End is in site! What items finish off a kitchen?

jodi1002June 25, 2012

Our four month remodel should be complete at the end of July. I've been trying to picture myself using my new contemporary kitchen and thought I'd ask what you put in your new kitchen to help function and "stage" it for everyday use. I'll be moving in to a new kitchen with the sink in the center island and saying goodbye to the old peninsula/u-shaped kitchen. Here's what I have so far:

-counter stools

-soap dispenser (still haven't decided if I want built in soap or not)

-new place for paper towels or washable towels


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Knife block for large knives we use every day

Little bowl of salt next to stove

CD player/radio

Cork board stuck to inside of cabinet as bulletin board

Compost keeper for kitchen scraps under sink

Wine coaster to provide a home for the currently open bottle of red wine

Fruit bowl (now that we see it, we eat more of it)

Drawer dividers for utensil drawers and former junk drawers (now junk is organized by category)

Drawer liner to keep things from sliding around

Double dishtowel rack screwed inside door under sink

Is that the kind of thing you mean?

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Looking at your design - I would consider a paper towel holder under counter by the sink and then in one of the drawers - washable towels.

I bought a zillion drawer organizers - and it might even keep me organized (thanks to Grumpy Dave!)

I also bought a slew of Glass Lock containers for small quantities of specialty flours and sugars - but still using my Tupperware for the largest quantities of f flour and sugar.

Figure out where to store your "containers" so they don't avalanche - I found space a drawer that holds the containers and lids stacked and no more avalanches!

Are you using a dish drawer - if so, you might want to use the pegboard pieces to keep them from sliding - I used just a few pegs to keep the larger pieces in place and to remind me where they go if I use them all at the same time... - some just put the dishes in the drawer.

I could go on and our kitchen is only 95% done - ABB club...

Let us know if we are on the same track or if you are looking for other ideas...

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Yes, this is exactly what I was hoping for. I need those pegboard pieces! These are great. Keep them coming! I'm headed to bed but will study this tomorrow.

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For drawer dividers I went to BB&B and they have some really nice bamboo ones that come in expandable form and a variety of sizes. I also bought wire shelves that expand to put into my upper cabinets so that I can have two levels of mugs on one shelf.

New towels/cloths
Fruit bowl
salt/pepper mills
window coverings
horizontal knife block for a drawer (or a counter knife block)
something that is personal to you (I have a spice rack that my son made in Grade 8 woodwork - he is now 23)

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Technically, I still have some trimming out to do, but once I could put my utensil canister and knife block back on the counter and hang my clock over the fridge, I felt like it was 'my' kitchen again!

a2gemini, that is one sexy organized drawer! I'm now lusting after bigger drawers, which will have to wait for my someday kitchen. I guess I could get dividers to organize my current drawers better, though, since it's not always about size, but about how you use it! ;)

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I would love to get tupperware for my flour and sugar. My mom always had a orange one and a yellow one growing up where we stored that stuff. I still have my flour/sugar in their bags in the pantry! Yikes. That's why I'm so excited for this to be done. My DH bought our house from his buddy who he was living with, and it never really felt like I had a say in where stuff went (only because everything was already in a "place" by the time I got there).

I've added several items to my list. BBandB and the Container Store might be my new favorite spots come August. I did order a drawer orgainzer from Zulily when they had Progressive items listed a few weeks ago (and collapsable measuring cups, collapsible dish rack and an over-the-sink cutting board).

Do I dare ask how long it took everyone to feel like they had their kitchen cupboards and drawers set up to their liking?? Yes, I dare!

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It took me probably about 3 months and 3-4 times of reorganizing things to feel comfortable. It's now been 18 months and, quite frankly, every morning when I go into the kitchen I still marvel at how well it functions. Although it isn't anything fancy I still can't quite believe that it is my kitchen. But compared to what I had before, anything was an improvement.

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In drawer knife block is less clutter.

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Oh, yeah - here are some more things I got. I went shopping a lot after it was done.

in-drawer knife block for knives not on counter - I agree, these are great

square canisters with a push-down vacuum seal top that are big enough to hold 5 lbs of sugar or flour

plastic-coated metal mesh bins to hold onions and potatoes

tiered can organizer for cupboard - really does make the cans more visible

I wanted to get one of those under-the-sink slide out organizers for cleaning supplies, but it wouldn't fit with all the pipes I have under there. I wish I had one.

we have a dog, so I got a rack with hooks for around the corner to hold leash, towel,dog walking bag, DH's hat and jacket - a "dog-walking center"

mop rack for the broom closet

light-weight step stool so I can reach upper shelves - keep it on a hook in the broom closet

I found bamboo drawer organizers at Tuesday Morning. BBB is more consistent, but if you can catch them at TM, they're a good buy.

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Jodi - since our kitchen isn't complete, I am still tweaking I keep going back to B3 for more dividers and storage items. I am re-using many of my old TW- but did get quite a few new ones.

I bought 2 sets of pantry towels and also microfiber cleaning pads - almost a sponge but not quite at William Sonoma and loving those - and also bought a zillion micro fiber towels at B3.

I bought a set of mitts at B3 - they look like rag mitts with gripper things but beige in color - they are quite nice and I can hold on to the pots - the orca silicon gripper from my old kitchen was too bulky to use - although I like the silicon pot handle

And speaking of silicon until deemed not fit - love my silicon spatulas and the nifty round/flat silicon trivet.

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Oh, another thing - microfiber dish drainer pads. Did anyone mention them yet?

And I second a2gemini's built-in paper towel holder suggestion. I love my paper towel cubby.

I think I had the kitchen fully organized in about 3 weeks. I needed to, so I could get all the boxes of stuff out of the living room.

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