How old is your Blum hardware and is it holding up?

donaleenJune 9, 2013

Now that we have 37 drawers with Blum soft close drawer slides, I wonder how that hardware will hold up. One drawer already doesn't always close unless you push it rather hard. It is a small drawer and it doesn't have anything heavy in it. The drawer side just seems to have failed after just ten months.

My DH really wanted the soft close drawers and I think these days we all have drawer slides. I am betting that they will be the first thing to fail in our kitchen.

I can't find anything on how long they are expected to last.

And plastic bits are already falling off our Marvin windows which are just over ten years old, which is the length of the warranty. This modern stuff just doesn't last.

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Mine are about five years old now. No problems. Perhaps your glide just needs a slight adjustment?

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Ours are just over 2 years old, no problems yet.

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Mine are pre soft close-only added it to 4 drawers later but that is still different than the current system. 9 yrs no problem
Can't say how long but most mfg warranty hardware for life.
Except for abuse like ....

All the current undermount glides are sensitive to dust and debris. I'm forever hassling installers to vacumn, and warning them they could be buying new glides. Granite or sheetrock dust can kill them in no time.
Always check glides immediately after install amd after counter install.

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I think that is good advice about the granite dust. We absolutely protected ours during countertop install with plastic and lots of blue tape and careful vacuuming.

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Jakuvall, what is pre-soft close?

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Oh no! I know every product has some failure, but why do things seem to end right after the warranty does?

I'm really disappointed to hear about your Marvin windows. How many windows are doing it and does it hinder the operation of the window?

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We have Blum's full-extension, soft-close hardware (Blumotion) on all our drawers. It's been over five years and they are all still working flawlessly.

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Chinchette-sort of like pre-war, once upon a time there were no soft close, just full extension which was a big deal. Then there came soft close attachments that snap in, hence could be replaced.
Now it is a "must" and fully integrated, not repairable. Personally I'm ambivalent and would prefer to not have them on everything.

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donaleen of three windows installed near each other (same side of house) has the issue. Yes, it still works but I suspect it isn't as weather tight as it once was. One day I opened the top sash of the window and this plastic strip just fell out of the top. As I looked at the window, I see more plastic than I think a "wood window" should have.

House things should be repairable because houses live a long time. Ten years is a pitiful guarantee on a major house part like a window. Old real wooden windows are almost always repairable, even after a hundred years.

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Eek. Thanks for the update Donaleen. I've looked at windows for our sort of soon new construction home and felt 100% with the Marvin Integrity. I'll have to do some work to see if this is a wide spread issue.

Thank you again.

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Our Blum hardware is still going strong after 6 - 7 years.

Re: Windows- the old wood windows will last a lifetime or two. The ones we have that are original to the house c. 1680 and c. 1730 are in great shape. The ones made of new growth wood have been replaced once and sadly will need replacement shortly...Apparently the newer wood products are not aged/cured long enough.

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Babka NorCal 9b

8 years with Blumotion here on 17 drawers. All working very well. We have Milgard windows here which are guanteed for our lifetime. We had a few replaced when their seals leaked. No charge.


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Babka- I think I'm going to have to look at Milgard again for their warranty. I think I had to rule them out initially because our area did not have a dealer.

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Ah, pre soft close...
Mine are a cheap knock-off and the soft close failed with-in a month. Fortunately the glides other than that work great after 7 years.

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We demolished a +15 y/o kitchen (IKEA) with Blum hardware in my parents' house and everything including the hardware was in perfect working condition. My own kitchen is over 7 years old and no problem with the Blum hardware.

Honestly this is such a quality product that I think that any problem may come from a bad installation and/or some debris/dust trapped in the glides.

Another possibility may be that the wood/plywood/particle board bottom of your drawer is warped because some moisture got there, this would impede the glides to work properly.

Blum states that their glides are rated for 100,000 opening/closing cycles.

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