Miele dishwasher

janew22June 27, 2012

we are remodeling and are thinking of getting a Miele dishwasher- anyone have one and would like to comment? thanks.

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Yes, love it. The appliance forum has all sorts of discussions on it. Just started using it a month ago. Smaller glass holder but other than that, love it!

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highly recommend.

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We have had the Optima model for a couple of years and I love it. The silverware tray is the best! I think another reason we like it so much is that our dishes fit perfectly into it. So, I'd suggest that you go to a showroom with a sampling of your dishes and make sure they'll fit.

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We have two, a Futura Dimension and a Futura Classic and they are both extremely quiet, the Futura especially. The do a great job cleaning and are very efficient. Loading them takes a little getting used to, but after a couple of weeks, you will get the hang of it. The flatware tray is a dream come true, would definitely recommend!

Good Luck!

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I meant to say the Futura Dimension is extremely quiet, so much that you can't really hear it! sorry...the Classic is about as quiet as top of the line of any other DW or maybe a tad queiter.

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You'll find lots of people here on the forum, and I think virtually all of us love our Mieles, me included. Great choice for a dishwasher. Incredibly quiet (to a fault actually, I sometimes open it accidentally when it is on because I can't hear it) and I love the upper rack for silverware.

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Love ours; Optima ordered in late 2006, delivered and installed spring 2007.

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I have a model from a few years back, an Inspira II. I love it. It's one of the lower end models, and yet it is very quiet. The top rack is wonderful--the cutlery doesn't take up room in the main area and it always gets clean. It took a few days to get used to the loading patterns, but after I figured out the best way to load 'my stuff', I can really pack it full and everything still gets very clean. I second the idea to take some of your dishes in and test load them to make sure that you like the way they fit. If you have heavy, thick stoneware, you definately want to give it a test run to make sure that it loads comfortably for you.


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Ours is the lowest end model that would accept a custom panel, offered about 3 years ago, I forget the name. It's been perfect so far. Quiet, and it fits SO many more plates than any other DW I've ever seen. It cleans great too.

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It is an expensive appliance but it is well worth the price. You won't regret it - fabulous. My old one sounded like a tank (not a Miele), but I can watch tv in the family room now while the dishwasher in the next room runs and not have to adjust the volume up a few decibels. I bought the basic one and it does a superb job on everything. I have very few 'rejects' and I don't rinse a thing and only run the dishwasher 2X per week, so food gets really stuck on the plates. I would check out your dishes first too as recommended by the other posters. Sometimes my platters don't fit easily and it takes a few tries to find the ideal spot for them.

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My big splurge for this remodel was a Dimension Plus. I wondered how much better the thing had to be to be worth the price tag. I have to say I am not disappointed. It really is much better than anything else I have ever used. Holds more, cleans better, is much more sturdy, much quieter, and much easier to load/unload. The silverware tray makes an enormous difference.

I have had mid-level Boschs since 2002 and didn't have any complaints but this is a whole 'nuther thing. Highly recommended.
p.s. I had the appliance repair guy out for another reason today and I was chatting with him about the Miele. He raved about how well they're put together inside and how much better they're made than even the high end Boschs with the 3rd tray.

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We are on number 2. First one was a problem and our $$ were refunded
I was not going to get a second one but read the reviews and repair rates of all DW and talked with multiple resources and have our second Miele
It is 3 years old and love it! I can load so much into it! I switched to the Miele DW cubes about a year ago and even took clean to a new level!

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I've had 2. I would only by Miele. My 8 y.o. has never had a service call and is still going strong so there are two words on this subject IMO: no brainer.

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Ditto. Love my six year old Premier Plus. Will be getting Miele again for basement bar.

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We have the Diamond model and, like the others, strongly recommend it. We have had ours in about a week now and can't believe how quiet it is. Seriously, you don't know it's on unless the water is draining. And we've found that it's actually easier to load than our old Whirlpool. The upper rack flatware slots are terrific.

FYI, if you are crazy enough to want to buy a Diamond model, the Miele website has them discounted at $350 off MSRP.

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I have had an Optima for about 7 or 8 years. Love the silverware tray, love the quiet. It has cleaned well and been problem free until the last year or so, during which it has not been cleaning as well for unknown reasons. A few months ago, the monitor indicated a leak, and repairman came out. It turned-out the gaskets or joins on the rigid plastic water pipes on the body of the machine had failed. I was told this was from using liquid detergent (I had always used powder, but switched to the powder/liquid packs awhile back).

My first call to repair they told me to run vinegar through the machine after waiting a few days, when that failed to solve the problem, it took another week to get a service person to come out. The part they needed was not in stock at the distributor, and they had to special order it. (They had no estimate on a delivery time initially, and I was told that they ordered only once weekly, and I had to wait a week for their order cycle time, and only after that could they give me an estimate of when the part might arrive. They would not schedule the repair until they received the part.) When the repair guy finally came back with the part, he discovered a second leak which he had not detected initially--resulting in a repeat for the special-order process. All told, I had to handwash dishes for about 4 weeks, which was very annoying compared to say, kitchenaid--where they come for a repair call with all parts on their truck. (I live in a major metro area (Seattle), so the lack of availability of parts was not because I am in a remote area.)

I also have a newer Miele Optima in a vacation house, and it has a beeper that goes forever at the end of the cycle. This is a problem at the weekend place as I like to load and leave on Sundays without having to wait for the cycle to finish. Also if you turn the dishwasher on before bedtime--as soon as they cycle finishes, the beeper is going until you get up to turn it off. The repair guy told me that I could call Miele while I am at the location for a step-by-step instruction on how to turn off the beeper, but have not done so as I am usually only there outside business hours for Miele.

So basically, I think the Miele dishwashers are great--until you have a problem, and while some of their features are wonderful, the fact you cannot use liquid detergent, and the beeper that goes forever (who would want that feature?), and parts availability (at least in my area) are not so great.

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thank you all for your comments - Miele it is going to be. One decision down now for the rest!

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