NEW Dreamy Marfil 5220 Ceasarstone? Help with pics please

thedorkJune 18, 2013

Could you please share pictures of your counter tops if you used the new Dreamy Marfil 5220 Caesarstone? I am thinking of replacing the Blizzard with that? Just wanted to see a big piece of it and how it looks - thank you!

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Hi--I have installed it. I'll post pictures when I get home. I looks great.

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Hi--Here's a picture of the island in Dreamy Marfil

One more--not as clear

Hope this helps!

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Your kitchen is SUPER beautiful! Post more pics of this. Would love to see a bit more of it! The dreamy marfil looks really really nice.

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Thank you Anne! it is beautiful! Your kitchen is great!
Do you know if it's more expensive since it's new?

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Firsthouse--thank you! This will be a long reveal, since this is a vacation home and we are doing things as time/money permit! I picked paint for the kitchen yesterday by phone. I'll see what it looks like in 2 weeks when I'm there. LOL. Could be interesting...

thedork (I can't type your name without laughing!)--yeah, it's pricey. Caesarstone has several different price levels and this one (along with the other new ones are in the top category). But I am also paying Northern CA prices! I believe it came out to about $90 a square foot (but level 1 granite was about 65-70 a square foot). I know in Atlanta, the prices would be lower because most of the money is in the fabrication and labor costs a lot less here...but I do love it. A stark white didn't feel right for the space, and the veining in this is really pretty.

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We ordered Dreamy Marfil for our bathroom countertop that we are in the middle of remodeling. Will post pics of it when in. Right now we only have the shower seat and two shower shelves made out of the Dreamy Marfil and I do have to say it looks very pretty.

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Anne, I love your kitchen. Off topic, but mind if I ask what the cabinets are made of?

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Swirlycat--the cabinets are IKEA ADEL in the lighter color. The countertops cost almost as much as the cabinets!

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