backsplash?

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OH efs... sorry if I forgot. It's 4x12 frosted glass (frosted spa green) from the glasstilestore.com. It ran around $15 a sq. ft.

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AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everything about it (of course, my favorite element is that it's in Florida) but the soapstone and bakers table steal the show. I know how hard you worked to pull this together and how hard your DH worked to make it happen but boy was it worth it. Great job, Elyse!

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Wow. Just wow. I'm in complete and utter awe that you could transform the bakers table you received into the drop-dead gorgeous table it's become. The frog has turned into a handsome prince for sure!!

I'm so impressed, and not a just a little jealous, of the talent you and others on the board show. Not just for projects of the baker-table-restoration kind, but also of the whole vision to pull together all of the materials that, once combined, create just the perfect space. And you seem to do it so effortlessly. Truly amazing.

I love everything about your new kitchen. It says summer, and florida, and fun-loving, and open to adventure, and ready to entertain, and so much more ... and all of it in a warm, welcoming, yet elegant and sophisticated way.


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WOW-you have an amazing sense of style! You can design my kitchen any time!

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love that stone and the baker's table turned out great.


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Absolutely wonderful remodelfla. Not only is your kitchen beautiful, but it radiates joy!

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it's beyond gorgeous... and then when you look at the before, it becomes even more breathtaking. great job!

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Lots to love... but I think I agree, you really made the baker's table an amazing "wow" factor in your space. I love the hardware, and the countertops as well. The entire space exudes such a nice feeling... and I love the dishes right into the sink idea. That is very cool! Congrats on your kitchen! Now, what are you baking?

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HA! "It says summer, and florida, and fun-loving, and open to adventure, and ready to entertain"... that is TOTALLY me! Maybe kitchens are like self portraits. Once again, thanks all for your kind words and warm thoughts. So appreciated!!!!!

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You had a vision all along, and it really came together nicely. Although I wasn't always on board with the viewpoints, I really respect how much you respected your dh's opinions in the kitchen placement and other issues. He got what he wanted, or preserved what was important to him, and you still got the great kitchen you wanted. I love the wall colors! The whole thing is so peaceful and lovely...and just perfect for the poolside Florida bungalow for 2.

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It is beautiful indeed. That baker's table is wonderful-I remember the "before" picture of that.

Enjoy all your hard work-I know you will.

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Oh Oh OH!

I can feel the love for your kitchen radiating from your post--and it is wonderful!

I have been watching you move through this process for quite awhile and felt a kindred spirit, as we also have IKEA boxes with custom doors. I was pretty sure that I would be finished with mine before you finished yours, because you were still working on layouts and then that fantastic baker's table; I was all set to order my door and drawer fronts, and I was cooking with gas, so-to-speak. I figured I'd have to check back on your kitchen because I definitely wanted to see the finale. Blah Blah Blah-dy blah.

You get the big fat gold star, and I get the *pfffft*. :^D

So BIG CONGRATS to you and your AMAZING new kitchen! I ADORE that baker's table, my knees knock over that ROCK, and dang it, girl, if that hood isn't the cat's pajamas! OH, and that GLASS TILE?? RAWR!

It's totally FAB and doesn't even look like the same place! You have certainly created a space that is YOU! So strut, shout, preen, and post more PICS! I am so very happy for you!

Oh, and I, too, am curious as to what are in those bins!

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Wow, I really admire your sense of style and beautiful choices, if this kitchen is "you", you are amazing, lovely and gracious! Congratulations on all your hard work! I can't imagine three years of of kitchen decisions!! Enjoy!

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Too funny!... one bin hold baking stuff (baking powder/soda, yeast, bags of nuts, chips, cornmeal...etc). It's a mess now cause I have to have DH make me a false bottom so it gives me a flat surface. The other bin holds attachments for by mixer, cake decorating stuff, baking utensils. In the top drawers I have spices in one, whisks/measuring cups/spoons/etc in the middle one, and the end one holds my wraps/ziplocs. The bottom square drawer holds all my bowls. It works out great! DH keeps buggin' me to wax the soapstone on the table which is a different type then the perimeter. I won't do it. To me, the more worn it gets, the more I love it. I never knew I was a patina gal.

