Cabinet alignment

frontJune 18, 2014

My cabinets are being installed. I noticed that the range hood isn't perfectly flush with the adjacent cabinet face frame. The refrigerator panels to overhead cabinet aren't either. I'm only talking about a hair off. For example, the bottom is flush, but the top will not be smooth between face frames.

I know it is easy to nitpick, but do you think I should say something? Is there a way to correct it without drilling new holes?

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For sure mention it before they get too far into it, of course this could be installed but not adjusted and secured permanently....just talk to the installer, much easier to bring it up now

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It should be level and plumb. In 3 dimensions. Not just one.

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If they're just a hair off, I wouldn't worry about it. Which is proud, the range hood or the cabinet? Either could be shimmed to flush.

The cabinets must be level, plumb and in plane.

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The range hood is slightly protruding. It is only on the top half. The bottom seems flush. I'll mention it tomorrow. Are the base cabinets easier to align?

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Front, a "hair" means different things to different people. Can you post an image? If you don't know how, read the stickie at the top of the forum.

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