how do you decide...knobs or pulls?

ali80caJune 22, 2013

I posted my kitchen plans this morning, saying that I liked them but hoping that people would so far nobody has. I do like them, but would love input. I can't decide where to put knobs. I am thinking uppers and maybe the base cabinets, but in our office we have pulls on the base cabinets too. Thoughts, preferences, reasons???

Thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful: original post with layout

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We decided to put knobs on all of the doors and pulls on all of the drawers. We are also putting a pull on our trash pullout. It takes more effort to open our drawers and trash pullout, so it seemed practical to use pulls on those.

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Don't feel bad you haven't gotten a response yet. I posted my layout thread last night and I haven't gotten a response yet either. The forum is moving pretty slow today. I bet people are taking advantage of the nice Saturday weather. They will come though !

As a thought, your plans are kind of hard to read. They are light and the numbers are small. Also, they are not complete as it doesn't show your island or the kids book/game cabinets or the banquet or what the adjoining rooms look like. The more people can see and the easier it is to see the more they will respond. Can you hand draw in some more details, darken the color, and then edit your post to add that picture to be the first one near the top of the thread ?

We did knobs on doors and a single pull on all drawers (no matter the width of the drawer). But I have seen a little bit of everything around here, so really nothing is a wrong choice. There are a bazillion threads on this topic. Here is some reading while you are waiting for more responses . . .

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We did knobs on our doors as well and cup pulls on our drawers. I looked at a ton of pictures on Houzz before making that decision, you have to to go with what you like

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ali80ca, it seems to me that posting is somewhat lighter on the weekends, so hopefully you will get more responses to your original kitchen post when Monday rolls around.

I wish I could help you with the knobs vs. pulls issue, but I've been stuck there myself and have been unable to pull the trigger either way. I'm leaning towards knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawers, though. In the meantime, I just keep replacing the blue tape.

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I put pulls on drawers and knobs on doors. I considered all pulls, but on my raised panel doors it would have been too many vertical lines in my small kitchen.

It's all just personal taste. I've seen pictures of every which way that all look great. I've never heard anyone say "oh, I'm so upset, I hate the hardware I chose." I did end up with much simpler pulls in a different color than I expected because I bought (and returned) a bunch of samples at the big box stores. I also went around looking at the hardware on display kitchens with similar cabs. The Sweeby Test is right: it's not about how much you love something, it's how it works with everything else that matters.

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I went with all pulls - they are easier to open than knobs and I liked the symmetry.

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I'm trying to figure this out now, too. I thought I was ready to pull the trigger on my knobs for the doors and pulls for the drawers until I saw the doors. They started installing them and now I'm thinking maybe all pulls would look better, and the ones I really liked don't seem to go well with my door style. I see some hardware sample shopping in my future :)

I think it's a personal choice. Get some samples and try them out against the door/drawers to see what you think goes better.

Good luck!

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Pulls, without anything to snag clothing on. I'm the right height that my apron and pants pockets would frequently catch on knobs. I like to get close to my work in the kitchen, which frequently means I stand touching the cabinets and counter top. They had to be low profile enough not to bump or bruise too!

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There are a number of threads about this on this board that you can read through. You might consider how convenient or comfortable the hardware would be to use, or how you want it to look. There are plenty of beautiful kitchens with all knobs, all pulls, or various combinations.

I fell in love with a certain knob. The pull that went with it did not have enough room for your hand to fit in it comfortably (projection), so I chose a similar pull in the same finish from the same manufacturer.

We put knobs on most of the cabinets and pulls on the drawers. There is one medium pull on all the small drawers, and we put two large pulls on each of the 4 large deep drawers next to the stove. I just liked the way they looked. The tall cabinet next to the refrigerator got pulls as well as the trash pullout.

I really love the hardware. I've always had cabinets without any, just finger grooves, and I think the knobs and pulls are so much easier to use, plus they look nice.

About the time we finished (well mostly finished) the kitchen, I badly injured my back. Thank goodness we put in the large drawers for the cookware. Instead of bending down trying to find things in the lower cabinets, I just have to bend my knees and pick up what I need out of the drawers, and the pulls are so much easier than the finger grooves we had before.

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angela, I will work on fixing the post and somehow darkening the lines tomorrow. The pictures do get larger and darker if clicked on.
Thanks everyone for the responses! I am currently leaning towards pulls on all drawers and knobs on all uppers. The ones that give me pause are the base cabinets that aren't drawers or pullouts. Those are the ones that I think...hmmm should I put a knob there. I have a feeling I will be looking at lots of pictures before a decision is made!

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I'm with a2gemini and julieb--I went with all pulls for the symmetry and definitely chose ones that wouldn't catch clothing. My old ones caught on my pockets and shirts.

I also like pulls better than knobs for opening cabinets and drawers--just easier and feels better to me.

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My old kitchen had all pulls,uppers and lowers and so does my office, but I have a feeling that I will end up with pulls on all lowers (unless there is a cabinet too narrow to look right with a pull) and knobs on all uppers. I guess if I purchase extra of both its not a decision I have to make now on those "iffy" cabinets.

