those with top drawers done in 5 piece style- question

illinigirlJune 12, 2014

When you grab the pull do your fingernails scratch at the top part of the lower rail portion of the cabinet front? I'm afraid I'll wear the paint (lacquer) by doing this.

Have you found it to be a problem? I'm assuming the most ergonomic way of grabbing a pull is to put your fingers in it from the top, not by twisting your wrist on putting fingers up through the bottom?

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nope - I grab the pull with usually 2 fingers, and they never touch the cabinet part. I even just walked out to kitchen to check and be sure :-)

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Same problem

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I had that problem with my old cabinets but it was the center raised panel that that my nails would catch. We went with slab fronts on the top drawers for the reason you mentioned and also because the flat center panel would have been too small using the frame that is on the larger drawers. So far I am happy with that decision.

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I have 5-piece fronts on all of my drawers, and do not have the problem you describe.

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Its all in how you pull on the pull. I find I don't wrap my fingers all the way around the pull and I don't slide my fingers even all the way through the pull. I just sort of slide my fingers through just far enough to get the drawer/cabinet to open. I just went in the kitchen and opened a few drawers. I tend to use 1 or 2 fingers to open the drawers and spice pullouts. And my fingers are pretty much on top of the pull more so than through the pull. And I don't use more than my fingertips to open them--looking down at my hand, the pull lines up on the underside of my finger(s) between the bottom of the nail and the 1st knuckle. So barely any of my finger(s) are involved at all.

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I use two or three fingers as mydreamhome described. No issues with damage to drawers.

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On mine there is no issue like you are describing, but the rails (the horizontal parts) are skinnier than the rails on the drawer fronts below. That way the flat part is a little taller than it would have been if the rails were the same thickness as the drawers below. The stiles are the same so they line up visually up and down. We did that for visual reasons (not wanting the hardware to look crowded), so I'm not sure if it would have been an issue is the rails were thicker. Hope and am not mixing up "rails" and "stiles" (talking about the pieces that run horizontally).

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Thank you for letting me know how this works for you all!

Strayer, we did the exact same thing with our top drawer rails. They are skinnier than the taller drawers in the rest of the stack. Stiles are the same also like you describe.

I will just have to be aware of how I'm opening the pulls when we start using the kitchen. I feel like if i'm in a hurry I may try to grab the whole pull and end up with fingers all the way through and possibly scratching the lower rail. I'll have to train myself not to do this. My current kitchen only has knobs so I'm not sure how I will naturally go to pull on the pulls.

*hoping to keep my white drawers white!*

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