Tell me about leather finish&ever heard of white velvet quartzite

nobeesJune 5, 2013

So, after my slab fiasco, I have tracked down a slab called white velvet leather.

It looks great in the pic, but I don't know anything about leather finish except the girl said it feels bumpy and it's not polished. So, does it hold up better/worse?

They are calling this stone white velvet, and I asked for a cross name. She didn't know of any, but I can get a sample to test for stains/etching. The polished version they have doesn't look very much like this photo she sent of the white velvet leather, but they are supposedly both "white velvet."

I'm almost afraid to post; I don't want another slab to disappear on me! (My previous one was sold under my feet.)

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Here's the white velvet polished. The coloring looks pretty different.

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Leather finishes are just as durable as a polished finish, and easy to clean. That is a light colored granite which typically is a little more porous.

No need to over analyze, if you like the color and the feel of it, go for it!

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I like that A LOT! I love that it has some sort of creaminess to it which makes it a bit warmer. Give the address of the shop; I'm gonna go buy it!! :-)

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I've seen a few leather finishes, and wanted to like them because I don't think I want gloss - but the bumpiness bothered me. I see my kids sitting at the island for school work and the texture being a problem. I'm hoping to find more honed and brushed slabs to consider.
Colors are much more muted when slabs aren't mirror polished.
I'm SO sorry about what happened nobees! Don't rush to pick another slab - avoid choosing a "rebound" love after having your heart broken.

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"avoid choosing a "rebound" love after having your heart broken"

That made me laugh!!!

I will at least see this in person to see if it gives me a good feeling. I never thought about writing on that texture; that's something to consider.

Carsonheim---Not funny!!!! ;)

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Holly- Kay

Oooooh, I think that is beautiful . I had solid surface in a finish they caled slate and it had a ridgey type surface. I loved the look and it wore really well but it was not good for writing and a bit harder to clean.

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So, the rebound won't work because my fabricator says it's too much money and she doesn't usually work with that distributor, so it's not as easy to negotiate. That gave me a chance to chime in that I refuse to be punished financially for a mistake that someone else made.
Anyway, next up... I still don't know what she'll say about pricing, but she did send me a white mac. from the same place this morning.

Why can't I change my post name?? I didn't want to make a new one to keep asking similar opinions/questions.

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