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angela, I did a drawing by hand and rearranged the other post a bit, hopefully it helps. Just as well I don't have to draw plans for a living!!

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I just ordered all pulls for our kitchen reno. Our kitchen is small, and the cabinets will be ceiling height. I wanted to break up the vertical lines, so I'm going to mount all the pulls horizontally.

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Thanks everyone! Anna, drawers truly are the way to go. I grew up in a house with drawers for pots long before it was popular or the norm. I like a good solid pull for drawers. I am still pouring over pictures and seeing what I like! Are 2 pulls on large drawers actually necessary or is it just for looks?

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I have a 3-drawer stack, 34" wide, but the top has 2 drawers. I want the pulls to line up.

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Annkh...if the top didnt have 2 drawers would you feel the need to have 2 pulls on them? I think I would feel the same if there were 2 upper drawers with big drawers beneath it would look strange only having a single pull. None of my drawer stacks are like that. All of them are single drawers. I just am not sure that I would actually ever reach for 2 pulls and if I don't doesnt it make more sense to just have one in the middle (from the standpoint of pulling it out evenly)??

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All of mine are pulls in different sizes. I first looked at local hardware so I could see what I liked and disliked. I found one pull that i liked until I put my hand in it. It had a crisp edge on the inside and it bothered. So I knew I wanted a pull that was smooth and no edge on the inside. I finally found one thanks to all the GWers that offered advice and they even gave me the model name I wanted!

Now if I just knew how to install them... I found a way to make a template last night. Now I just have to get brave.

Maybe if I put a hole in the wrong place I could "bedazzle" it. Ha. I missed having one of those, I think.

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ali, that's a good question. I think if I had a single drawer on top, I might still go with 2 pulls - the uppers will have 2 doors with horizontal pulls, so 2 pulls on the drawers will still have the "lining up" that appeals to me.

Of course all bets are off until the cabinets are actually here, and I can start taping pulls to them!

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Pulls on drawers
Knobs on lower and upper doors

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I'm sure one pull would have worked for our drawers. The drawer glides are really nice and I don't have any problem using only one pull, even though there are two on the large drawers. We have drawer stacks on each side of the range with two small drawers side by side on top and two wide deep drawers below. I used two pulls on the lower drawers because I liked the way it looked with the pulls lined up on each side.

We put new drawer fronts on our existing drawers, so before they were installed, I laid the 4 drawer fronts for each stack out on the floor and played around with the pull placement. Took a bunch of digital photos of the combinations so I could compare them and see which I liked the best. I figured I should be sure before we started drilling holes.

Just be sure to actually get a sample and see how it feels in your hands. Happy hardware hunting.

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Peke, the feel is so important. Originally I thought I liked cup pulls until I felt the inside of some. It was ruled out by my husband and son's who are quite tall and they didn't want to have to pull from below everytime they wanted to open the drawer. I like a basic trunk pull with lots of clearance, so I know what I want....just not sure if I want to have 2 on the bigger drawers.

annkh...good luck! If you are like me you will change your mind 3 times and go back to your original plan :)

motherof3sons...I could be motherof3sonsandadaughter. I am leaning towards pulls on drawers, knobs on doors upper and lower. Its the lower ones that I am uncertain on.

Anna, the ones I like come in 4, 6 and 12. 12 is a no brainer for the fridge and freezer, 4 would be on most, but I am leaning towards 6 instead of two 4 inch ones on larger drawers.

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We put 4 inch pulls on the two small top drawers on the stack and two 6 inch pulls on the wide deep drawers on the bottom.

Get some samples and play around with the arrangement to see what you like best.

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We were going to do all pulls (I was "absolutely certain" that was what I wanted), but I ordered some coordinating knobs just to see how they looked.When they arrived and we held them up to the cabinet doors, the knobs just looked perfect! So we ended up with pulls on all the drawers and knobs on all the cabinets.

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Anna, good idea,lol my answer might depend on how broke I feel that day, it feels like money is draining away quickly...long story need to upgrade electrical system so I can get the kitchen I want. the joy of old houses!

chicgeek...any pictures? I'd love to see what you used!

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It is such a visceral choice. You really need to think about the Users of your kitchen. And, you really need to think about how you weigh in on the "form v. function" concept.
There are a lot of old posts I could direct you to. But, I won't. Close your eyes, imagine your plan, open your drawer. Is it a pull or a knob? Is it two or one on a 30 inch wide drawer? Reach to your uppers. Again, what was in your hand, pull or knob.
Go with your gut. Draw what your gut wants then ---BALANCE. Your gut = function. Your iterative drawings, with all the variations, = form.
Order lots extras for last minute changes.
I love my choices. I have 2 different size pulls for my all drawer (except under the sink, the hutch, over the fridge, and one pullout) kitchen. Even, among these, they are all pulls, except for the small bottom doors of the hutch and the small top doors over the fridge. For me it was a "small door" decision factor. Right or Wrong, it works, because it is consistent. And, consistency is KEY.

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