Antiquesilver - more photos please

country_smileJune 25, 2010

Antiquesilver: I saw the photo you posted of your kitchen on another thread and wanted to ask for more photos but I didn't want to hijack the thread. Would you mind posting more photos? I'd really like to see a shot of the cabinets you have above the fireplace. Your kitchen looks lovely and has some original elements that I think others would enjoy.

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Unless I get a lot more energy & money I don't know if it will ever be finished, but here are some other shots. The house is an 1858 Greek Revival & this was one of the formal rooms that we decided to use as a kitchen since the original outside kitchen was demolished in the 1930's. We removed the connecting wall to the other formal room making the entire area a great room with the kitchen at one end.

The ceiling is 11', making the china cabinet above the mantel about 7' tall.

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Love it! I love the pots in front of the window!! Do you have a shade that covers the window? if so is it hard to access it? Just curious because I have a window next to my stove, and the pots displayed like yours would be perfect.. but its a window I definitely need to be able to cover at night.

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About 2 p.m. the sun comes in that window & floods everything for about 15 minutes - that's why you can't see anything. I don't have a shade because there's a deep back porch & a heavily wooded back yard for privacy. A shade would be hard to access because the back row of pots is hanging close to the window but anything with a side adjustment would probably work.

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Wow! What a georgeous room! I would gladly live there. And a fireplace, too. I wish I could have a fireplace.

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That is a really cool space!! You have really put things together beautifully.

joyjoyjoy - if you need a shade on your window behind the pots, you could always use one of those ones that lift from the bottom to the top . . .

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Thanks, Missmuffet, & Pinch, I'm embarassed to tell you that there's another fireplace at the other end of the room because this area was originally 2 rooms. The other one has most of its parts from 1858 but the f/p shown had been stripped when we bought it. The carpenter/cabinet maker built the mantlepiece to match & we put in a ventless gas log; one day I plan to plaster the area between the surround & the mantle. It doesn't show up in the photos, but the back of the china cabinet is exposed brick that's been painted - I love the texture.

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Antiquesilver - what is the red paint color? I won't gush about your kitchen anymore - already did in the fallingwaters post :) OK just a little - love it - especially breaking rules - pots in front of window, different colors & textures, the stove as an "island" without continuous counters. How does that work for you? Do you have enough counter space or end up using the table for prep? Our place had similar low windows I didn't know what to do with, especially because we are a two cook, relatively smaller kitchen desperate for counters & cabinets so we replaced the windows.

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I have a picture of your kitchen in my clippings and I look at it from time to time. I love my own kitchen, but there's something about yours that seems so pleasant and soothing. I imagine sitting at that table enjoying a cup of tea.

Love hearing about the details & seeing additional pics. Don't plan on moving, but if I ever do another kitchen, I know I'll try to incorporate some of the elements you have in yours. Beautiful -

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The paint is Martin Seynor's 'China Closet Red' in an eggshell finish. I would have preferred to paint the back of my china closet this color, too, but it clashed with the color of the dishes. The range is by itself only because it's the one place I could put in an exhaust vent; I like my stove on the same counter as the sink but it wasn't possible here. Mostly I work on the counter but I have a large cutting block that I use on the table when necessary - mainly for baking. The design was driven by the existing room being left with its 'as found' footprint so a future owner can turn it back to 1858 formal if they want. It's not the easiest kitchen I've ever worked in but it's a lot better than most older homes that haven't had an addition added.

Amck - I'm truly flattered that you've clipped my kitchen as an inspiration. When guests see it for the first time I can always tell the ones who 'don't think it's normal'. "Boy, those cabinets are reallllly tall" is a dead giveaway.

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Oh how I love that kitchen!!

Love the pot rack idea as well...can you get another shot
of it to post :) ??

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I loooooooooooooove it all!!!
But you already know this.
Glad to see more of that kitchen eye candy.
: )

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joyjoyjoy, another option is a remote controlled window shade. Costs more but you won't need to worry about having easy access.

Lovely, unique space, antiquesilver.

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I LOVE how you've used the tall, low window for hanging pots! That really keeps it open and sunny, keeping that great window without needing to put a cabinet in! Great idea! LOVE the china cabinet over the FP. So unique, fun and elegant all at once! Your kitchen is really stunning!

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Here are some additional pictures with more detail. Let me know if there's anything in particular you can't see.

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I'm having trouble with photobucket & being dropped by my server so I didn't title any of the above photos; most are fairly self explanatory.

The inside of the cabs are the black/green color diluted with a lot of white & then lightly brushed at random with black streaks. It's almost impossible to photograph but you get the idea.

The cabinet to the right of the fireplace was built to mainly cover necessary ductwork but also for symmetry. And it's the only place I have for the microwave & a few more necessary drawers.

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This is one of my favorite GW kitchens ever! I would love to work in a kitchen like that. And the best part is, one can tell you actually work in it; it's not just a show kitchen. Bravo!

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Thank you Jessica. After 9 years - quirks & all - it still makes me smile!

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Wow, I LOVE your kitchen! It's one of my very favorites!

Mind me asking what's your faucet? And, what did you do on the backspash?

Do you use the fireplace much? I just love it.
I want it.

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Thanks for the kind words SusieD. The fireplace has a gas log that doesn't put out a great deal of heat so it's better for ambiance than anything else but still good to huddle around on a cold day - & it's beautiful when lit.

The faucet is Victoria/Victorian?? by Delta. The b/s is copper sheeting (the 'wrinkled' texture was an accident) with a band of recycled gray f/p slate at the bottom.

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