advice needed: white kitchen and black dogs?

jdelasewellJune 21, 2013

Hello Everyone! I am new to this messageboard and seeking some advice. We just bought a fixer upper and are in process of gutting the existing kitchen. We are shopping around for cabinets and I am torn on the look that i want to commit to. We have a midcentury modern home and want to keep things more on the modern/transitional style side. I love the look of an all-white kitchen with a dark wood island and white carrera marble counters. But we have 2 indoor dogs, one of which is a black lab who is a pretty high shedder. Am I crazy to get white cabinets and will i forever be wiping black fur off of them? Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has any words of advice. TIA!

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I have white cabs and two black and white indoor-only cats. On my furniture (flat surfaces) I have black hair on the light stuff and white hair on the dark stuff. They are equal opportunity shedders. :) Since cabinets are basically vertical, hard surfaces, hair doesn't gather there. It has never been a problem for me. Design-wise, black dogs would look great in your kitchen.

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I am on my third hairy dog, and while the floors and fabric furniture are hair magnets, hair on the cabinets and walls hasn't been an issue. Labs tend to have oily fur, so maybe if your dog spends a lot of time rubbing against the cabinets it might show, but my Lab never did that.

I think you're safe to get what you want!

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My Springer sheds her oily coat like crazy - when we empty the vacuum cleaner's cup, we always marvel that she isn't bald - but there is no hair on my cabs or counters. The floor, yes. You need a dog-colored floor. Wood or wood-look tile, or slate or slate-colored tile would be a few options that would minimize the visibility of the hair, not to mention the footprints.

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Get yourself a Roomba and get yourself floors that come close to matching the dog'll be pretty good to go.

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