Kohler honors faucet warranties

jwvideoJune 4, 2014

The spray head on my 4-year old Kohler model R10412 kitchen faucet started dribbling out the gasket under the squeeze-handle/valve. (This is one of the single handled faucets with a separate sprayer.) I knew Kohler had a lifetime warranty on the ceramic cartridge in the faucet, but I didn't realize that the lifetime warranty also covered the spray head. I had a generic replacement in my stock of old parts, but that one dribbled from the spray nozzle. and the ones at the hardware store didn't look good. An online search showed several different Kohler spray-heads were used with my model. Confused, I called Kohler customer support. They told me exactly what I needed and then asked for my address. I'm thinking, "Oh great, now they want to send me junk mail." Instead, they wanted to send me a replacement sprayhead and hose. Turns out that the sprayer is under the same lifetime warranty as the faucet cartridge. As are other parts such as the "o" rings and swivel bearings in the pivoting base of the facuet. A new sprayer unit arrived in about 3 business days, and they paid the shipping.

I'm posting this because I've read so many tales of warranty woe that it is good to find warranties cheerfully honored with good service, to boot.

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Kohler can be pricey but I've never had anything less than top-notch service from them. On those occasions when I've needed to phone, I always get a knowledgeable person on the other line, something that is increasingly rare these days. It is one of the reasons I keep going back to them. Thanks for posting your good experience.

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That is good to hear, since I recently bought, two Kohler faucets, one sink, and two drains from them! All working and looking fine so far.

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I agree Kohler has top notch customer service and stands by their products even when they're older. I've also had excellent experiences with Price Pfister and Moen.

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I agree too about Kohler. My husband was futzing with our Kohler Karbon facucet and stripped the little set screw on the side. He called them to get a replacement and they shipped it out no charge. They were very nice.

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Good to know. Wonder if kohler would address their pedestal bowl staining?

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Delta also has a great warranty and replacement service. My daughter moved into a 60's-built house with many original features. Not sure the kitchen sink faucet was one, but it wasn't working properly. She called Delta to ask about getting a part and they promptly sent her a whole new faucet. It's so nice when customer service works as it should.

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