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deanfinderJune 17, 2014

We are running up against a deadline to pick out paint colors in our new construction home. Our kitchen is open to the living room.

Our kitchen countertops are a green, grey, blue with some yellow and brown veining. We were going to pair that with birch backsplash tile from fireclay tiles. Both are pictured below.

We were going with a dark almost espresso stain on the cabinets, and the floor is red oak and will be stained a medium brown.

The problem is that we were going to use a light gray for the main interior color of the house. I didn't really think about it much, but will light gray (sw Argos or sw monorail silver) look okay with the countertops and backsplash in the kitchen? I can't really picture it, but since this color will be used in most of the rooms, we would really like it to be some kind of gray and cannot really have that without the kitchen being gray due to the open concept.

Any suggestions on a gray that will work? Or should I give up and live with a beige?

Thanks for your help!

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I have monorail silver in my family room and kitchen. Here it is on the wall before my backsplash went in. While it can look greyish, it looks mostly light blue in my family room. I also have oak, medium brown stain floors.

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Here is a shot of a section of wall in family room with the floors and monorail silver walls.

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Thanks so much OOTM_mom! Your house looks beautiful and it's been a big help to see some real life pictures with one of the colors.

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OOTM_mom, can I ask your trim color?

I've recently switched over to SW for my paint. I'm wanting to work towards switching all our trim over to something whiter than what we have. Whatever we have, it's very yellow-y (we got white windows recently). I'm leaning towards Snowbound. Your Monorail Silver could be a good color for our kitchen walls. I really like it.

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Cal_quail, trim is Snowbound!

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I have snowbound and love it!!!!! I tried to match to windows and sink and came up snowbound! I struggled with my white choice more than any other but I am very happy.

Sorry this didn't help your delema much. Can you create a mood board?


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deanfinder, your counter is beautiful. May I ask what it is? Sorry I'm not much help on the paint questions. I'm asking them too for all kinds of paint jobs all over the house.

So excited about Snowbound being a 'good choice'! THAT's why I switched to bond with other TKO folks. :D (No BM around here.)

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Annie Deighnaugh

If you want gray, is there a reason you're not going with a gray tile backsplash?

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cal_quail, thank you for your compliment! Our countertop is Green Iron Honed.

AnnieDeighnaugh, we ordered the beige tile before we thought about paint color. We thought the beige looked better with the countertop and couldn't really find a gray tile we liked. Our issue is now that we ordered it and started thinking about paint colors, we'd like to avoid beige paint since that's what we have had for so long.

Thanks everyone for your input!

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