And to acknowledge once more... this kitchen would not have been possible without rhome's amazing talent.

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LOVE that baker's table! Gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen.

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You've done a fantastic job. I really love the feel of the kitchen and can easily dream of cooking in that kitchen. As I've said before, I love the baker's table! And the the tiles look great. Woo hoo!

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Congratulations! Sounds like everything has come together perfectly. The kitchen looks wonderful and like everyone else, I just love the bakers table. Enjoy!

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beautiful! my favorite part is the bakers table. that soapstone is stunning - the veins are amazing!!!


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Elyse, that's one beautifully calm locale. I think it's because all the colors are in the same warm blue family -- I didn't know you could have a warm blue! But it's this misty haze blue-black teal? Just beautiful, all of it. Harmonious, internally consistent... I think these are the ingredients of calm.

I wonder if the booze in the demo scene set the stage for further tranquility? :-)

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Wow, that is a beautiful kitchen. The highest complement that can be made by me (another small house owner) is given with great enthusiasm: That does NOT look like a small house kitchen!! It's just lovely, and those big windows with a view to the lounging yard and sun are wonderful. Congratulations and well done!

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One of the nicest kitchens I've seen. I adore that veiny area of the soapstone too. Wow, wow, wow is all I can say. Enjoy cooking there.

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I've been watching your kitchen from the planning stages, from what, about 100 layout variations. I remember when you got the bakers table (very very cool). It's been so interesting to watch come together.There were a few choices that I puzzled about as you made them. Now that I see it all together, it's AMAZING. Some of the choices were so bold, yet the results are so zen. Enjoy your kitchen. It's wonderful.

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Standing ovation Remodelfla!!

You've gotta be so thrilled with the results of your hard work. That kitchen ROCKS!

You didn't have much counter space in your old kitchen so I imagine you sprawl out and lounge on all your new workspace huh, LOL.

The look and feel of your kitchen is chic and homey at the same time. My favorite is also your bakers table and that yummy backsplash!

Kudos to you and the mister. You hit a grand slam!

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Thank you all! I wondered about how a few of my choices would look too as I bought most things way ahead of time either because I found them on craigslist/ebay or because as with the lighting and plumbing; I ordered for the entire house at once getting substantial bulk discounts. All my master bath stuff is sitting in the spare bedroom till we accumulate enough cash to "git 'er dun". I was a bit concerned with the chandy and bar stools but it worked out fine. Those poor barstools sat covered for about 2 years!
All your comments are very heartwarming... :-)

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Well, I've oohed and aahed every time you've finished something, because you've made such awesome choices along the way, but to see it all come together so fabulously takes me to a whole new level of oohs and aahs! You have done what we all strive to do with our remodels. That is, you've created a space that is beautiful, functional, and a pleasure to just be in. Congratulations!!

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I finished my kitchen over 6 years ago and I still lurk here constantly...your kitchen is one I couldn't wait to see the final photos of. I followed all your layout threads, and seeing it in finished form is a beautiful ending to an incredible journey. The kitchen is fantastic, the whole home is beautiful, and I'm so happy for you and your family. It really came out spectacular, enjoy it!!!!

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Soooo wonderful! I love the combination of your lovely oak with the aluminum/glass cabs--it's so unexpected! And I have to join the list of admirerers of your BSW, baker's table, hood, and sink. I love it all! I'm so delighted that you're obviously so in love with your kitchen. I only hope (and pray) that you'll still hang around GW KF, at least occasionally!

Your kitchen is so relaxed and inviting, I'm sure you're going to enjoy throwing some great parties and BBQs. Enjoy!

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Rhome said almost exactly what I was thinking as I scrolled down, so can I ditto her again? ;-) And because of all your finds and efforts to transform things like your baking table, it is completely and uniquely yours, which just makes it that much better.

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I really love the clean lines on your cabinets and the striking pulls on the drawers. And of course the baker's table. And the sink. and ..... Well, wow. It's great. You did a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing!

