I need a backsplash! Please help with design? (pics)

jenswrensJune 3, 2010

ItÂs a blank slate  will you please help me mark it up?

I still have so many little details to finish in this kitchen, but I'm ready to start on the backsplash behind the range because IÂm sick of looking at the ugly wall. I have no idea where to start and am not feeling particularly creative, so of course, I'm asking all my TKO friends for ideas.

In the beginning I thought I would do creamy subway tiles, but now I'm thinking that I need something darker to "anchor" the dark hood to the rest of the space (photos below).

Things to note:

1) Tiles will also go down the sides of the adjacent cabs instead of veneering with wood;

2) Counters are IKEA BB and have been in place for several years - intended to be temporary and eventually replaced with soapstone. Now it's up in the air whether we will actually be staying in this house. If we do stay, I'm using Santa Rita Venata SS. If we donÂt stay, I'm not spending $$ to change the counters. I am willing to stain them darker, however, if you think that would look better.

3) Cabinet color and hood color cannot be changed. It is what it is. The contrast is softer in real life than it looks in photo, but again, I think the backsplash (any maybe counter) will be the key to tying it all together.

4) I am not a fan of anything modern or contemporary-looking. For ex, I donÂt really like glass tiles, multi-colored bright geometrics or such, but IÂm open to all suggestions.

5) Design needs to be something relatively easy (and not outrageously expensive) because it will be completely DIY. However, I donÂt want something totally boring either (like in my MN kitchen where I had to throw something up quick b/c the house was going on the market).

6) I have already looked through the entire FKB for inspiration  but nothing is really grabbing me. I need INPUT! IÂm a visual person, so photos or mock-ups help too.

Here is the space:

Here is one tile I found at LoweÂs that I like and I think the color is good  but again, what to do? Just use this one all over? I guess we could call this my inspiration tile (not very inspiring, huh?). Is it TOO dark?

What would you do with this space? Please give me any and all suggestions! I really appreciate it!

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I'm not very good at this and I tend to play it very safe with colors, but I couldn't help but notice the beautiful blue knobs on your stove. Have you considered using something with that color? Or is that too contemporary and colorful?

I really like the look you have going there, with your hood...I'm not sure if your inspiration tile is too dark. It's hard to say without seeing the rest of your kitchen.

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I really like the look you have too, so pretty! And I also like the idea of a blue backsplash to pick up those cool blue knobs. Or maybe a blue delft to pick up what I think is the pattern of your plates. Here are some I found that I thought might be nice, plus a mockup of a delft in your space.

I like the one you picked but it might be dark in the recessed space you are working with.

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I agree that something to tie in the blue of the knobs and plates could be awesome!

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wow! that looks stunning! i'd do a slab of calacatta, jmo. you've come this far. with the choices you've already made i don't think you can go wrong. can't wait to see the finish!

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I LOVE the backsplash idea chicagoans photoshopped!!!!!! It just seems to really fit your space which is absolutely lovely, btw.

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Jen, it looks beautiful! Congratulations on coming closer to the finish line.

I am a sucker for blue, so those backsplashes chicogoans posted are making me drool!

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Gorgeous kitchen! I want to see the rest!

I love the idea of going w/ blue (those light blue subway tiles have always been so attractive in my opinion - I've always liked that particular picture). I would do something ever-so-slightly whimsical but I mean barely. That's what I like about the blue - cause these days blue is often more lighthearted and charming as opposed to heavy duty italian, you know? I think marble would be nice too but something about the wooden countertops and the plate rack feels more sweet...I don't know how to explain myself very well, sorry! Maybe those minibrick marble subway tiles? If not too busy looking?

That Lowe's one is quite nice. I don't know how you'd do the layout though...I have no experience w/ that (don't even have a hood). What style house do you have?

Hey - what about those tin square tiles? Some come in colors or you could just do silver/stainless?



Here are some blue mosaics: http://www.mosaichse.com/?gclid=CNfVtb6JhaICFR5OgwodOnELDg

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I never thought about blue. Do you really think something blue would help anchor the dark hood to the rest of the space? My wall color is yellow - BM Lighthouse, if that matters. While I donÂt want modern, I also donÂt want it to look dated.

Does anyone have any photos to share of backsplashes where the hood is a different color than the cabinets? I'm not sure I'm crazy about the blue yet, although I do like those tiles in the pic with the stucco hood. IÂm also very intrigued with the tin tiles in the link above. Although IÂm at a loss as to how to fit them into a design.

Boxerpups? Anyone?

(I was hoping to get a lot of responses over the weekend, but of course, this thread was one of the lost ones due to the forum screw-up.)

Thanks for the ideas! I'd love to see and hear more!

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large format porcelain tile that looks like glass

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Circus Peanut

I love the tin tile idea. From the site you linked:

How cleanable/wipable are the tin tiles, do you think? That's a lot of little bumps and folds to wipe tomato sauce out of. Hmm.

