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anele_gwAugust 14, 2012

We are going to be moving in a few weeks. Photos show furniture of current owner-- not my stuff!

This room will not be used for watching TV. I would like to put a piano (upright or console; will need to buy) in there, and have some seating. The sunroom will be used as a library (bookcases and somewhere to lounge), which is why I do not want the piano in there.


(1) Pull up carpeting and refinish hardwood

(2) Take down curtains

Ideas for furniture:

(1) Put sofa where current one is; piano would go on wall where black chair is. (No other seating on that side of the room.)

(2) Put sofa along window; piano would go on long wall (where sofa currently is) as would some chairs or loveseat

(3) Put both sofa and piano on long wall; loveseat or chairs would go on short wall near entrance

Whatever chairs I get will have to be purchased since I have nothing petite.

The room is 23 X 11, which is narrow enough-- but that fireplace makes it REALLY narrow. Otherwise, I would try to fit a chair near the sofa (across from the window).

The room has only 2 windows, so I am hesitant to put anything in front of them. The window near the sunroom (where the 2 chairs are) has a vent underneath it, so not a good place for the piano.

I am not in love with the brick fireplace, but don't want to do anything w/it until I have an idea about the paint/color. I do not think painted white/cream would look good given the trim (which will remain unpainted)unless the walls where also white/cream.

Thank you!

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I think the sofa should go on the short wall facing down the room to visually widen it a bit, but with a piano in the room that may not be best. It's narrow enough that you will probably need to play on paper, particularly because of the piano.

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Do you need a sofa? I would put 2 chairs, facing each other, directly in front of the fireplace, with perhaps a small table or ottoman between them. Across from you are putting the piano, either 2 different chairs or a love seat.

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Pal, if I put the sofa by the window, what do you think I can do with the long wall? One idea (see image below)-- piano in the middle flanked by two chairs . . .but as you said, may be too narrow.

Gracie, I am open to not having a sofa in there. I want maximum seating but do not want it to be crowded. I thought I could live with a crowded room but that's what I have in this house and it is getting to me. However, there is an opening to the DR across from the FP (not sure if you can see it) so that complicates things. Are you thinking of chairs with the backs to the FP? That might work. However, facing the FP would not because of the opening. There is no way to center anything in front of the FP (facing it) because of the opening to the DR.

I knew this LR was going to be a challenge-- but so much of the rest of the house was right.

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Hi Adel, what's behind the wall the sofa is on? In a perfect world about four or five feet of wall from the entrance end over towards sofa could be taken out. Then (in a perfect world) there would be enough space to float some furniture in line with the fireplace and have a TV mounted up there. At the end by the window would be a nice reading area or a game table with chairs.

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Sorry I meant Anele!

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jterrilynn -- behind the wall is a stairway. I don't think I can do anything about it! :(

I am thinking of a few more things-- maybe a small sectional with a chaise. ..a window seat for more seating? A narrow ottoman that would double as a table/seating as needed?

The piano is a problem!

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Just a thought on the need to keep it out of the line of heat from the fireplace...if you intend to use the fp. So the wall where the black chair would be better than the long wall opposite the fp. The heat generated by the fp will ruin the piano in no time. In fact even having it in that room will require that you get a humidifier/damp chaser regulator and have it plugged into the piano 24/7. Otherwise you risk cracking of the sound board and also no piano will stay in tune in that environment. Just wanted to add this now before you get your furniture set up.

If the sun room has extensive windows...which I assume due to the name :) then the piano can't go in there either. How large is the DR...I have had a number of friends that placed their piano in the DR and it was lovely. I can't get the URL to show up but go to Google Images and you will see a lot of examples. c

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Trail-- I doubt we will use the FP very often. I thought about the same thing re: the sunroom. I am surprised that the PO have a piano in there (baby grand!) but it seems to have survived OK. The room is pretty shady it seems-- we have been there at different times and it is not glaringly bright.

I so wish we could put the piano in the DR. This was my first thought. One wall has built-ins, the others too short . . .and the only place where it "could" go has another floor vent. If the vent were metal, maybe, but it is wood. I had never seen a wooden floor vent before. (The house is from the late '20s.)

Thank you for your help!

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Maybe I could shift the room-- put the sofa at the edge of the entry to the DR, and then two chairs or loveseat perpendicular to it, like the chairs are now but closer in? Then I could have a rug to anchor the area. The piano would be at the other end, where the black chair is.

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I assume that the piano does not fit against the window where the two chairs are? If not, then I think the only option is the other side of the fire place (your first option). Then you can play around with what seating - I love the floating seating so you can have a sleek sofa and then some small fabric ottomans...or some benches flanking the entrance to the baby grand room. Or, their two chair idea is not horrible. Good luck!

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thenick-- yup, piano can't go by that window (floor vent).

Unless it does not work out IRL (need to do more measuring, but my very horrible rough Paint sketch seems like it would work), I am going to put the sofa where it is, piano on the wall where the black chair is, and then some small chairs facing each other on each side of the sofa (perpendicular to sofa) . . .one by the window, and one opposite it (near the left side of the sofa).

I think what is part of the problem (for my taste) in the current room is there are no legs in it and furniture is dark. I would add more pattern. Curtains are also dark for me. I may have no curtains or just use some lace like this:

My sofa is white (but I may get a different color slipcover eventually . . .would love velvet), and I would get chairs with legs on them, no arms, low profile. I'd put a rug in front of the sofa, too. Rug would have pattern, as would pillows on sofa.

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