Expert Countertop Stone Help needed

cinjosJune 7, 2013

Hi all,
I have fallen in love with Everest quartzite (see below) for my new kitchen. I am being told by the fabricator that they will make it for me, but they are warning that it chips a lot. They can not repair the chips after installation and I would need to sign a waiver that they have for exotic granite indicating that they are not responsible for all the issues that arise with certain natural stones.

Should I be appropriately scared off of this stone? Or is this just the way with natural stone and go for it? Really need some guidance here!


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I can see why you fell in love with this. It's beautiful. Hopefully, someone who has taken a chance with quartzites that are more fragile will have some advice.

How risk aversive are you? I am highly risk aversive, so I would never choose something, no matter how much I liked it, if I had to sign a waver like that... although maybe for something not so permanent or expensive if I really loved it.

Hope someone here can help you with more information on which to base your decision.

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Can you get a sample of it to abuse?

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I can't remember the name but there was a similar quartzite like that and it had a tendency to chip. It sounded like a disaster to deal with. It might be on a thread that was all about white stones. If I can remember anything more about it I will do a search for you.

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found it - it's in reference to a quartzite called Antarctica

Here is a link that might be useful: antarctica quartzite

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Thanks so much - that is exactly my stone and exactly what the fabricator said. That thread answered my questions perfectly. With all the different names of these stones, it's so hard to research them! Sadly, I am going to have to move on.

I had been looking at white granites as well, but my sample of river white failed the stain test. I don't know if I should take the risk but I do so love natural stone!

Back to obsessing...

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