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TheSobersRenoingJune 3, 2013

We have a small kitchen currently 9'6" x 9' that we are enlarging slightly to 9'6" x 9'6"...

We have the same layout at the moment but with ridiculous blind corners, and old cabinets with the floor as the bottom shelf.

We are not willing to move plumbing, trying to keep this as cost effective as possible...

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could you label the numbers so thatit is clear which appliance goes where? I assume 14 is the fridge?

My overall sense is that you might gain a much more pleasant space if "8" moved as it is creating a small entry into the kitchen and rendering the whole kitchen an almost one person space.

What is the open space at the bottom of the layout? it is not clear what the constraints are so a little more background would help!

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Moving plumbing does not have to be expensive unless you are on a slab.

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The space on the other side of the peninsula is the dining room, there's a patio door next to 7.

14 is fridge
5 is dishwasher
6 is sink cabinet, with pull out trash

I agree removing 8 would give us more space but we would loose a tone of counter/storage space...

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