Something else that might look great is talavera type patterns. They look especially good with painted cabinetry. Your vibe is rather neo-Victorian, so I'd avoid a more contemporary Mexican look but find a timeless overall pattern:

Tierra y Fuego:


New England Art Tile:

Or do a skinny mural or line up both sides and plain field tile in the middle, so your potfiller doesn't have to fight for attention.
Authentically Victorian (New England Art Tile):

or or Victorian Delft:
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Love the Tierra y Fuegoe reds!

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How do you insert a pic?

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Circus Peanut

Uploading pictures: the picture has to already live somewhere online; you can't upload it directly to this forum.

Say the picture has the URL: http://www.blah.com/picture.jpg

You write code that looks exactly like this:

and put it in your message text where you want it (NOT in the "Optional Link URL/Name of the URL" boxes below your message text). When you preview the post, you'll see your code turned into the picture.

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I absolutely love this one. I think the color would look stunning in your kitchen. Its "fun" but its also a very traditional color and tile pattern.

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I like the blue ones that are with the stucco hood. I like the non-uniformity of the color. Also, those plates that we can see--do they have some blue in them?

I too saw those blue knobs on the range and thought you should get some other blue in there. Not sure about the blue-ish greens though.

good luck, the place is looking great!

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(Creamy)white combined with wood and blue are a classic combination, imo. Go for a true blue or a reddish blue though, the blue green does not work as well.

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Hi Jenswrens,

Ohhhhh your kitchen is so pretty.

I am tuning into your quest late. I feel like I fell off
the planet. From graduations parties to weddings to
funerals... Ahhh And here I thought June was going to be
relaxing for me.

I love all the options suggested. Adding blue sounds like
a plan. And I also like your original tile from Lowes
that caught your eye. There is no reason you can not
do both. But just in case you want to add more confusion
to this wonderful pile of beautiful backsplash ideas here
are a few more.


Glass tile but with blue colors....

This does not have blue, I just wanted you to
see how the backsplash matches the knobs and how
it pulls it all together.

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I may be a little bit traditional, but I love the photo with the simple carerra marble backsplash. It's timeless, just like your kitchen appears to be and will match anything. All of the choices are beautiful. You really can't go wrong.

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Take a look at the Sonoma Tilemakers site. They have many different display boards. I like the idea of something from the Stellar line. There's a board on page 2 of the display boards called Tango, and two on page 3 called Surrey and Jacquard.

The benefit of this line is that it has a wide range of color choices, in different finishes (matte, glossy, and crackle). The patterns I'm pointing out involve two different colors, so you could bring out the blue if you like that idea, but also pull in something in the same color range as the wood hood and countertops.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stellar Concept Boards

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Circus Peanut

Mmm, I like those Sonoma patterns, eastbaymom. Surrey is gorgeous:

Maybe in silver nickle? Or a creamy brown?

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I just love this for behind range. It brings out the blue of the knobs but also has other colors if you wanted something calmer on the other walls or wanted to bring other colors into the room.
http://s1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/ideas/?action=view&current=ZgAFwTEOwjAMAEAP_KGvaLwxMHVAYmMBsVZ.jpg"; target="_blank">

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Wow. Such great ideas! Love the tiles from sonoma. I am really embracing the idea of blues now, especially the delft. My everyday dishes are blue and white. After looking through a few of my inspiration magazines and photos from when I started all this, the ceramic and blue seems to fit right in with my overall long-term decor theme.

I found something blue to put there to help me visualize how well it works, and I think it does! You guys are brilliant!

So, IÂm thinking maybe some dark brownish/red field tiles along the inner sides of the cabinets and as a background surrounding perhaps a rectangular insert of blue and cream patterned tiles like in some of boxerpups images above. What do you think? Or would that be too contrasty? I wish I were better at photoshop. Also, what about adding wood corbels under the 2 side cabs? Would that help anchor the hood or just look silly?

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Dear jenswrens, Just a note to say how much I love your kitchen. It is so warm and inviting! I hope you'll post more pictures. I'm happy that you are getting such good advice. As much as I love marble in kitchens, I wouldn't advise a marble backsplash in your case. So I'm glad to see that you are gravitating towards tile. I feel like tile will better capture your homey vibe.

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Love your kitchen! Did you say that your walls were yellow? Have you considered a blue, yellow and white Delft tile to tie in all the elements in your kitchen. Interesting idea about adding corbels to anchor the hood. Hope you will post pictures of the whole kitchen when you are done...

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Circus Peanut

delft variations:

marble mosaic:

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Circuspeanut- good choices!! Those are what I had in mind...

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Here are few more... Gosh I am having so much fun seeing
all the possibilities.

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I'm partial to blue, probably because I have blue in my kitchen. And I am particularly partial to periwinkle blue. I love blue and white and yellow. (Those are colors all over my house.) I have a blue glass and marble mosaic over my cooktop, so I love all those examples above.

I think that blue and white with that yellow will look so beautiful in your kitchen!

P.S. I love love love hydrangeas. You have great taste!

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hey boxerpups

do you know where that sea green moroccan shaped one is from?

or does anyone know where to get something similar?

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Just wondering if you ever tiled the backsplash? If so do you have pics posted anywhere? Couldn't find anything. Thanks, Your kitchen has been one of my favorites!! Amy

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