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I love this kitchen! From now on, whenever anyone asks how you can create an eclectic, contemporary, family space that literally sings with pride in itself, I'm gonna point them to your kitchen! Who would have ever thought to put that to-die-for baker's table together with that drool worthy hood? Or those fab chairs with those lovely cabs? And, yet it all works together so very darn well because you thought of it and put it in motion! What with the items you've collected over the years of planning for this remodel, the calming palette, and the cool mix of textures, I get that this is YOUR kitchen -- signed, sealed and delivered with a whole lot of bravas, hugs and kisses. Well deserved, indeed. Congratulations!

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Beautiful! Gush away about it. Absolutely LOVE the baker's table. SQ

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I am new to this forum, just starting my remodel, and inspired! And I have QUESTIONS!!!!
Are you happy with the IKEA cabs? Do they feel sturdy? Did you have to make alterations to them to make it work? What toekick did you use? They look great sort of floating off the floor.
Any worry about the weight of the soapstone?
Nice to see your fridge hanging out solo, not built in or camouflaged, and looking good.
My contractor is really worried about using IKEA. And I'm worried it will make it cost a ton if I don't assemble them and he does.
Wish I had followed your whole process.
Clearly you and your family are incredibly capable and have vision! I have to hire someone to do the work for me :)

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DH has been reading through the thoughtful posts and said, "those are very heartfelt comments; it's wonderful". It has been so much fun sharing this with all of you because I know a number of you have followed with my journey as I have followed with many of yours. I remember posting once that I felt I would never get to post a finished kitchen thread. OK... I still need my toe kicks on, side panels, yada yada... but you all know what I mean. DH also just commented that I have taken cooking to a new level. He prefaced with, "you have always been a great cook but the food you produce in this kithen ..." Friday we are having our first big party. DH and the band boys (old timers will remember me posting about band nights at my other house)and we will have somewhere between 80 - 100 people. I'm always bringing food/treats to family and friends so it will be fun for them to see where it's coming from and what I've been babbling on about for 3 years. Both my boys were suppose have come down from NY but only my youngest could make it. The big guy is moving from LI to Astoria and has much packing to do. The kid is as excited as I am about my new home. So wish me luck and pray for good weather cause this 1200 sq. ft. house can't hold everyone inside!
Again, many heartfelt thanks to all of you for your kindness, warm comments, and support. It's as if you guys actually know me and get me.

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E, I don't post much anymore, but I have to say your kitchen is fabulous. You never lost sight of your vision. I am thrilled for you that it turned out as beautiful as it is functional. Enjoy!! J

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I agree, the kitchen looks huge for the space. Love the hood, the soapstone, BS, and I'm quite envious of your "ease of cleanup" from the counter to the sink.

The baker's table is just amazing. Our LR walls are Halcyon Green, and it's a great color.

Bravo, bravo!

    Bookmark   June 22, 2011 at 9:43PM
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Wow! What a transformation! I especially love your tropical flair. Enjoy every minute in your new kitchen!

    Bookmark   June 22, 2011 at 9:53PM
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J... so good to see you here and thank you... I know you know how much this means to me.
BalTra... welcome! And to answer your questions. I could not be more delighted with IKEA. DH, who is very very handy; was amazed at the engineering of the cabinets. We combined two kitchens worth of stuff (of course tons of purging) and I can't tell you how delighted I am at how much these cabs hold and how utility they are. I was going to get an expensive contraption for my corner susan but just decided to go with what's there for now. Well... I'm glad I didnt' bother to spend the money. I have all my small appliances in there, and there's ALOT; and it hold everything beautifully. My soapstone is as sturdy on there as if I had custom built cabinets. We made modifications to the sink cab for the apron front sink. He also made some modifications to the cooktop so I can use the first drawer directly under the cooktop. He rabbitted(?) together two small fronts on the unit under the window so I could use it as a single drawer. I have stainless steel toe kicks, but need to get more and get them on.

They are super easy to assemble. I even did some of the drawers. The hard part is installing them so everything is perfectly level. The feet help with that since they are adjustable. DH took it a step further by gluing and nailing backs on. Use IKEAfans as a resource and of course this forum. There are many people who have assembled and installed IKEA. Don't be afraid to use IKEA, if the sizes work for you, they are great.

