Granite Veneer Countertops

ellen76June 3, 2009

Does anyone have experience with granite veneer countertops? We have Corian that is probably about 20 years old and has developed two ugly cracks.

We'd like to replace it with granite, but there are problems with that. We don't have a backsplash, and instead the wall is covered with ceramic tile that sits atop the Corian, so that tile has to come down before the Corian can be removed. Also, there is an upper cabinet that has a leg that extends down to the countertop, and it's not going to be easy or cheap to take down the cabinets so the Corian can be lifted off.

All this makes me wonder if it would be possible to install a granite veneer atop the Corian.

The guy we spoke to at a granite fabrication shop says that they don't carry veneer nor do they recommend it. He didn't say why.

If anyone has any experience with this, it would be very helpful.

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Search this forum for "Granite Transformations," which is a 1 cm granite/resin veneer. I am one who has an overall negative impression of the product, but perhaps you'll like it.

I am no expert, but I think you can work around your issues and replace the countertop. For example, you could remove the bottom row of tile, remove the countertop, and put a 4" granite backsplash up to cover up the one row of tile. Not quite sure about the other -- can you post pix?

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I had a tile backsplash that came down to my Silestone counters. The granite installers had no problem removing the old counters. They just broke the Silestone up with some blows from a hammer and pulled it out from under the tile. I didn't care if they damaged the backsplash, but they didn't chip a single tile.

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I visited the Granite Transformations showroom in Tampa. The lady was very nice and helpful. But I did NOT like the product. It is not granite and doesn't look like it to anyone who has seen real granite. They take granite chips and mix it with a resin like silestone does with onyx. they also mix in mirror chips, glass, and even seashells. But it does not have the depth or match the look of granite. And it isn't any cheaper in many cases.

They make a bid deal about not having to remove your countertops, but removing countertops is not a big deal. Most DIYers can do it in an afternoon.

I don't mean to "dis" anyone who has these tops. They are very nice product, just not for me. Only, they are not really a granite veneer.

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