Should I ship my Whitehaven sink right to my cabinet maker?

homebuyer23June 28, 2013

I'm getting custom built cabinets from a smaller shop about an hour away from me.

They want to have the farm sink on site. I planned to order it online wherever I find the best price (suggestions?).

I figure it'd be way easier to have it shipped right to them, which they said is fine, but is it risky? I've read on GW recently I believe a few people having issues with the finish on their Whitehavens.

I'd really rather not have to lug a 150lb sink out to the cabinet shop myself!

Not sure what to do, how did you get your heavy sink to your cabinet maker?

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Holly- Kay

My cabinet maker had it shipped right to their shop because my KD ordered it for me. Kohler makes their spec sheets available on-line so the cabinet maker would not have to have it in-house.

I love my Whitehaven. It is so beautiful, it makes washing dishes at my new sink a joy!

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I had mine shipped to my house since they built the cabinet for it on site. I would want to inspect it myself but wouldn't want to haul it either, ask your KD,

Another Whitehaven choice! I hope we all love them! What color did you get? Good luck?

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We found the lowest price at Warehouse Discount Center and had it shipped to our house. Not sure if our GC templated it with the actual sink or used the specs online.

No issues with finish here.

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Holly- Kay

Mine didn't have finish issues either. I love that darn sink. My pendants go in tomorrow and I can't wait to see how the sink sparkles with the crystals hanging above it. We went with a classic white sink but it is available in other nice colors. I couldn't see them in person and was afraid that my monitor wouldn't show the true color and I loved the white so it was an easy decision.

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We got the white as well. We have white cabinets and dark granite so I didn't even consider the other colors. And white was cheapest. win!

I love it. Love it, love it. Now if only the grate would finally ship. I don't know why it takes longer for the grate than for the sink. Lame.

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Love my's the link for a very good tutorial on how to install. It's all your builder should need.

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The Whitehaven is VERY easy to install. The specs should be enough for the cabinet maker. No reason he/she should need the sink.

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thank you everyone,
where did you all order it from? It is only $714 at that warehouse direct website. Ive never ordered from there before...guess its safe?

I think the cabinet maker can do it without having it at the shop from the specs.

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My thought is have it shipped to them if they need it. Have them inspect it for you, if there is anything at all questionable, hop in the car and go. OR just plan on going after it arrives anyway to inspect it yourself (yes, still going to the shop, but not lugging it with you) and it would give you a chance to check on your cabinets, maybe the color, blah blah blah.

I think you are ultimately the one who needs to see the sink and make sure there is no problem.

My cabinetmaker only wanted my stages sink in his shop and that was because he was making a very custom cabinet for it, not what is typically expected under a sink.

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