I hope you enjoy your process as much as I have enjoyed mine.

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The transformation from your old kitchen to this is just incredible. You have terrific vision. And that baker's table is stunning, I don't think I'd have seen the potential in its original state.

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Congrats on the (near) completion of a beautiful functional space! Count me in with the admirers of your baking table and your soapstone. I would eat at that overhang too, so I could stare at it each meal!

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How serene! I'm totally in love with your baker's table. Lots of great ideas to ponder here, although I'm committed now so will have to save them for the future. Can't believe how far you've come from that crazy mishmash at the beginning. Kudos to you.

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remodelfla - your kitchen is lovely - organic, open, beautifully lit, congratulations :)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Your kitchen is stunning! I have to agree with everyone who loves the baker's table--it steals the show!

    Bookmark   June 23, 2011 at 1:22AM
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ooooh! I am tres jealous of your baker's table!!! Love your sink and hardware! Fabulous!

    Bookmark   June 23, 2011 at 3:33PM
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So fun to get a quick link to your finished kitchen. Beautiful and dramatic transformation! Love the Baker's table!

    Bookmark   May 22, 2012 at 11:27PM
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I love your kitchen! Did you happen to upload a pin as a link on Pinterest? It showed up on my Pintest account and I just wanted to make sure you know it is out there.

    Bookmark   January 15, 2014 at 4:05PM
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Wow! I'm surprised to see this thread! Thanks sparkle...both for the compliment and Pinterest heads up. I had no clue...kinda weird feeling actually. Now I have to go look for it!

    Bookmark   January 15, 2014 at 5:41PM
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This is the first time I have seen it, and I am in awe. Love love love your color palette.

Really, this forum is making me a fan of more modern style!

I hope that you were able to write down the history of your table and maybe attach it to some hidden, out of the way spot. Someday that might prove to be of value!

    Bookmark   January 16, 2014 at 9:06PM
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I will always, forever and ever, love, adore and treasure your kitchen, E-baby.

    Bookmark   January 16, 2014 at 10:37PM
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Thanks for the kitchen love! And for those still in the process...take your time and follow your heart (within your budget of course). It's going on 3 years later and I still love my kitchen as much as the day I wrote this post. No regrets whatsoever.

    Bookmark   January 17, 2014 at 5:57AM
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WOW! Your kitchen is stunning! Amazing job!!!! Do you happen to know what color the bakers table is? I want to paint my bathroom cabinets that color. I LOVE it!!

    Bookmark   January 20, 2014 at 12:14PM
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Thanks MrsShayne. Look at the post from Posted by remodelfla (My Page) on Tue, Jun 21, 11 at 19:44. It kinda describes how I came upon the color. I brought back the paint 3x and had them tweak the color so I guess it's somewhat custom colored.

    Bookmark   January 20, 2014 at 12:26PM
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Oh wow, I didn't realize that (before) picture was the finished one at top (I didn't read everything)!!! DANG that looks amazing!!! I love it all!!!!

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collins design


I was "away" from GW when you posted this originally. It's beautiful!!! Now I'm back because I am acting as the architect/designer for my mom's whole-house renovation. I have a question about your sink that might be a life-saver for my mom!

It looks as though it doesn't have a "lip": as though it has straight sides and is simply installed with the top of the sink sides flush with your countertop. Is that actually the case???

If so, this could REALLY help my mom. She found an antique slate sink in the basement of her house (a 1700's cape cod in Maine) and had it restored so she could use it in her new kitchen. She really dislikes undermount sinks, for whatever reason, and has her heart set on simply dropping the slate sink into a cutout in the counter... not farmhouse/apron style but just dropped into a rectangle cut-out. (Since she wants to call attention to the material, she plans to have it about 1/4" proud of the counter, rather than flush like yours.) I'm worried about that installation because I've never seen anything like it. There's usually a horizontal mating surface between the counter and sink, either between the bottom of the counter and top of the sink in an undermount installation... or between the bottom of a drop-in sink's "lip" and the counter.

In your case, as in my mom's proposed installation, it looks like the mating surface is vertical, that is between the edge of the counter and the side of the sink. My concern was that there'd need to be a really big, noticeable bead of caulk there which might be unsightly, and also that the eventual movement between the sink full of water and the surrounding counter would cause separation.

