Best way to protect wood floors

KimSigJune 1, 2013

We just took delivery of all the kitchen appliances and they are sitting in the living room, as I look at the fridge I'm wondering what is the safest way to get it in the kitchen once the hardwood is laid. It will need to go up one step from the sunken living room and go down the entry hall into the widest entry to the kitchen and then across the kitchen to its new home. All flooring will be hardwood. I know it is too heavy to roll as the wheels will dent the floor, but wouldn't dolly wheels also? I was thinking we would have to lay plywood all along the route. What did your contractors or installers do, those of you with hardwood in the kitchen? I'm sure who ever install ours will know, but I realize that sometimes those you expect to know don't always!

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Use masonite sheets. It's 1/8" but doesn't compress and is easy to roll on because it's smooth. Also cheaper than plywood.

Just finished moving my fridge back over brand new floors. Used an appliance dolly and the masonite and all was well.

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Here's a thread from last fall on the same topic. Another thread is linked within.

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor protection

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Thank you!

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