Have you owned your pull down kitchen faucet a while?

jaynes123_gwJune 13, 2014

Interested in brand and how its held up.

Ive read of the pullouts but decided on pulldown version for us.

Wish there was a site for reviews on items owned 6+ months. Hard to get reviews that arent shortly after items are purchased. Sometimes an items reviews sound good - installed no problem, they like it and then that one of owner whose had a while and they post a photo of how it hasnt held up.

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Not the current one, but I had two different ones previously for 7 years - Brizo Venuto and the Hansgrohe Talis. The pull-downs on both continued to work well for all the time I lived in that house. The Brizo did have a slight spray problem (one thin stream that seemed to go off in a different direction after a few years) that we never bothered to fix, so we don't know if it was a big issue or not.

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Hansgrohe Talis C, two years old. No problems, very solid.

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I don't have a pull-down as my KD talked me out of it. He said that constant bending would sooner or later take its toll on the hose, so I got a pull-out one.

I am happy with my choice but I guess it all depends how one is using it.

Just wanted to share...

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I've had a Moen Aberdeen pull-down faucet for over 10 years, and I love it. I've never had a problem with it.

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Brizo Venuto here for 4 years and no problems at all.

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Grohe ladylux cafe pull down, 7 years. Works great.

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Fori is not pleased

Had a Hansgrohe Allegro Pro for about 4 years and 2 kitchens. No problems. Have a Kohler Simplice and the spray button got screwy after a few months. They have a good warranty; I should follow up. But it was a cheapie and I don't feel like climbing under the sink cabinet again. It won't get a spot in the new kitchen in spite of its youth.

I've never had a problem with the hose mechanisms on anything--even the crummy Moen pullout that went through cartridges like they were free or even the old school sidespays.

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I just got a new Wolverine Brass faucet for my kitchen sink and LOVE it. In doing a ton of research, I learned that even faucet manufacturers recommend a separate spray hose over a pull-out or pull-down faucet if you can install that setup (i.e.: your sink has the holes for it). I was initially looking for a pull-down, but changed my mind after doing the research.

My plumber was very impressed with my choice of Wolverine Brass. He couldn't believe how heavy the faucet was when he picked it up, and he told me they make great faucets. Their faucets are simple but made very well. They are the very, very rare high-quality/low price product nowadays. NO bells and whistles (they do have one pull-down model). I absolutely love my Finale single handled kitchen faucet, Perfect clearance for washing pans. I did buy a Moen metal weight to put on the hose for the side spray, though, and now that is perfect. Slides right back in and sits straight up.

Only thing with WB is, your plumber has to get it for you, or you can buy it from a plumbing outfit. I bought mine from Matson's Plumbing in Idaho, and they were great. I paid $200 for a great faucet. None of this ridiculous $700+ nonsense, or cheap, poorly made stuff that breaks.

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Every break room at work has a Grohe faucet. They are going on 3 years old and I've never seen one leak, even in the most popular areas at lunchtime. There is a little discoloration around the base but I don't think the janitors clean things like you or I would in a kitchen.

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Delta 'Kate', owned for about a year. Chrome.

Smooth clean spout. The water control is separate. No handles or other stuff on the spout to get dirty.

The pull down has magnetic docking and lock-in spray setting.

The hose is long enough I can fill the coffeemaker without using a pitcher or other such nonsense.

Excellent faucet!

Edited because I'm impaired, vocabulary-wise!

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2 Moen Aberdeens going on 10 yrs. The one in the kitchen has taken a beating. Great faucets.

After so many years the only problem I've had is that 2 weeks ago one of my boys somehow broke off the hot/cold indicator on the handle. I'm hoping I can get a replacement if I call Moen. Otherwise this faucet is as good as the day it was installed.

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I've had my Delta Arabella with magnetic docking for almost four years now. Not a single issue.


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I have a Delta too but can't remember the model right now. 1.5 years. It works great. Magnetic docking.

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I have an Elkay Explore that is 2+ years old, and I have no complaints. FWIW, I have had at least 4 separate pull-out sprayers, various makes, that did not hold up AT ALL.

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I have a Delta one in my current kitchen, probably about 6 years now. No issues, love it, getting another one in a different finish for the new kitchen.

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Grohe Ladylux Cafe for 12 years. No problems except the coating is wearing off the handle. One day I'll get around to ordering a replacement handle......

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It took me a while to figure out why Red_lover's chandelier and window treatments are upside down - very strange picture! It was unsettling until I figured out where the chairs were.

The kitchen store that I went to talked me out of a pull down faucet, but I really did not want one anyway. They told me that after a while the magnets stop working, but then I noticed that some pull down faucets have weights on the hose as a counter-balance. I definitely would not want that under my sink. I have a pull out faucet instead, as I generally want the faucet to be higher, not lower. Also, I do not like the look of the pull down faucets, but if that is what you want, they appear to work okay despite whatever criticisms we may have heard.


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Lars--my young son took that pic for me, :-). It is a strange picture. I've had my faucet for so long that Im used to it but my older dds absolutely hated it when we first built this house.

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Thanks everybody - one thing I find surprising in a good way is how nobody seems to have had any issue with these.

I wonder if thats a sign that pull downs are generally reliable.

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Delta touch 2 0, don't remember a name. It was the only one available at HD when they first came out. I'm guessing 4-6 years? More? No problems at all.

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We've had our Moen pull down for about 3 years now. It was in our old kitchen and we just moved it over to the new - it was working perfectly fine and it was hard to justify purchasing a new one.

Ours has the weight to pull it tight up to the dock and we've had absolutely no issues with that at all. Lars above mentioned that he didn't want one that had the weight on it - I'm not sure why, but we haven't had any issues at all with that either.

If I were purchasing another faucet, for sure I would go with another pull down over a pull out or any other style.

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I've had My MGS Vela-D for four years. It works impressively well, but it should for the price. :)

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hansgrohe Talis C, going on 3 years, not a problem :)

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Have had a Delta Kate for 2 years now and no problems. It has magnetic docking and works as perfectly now as it did brand new.

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My Mom has had her Delta Leland pull down faucet for 2 years and has never had any issues with it. She loves it.

I have had my Delta Leland pull down faucet in since Thanksgiving of 2013, and so far I haven't had any problems with it either. I Love the simplicity of using it. I like the features it has and the love the style of it in my traditional/vintage kitchen.

We both bought bought them from Home Depot. They are in Stainless Steel. We both decided not to use the included soap dispenser, we didn't want to make another hole in our quartz counters.

We both like the magnetic docking system for the sprayer head. Never has any issues with it.

So far we are very happy with our choice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Leland

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Cheapy Price-Fister from HD almost nine years old. Works perfectly. Like new. Kinda wish it would break as I'm tired of the style...
However, the sink under it fell out. Yes you read that right. Undermount sink fell off the granite.
I've been thru 6 or so soap dispensers lost count. Cheap and spendy both, so now I just get cheap and replace. It's all brushed nickel so any one will do.
I could never have anything but a pull down spray

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Another fan of the Delta Leland. We've had it over a year and a half and have had zero issues. We also didn't use the soap dispenser as we didn't want an additional hole put in the granite.

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