If, in fact, this describes your installation, can you report on how it's held up over the last years?

Thank you so much :)

    Bookmark   January 21, 2014 at 7:40AM
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I"m not quite sure what kind of pic I can send that will help you but here is an old pic right after installation that shows the flush mount. The sink is supported but a horizontal piece of wood underneath. You can somewhat see that in the pic. Please let me know if there is some other kind of pic that will help you and I"d be more then happy to take one. The sink is considered an apron front sink.

    Bookmark   January 21, 2014 at 9:03AM
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collins design

Thank you! So, is there some kind of sealant or caulk between the counter and the side of the sink? How has it been keeping gunk, water, etc out of that space?

This is basically what my mom is proposing, except that hers will be just slightly proud of the top of the counter rather than flush, AND it won't be apron-style, it'll be fully enclosed by the counter.

This is so helpful, thank you.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I'm from the hosta forum...lol...how on earth did I get here, you wonder? Lol

By following an advert-like pic of your baker's table!!!

Your kitchen remodel is fantastic and rivals any professionally-designed kitchen anywhere! WOW! Utterly beautiful ---- you can feel the warmth, it just draws you in.

You seem to have a natural flair for design and certainly have vision. All the comments you've received are well deserved. I am in awe of your ability and that of your DH....amazing! You two and your kitchen should be on TV!!!

Thank you for an exciting peek at your kitchen/home. The pics are stunning.


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stacey... here are some close up pics I just took of the seam. This is after 3 years of daily HARD use and abuse. I didn't even scrub for you. Hopefully, that helps you some. We had the most amazing soapstone fabricator there is.

josephine... What a lovely post! Thank for your taking the time to respond to it. It's kinda a kick that after all this time this thread popped up again. I"m getting a charge that no matter what forum you go on the pic pops up!
My 15 minutes of fame maybe??

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collins design

Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph and post those pics. That's very helpful, and I feel much better about my mom's planned installation now!
Thanks again and enjoy your beautiful kitchen,

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I love your kitchen and everything you did.
That bakers table was worth all your hard work.
I have never seen one of those tables with the drawers open to see what is stored in that bottom part.
Or is it just a regular drawer and the underneath is just for show.

    Bookmark   January 31, 2014 at 9:48AM
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Hi lyban,
The possum belly drawers are curved inside like outside. The middle one has a divider. Somewhere on this forum, at some point, I had posted interior pics. Have no clue how to find them now! If you'd like, I'll be happy to take a pic of the interior when I I get home from work. Let me know if you want me to.

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Hi remodelfla,

I see that your remodel was done a few years ago, and comments are resurfacing now. I had never seen this before, so I'm glad to have the chance, especially since you now have 3 years of living in your kitchen. Which gets me to my pressing question: How are your soapstone counters holding up? I absolutely love the look of soapstone, but I'm worried going with it because of how easily it can chip and scratch. Chipping on the edges of the counter tops is what concerns me the most. I know that scratches can be buffed or sanded out, but what do you do when your edges end up with lots of chips and gouges in them? I know that there are lots of different types of soapstone, and some are harder than others, but even the hardest samples I brought home (MOHS rating of 4.0) scratched with just my fingernail.

Also, I'm wondering about oiling the soapstone. I know some people who have never oiled their soapstone counter tops. They seem to think that oiling doesn't do anything to preserve them, that it only changes the color and sheen. What have you done to maintain yours and are you happy with the way they look?

Thanks so much for your time!

    Bookmark   February 1, 2014 at 1:43PM
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I've got my pillows set up on the outdoor lounge chair so after my nap I will take some pics for you and post! We haven't wax or oiled in quite awhile and the kitchen gets constant abuse.

    Bookmark   February 1, 2014 at 2:01PM
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You obviously don't live by me if you are napping outside, lol. Lucky.

I don't remember seeing that bakers table before either... it is so gorgeous! What a beautiful kitchen.

