statuarietto marble

stephctJune 2, 2011

Does anyone have or know anything about statuarietto marble? I was looking at bianco carrara marble at a slab yard today when I saw statuary marble. It was SO gorgeous. I knew it was way over my budget, but the salesperson showed me statuarietto which I loved. All of the carrarra I'm seeing is so gray and the stauarietto was so much whiter. I've never heard of it and wondering if anyone here has it. I'm wondering if it's one of those stones that the every place calls something different.

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I saw it at my yard under the Statuarietto name too. It was lovely! I also thought it had more white than gray. Very pretty!

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Never heard of it, but it sounds great. I wish my Carrara had a bit less gray undertone to it. Did you take a pic you can show off?

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stephet, I saw it several places in Miami. I'm doing marble too.
That's an Italian marble, there's a Brazilian stone that looks exactly like it and whole lot cheaper down here.
Different places called the Brazilian stone different names (marble, quartzite, etc) but it's the same exact look.
Almost all of the Brazilian stone comes in here, so it's a lot cheaper here. But look around for the Brazilian stuff.


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I Will be using a white marble with distinctive dark grey veins for my island. I didn't pick it at a yard, my contractor just had some left over from another job. She just called it Statuary. I have no idea the "real" name The white is very white.
Here's a pic of it with Raven Caesarstone.

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Statuary is likely just the Anglicized name for Italian Statuarietto (unless it's the reverse and statuarietto is the faux-talianization.. but I doubt it)

There are lots of tiles listed as being White Statuary with a origin of Italy, so I would guess they are one and the same.

Also, celineike that slab is insane in the best way possible.

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I have learned from GW that Statuarietto marble is not
that different than Calcutta. Maybe these old links can
help you.

Niffy used it in her kitchen "Finished! White, Statuary, and Aqua Grantique"

Garden web link White Statutory Marble for Kitchen Countertops?

Statuary White marble by Paramount Granite Co.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden web link

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Thanks Brickton! I'm pretty excited about it! :D

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Thanks everyone! I bet this might be from Brazil. It's definitely a different stone than statuary (which is just BEYOND!) The salesperson said that the statuary was many multiples more $$$ than the statuarietto which is more $ than the calcatta. I haven't heard back from my fabricator yet w/prices, but I can let you know my impressions when I hear back.

Celineike...that is so beautiful! You're so lucky you didn't have to hunt for it!

Breezy, my project for tonight is to try to upload the pictures!

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The name made me think of the Michaelango's David. And it turns out that it is!

Here is a link that might be useful: Article on statuary marble on ehow

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Ok, I think I figured out how to post pictures. The first pic is 3cm, it's polished, but I would have it honed. The second slab is 5cm which is what I really want, but it's much "cloudier". There are a lot of tiny grey spots in the white that you can't really see here, but when he taped off the area of the countertop for me they became much more noticeable. I would love to know what you think. Oh, should have said..the marble is for my perimeters and I plan on using honed jet mist marble on the island.

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Very pretty. I say go for it. That rock is perfect.

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Wow! I love the first one. It's so dramatic.

Ya know, you can always fake a thicker look with a dropped mitered edge on the perimeter. We are in So Cal and was rec'd to not go thicker than 2-3cm. So I'm doing that.

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I love the first one as well - the contrast with the darker grey and the white is just beautiful! I plan on doing exactly what you are - marble perimeter and soapstone island. My challenge is finding the right stones (and paying for them!!) I would be interested to hear the quote for the marble.

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I have been looking for a nice white Carrara in Sacramento and the SF Bay Area. Everything is really grey and cloudy. There are some places selling something the call Carrara "Extra" or "Select" that is a little whiter, but it is still pretty gray. I have also decided to go with Statuarietto. The background is very white. It is a little more than Carrara, much cheaper than Statuary. The key difference is the veining is smaller and a little bit more hectic. Kind of like ink splatter. The key for me was to find a Statuaritto with a bit more subdued veining pattern. With some patience and a lot of slab yard visits, I was able to find a Statuarietto I like. I uploaded a pic of the slab, and a photo of marble from this very same bundle that was used in the kitchen of the store that I am buying it from. The pics were taken in low light. It is actually a brighter whiter than the picture shows. apologies for the photos being upside down. I can't seem to figure out to rotate them.

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Here it is in a kitchen. Also upside down. It's that kind of day.

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Roccosac very pretty. What edge did you use and it's thicker than average, yes?
Did you post a finished kitchen thread? if so can you please provide a link? I'd love to see more!

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