Glass backsplash grouting help

jakurtzJune 2, 2013

We just had our kitchen backsplash grouted a few days ago. The glass tile is the type that just has the color on the back. When you look closely at the tile and the grout, it looks like there are some spots where the grout didn't get in to some spots. Is this the fault of the installer? At first I was told that this was an "optical illusion" since the color looks fine when looking directly in front of it (i.e. not at an angle).

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Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in, but it looks like grout sealer unevenly applied or absorbed. I'm interested in other responses.

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I wish I could help. I have been thinking about glass as our backsplash as well, but I had seen examples like yours that have scared me away from it. Not sure if it is an installation thing or just common with glass tiles. Hopefully it is something that is easily remedied however!

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