    Bookmark   February 1, 2014 at 2:57PM
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South FLorida has it benefits and the nap was beyond glorious! OK... here's some pics I just took. I did not clean, wipe, or straighten up a surface for ya'll. In fact, I'm in the middle of cooking dinner.
INside of drawers. You can see one is split and the other whole. I really need to organize... I tried to get a pic of the oxidation on the inside of the zinc drawers. I think they are zinc.

this is inside the single drawer"

see how orignial it is:

How to the soapstone questions. I have not oiled in at least 3 months... maybe longer. We clean with a hot soapy rag. I put anything and everything down on it though do not cut directly on it. I'm posting pics from teh most heavily used spots. I really don't have any chipping or dinging to speak of. Surface scratches if I look but with my pattern hidden. If I so oil/wax, it disappears:
most prominent scratch I have from dragging my huge cutting board back and forth multiple times daily.

The most vulnerable spot right in front of the cooktop:

and lastly the space between the cooktop and sink where we often dry large items. Ususally we just put a towel down first:

I hope the pics are too big but are helpful. Photobucket has changed up since I really used it.

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I was on GW and DH walked by and saw your bakers table in the ad strip on the right. He asked, isn't that soapstone? Spoken like a true TKO spouse : )

I love that bakers table. Do you use it frequently or is it more decorative?

    Bookmark   February 5, 2014 at 7:06PM
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Almost every single day debrak! Usually for making breakfasts, lunches, plating, laying down stuff right out of the oven, and we always use it as a buffet table table during frequent gatherings. Of course for baking too.

    Bookmark   February 6, 2014 at 6:10AM
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Thank you, remodelfla, for the soapstone comments and pictures. I don't think that the imperfections and scratches would bother me too much, but we know we will probably have to sell our house in 7-8 years, so I need to keep resale in mind. I love the look of it so much, but I need to decide if we can keep it looking good enough over the long haul. I do wish there were an alternative that had a similar look and feel, but that was harder. Granite just doesn't have the same look, and when a black granite is honed, as some friends of mine have in their kitchen, it shows every little fingerprint and oil spot. I recently heard that Caesar Stone is introducing a lot of new colors that are supposed to look more like natural stones, but I have a hard time believing that there will be any that really look like soapstone or marble.

    Bookmark   February 6, 2014 at 11:56AM
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My soapstone is hard so no real dings to speak of. I suggested taking a look a Jet Mist/ Virginia Jet Mist. Has a look similar to soapstone and you can get it honed which enhances it's likeness.

    Bookmark   February 6, 2014 at 12:30PM
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Thanks for the suggestion. Is Jet Mist a type of granite?

    Bookmark   February 6, 2014 at 3:51PM
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Heres a pic I found:

Google...you'll see tons.

    Bookmark   February 6, 2014 at 7:23PM
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Thanks, remodelfla! Jet Mist is a beautiful granite and, at least in the picture, looks a lot like soapstone. I wonder if when honed it has the same problems as honed Absolute Black, which shows every fingerprint. Worth checking out for sure. I appreciate your input, and your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!

    Bookmark   February 6, 2014 at 7:40PM
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Remodelfia, Love your kitchen. Still planning ours. I am in love with your cabinet doors. I know you got them from Scherrs and they were the rift sawn oak flat slab doors (any other specifics would be great). Also, were they pretty affordable? I am also doing an IKEA kitchen and I love their system, but find the door choices boring. What color did you stain the doors (or were they stained by the company) and where did you get the pulls? I love the modern, yet classic look. Thanks and I appreciate your time.

    Bookmark   September 18, 2014 at 5:24PM
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Ruby...I didn't see this till now. I hope you got the info you needed from the other thread.

    Bookmark   September 19, 2014 at 8:33AM
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Remodelfla, Thanks so much. Found your other thread. I was going to order a sample from scherrs. Did you use the premium quarter sawn white oak or the premium quarter sawn red oak? Thanks. Again, love the natural, but modern feel to your kitchen.

    Bookmark   September 19, 2014 at 4:48PM
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Prem QS white oak. Our home as you may have gathered is small and it somewhat blended in with the floors we choose. Helped to achieve the open flow type look we wanted.

    Bookmark   September 19, 2014 at 8:05PM
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